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Hiya Poutlings!

Those of you that follow us on Facebook may have seen my little blurb post about Prince Harry’s naked photos that got leaked onto the internet.

the naked chef, oops, I mean the NAKED PRINCE.

To which a royal source had confirmed the pictures were infact of Prince Harry and his pasty white bottom… in more news that would make all the posh Brits drop their tea cups…. (I am far from being on the posh ones, but I did drop a tea cup this morning 😦 )

Well, it was only a matter of time until the media started to jump on the bandwagon, and now magazines worldwide are clamoring to do get him to do it again and photograph the bits no one got to see. Playgirl has taken the cake this time though!


Everyone pretty much knows royal protocol would avoid this type of exposure, excuse the pun, at all cost, but Playgirl are offering him this, for lack of a better word, opportunity, just because they can… and plus, score on publicity for them too, right? I wasn’t entirely sure Playgirl was an actual publication until now.

Playgirl is ready to offer  Harry $1 US million for the chance to photograph his junk, but they tell E! that it’s obviously a pie-in-the-sky dream; the Playgirl publisher Vincent Stevens said:

“There’s no way in the world that he would ever consider this, but you’re talking about numbers in the six figures right off the bat.”

Ooh. Six figures. To Royalty… AS IF! Not even the slightest chance… He probably spent more than that on his Vegas bar tab in which got him into this mess in the first place.

His poor grand-ma-ma, she must be ever so shocked, horrified and mortified that the magazines with PLAY (Playboy, Playgirl) in the title are so obsessed with anything related to royalty like that downside to Dutchess Kate’s family, her cousin, Katrina. I would love to see him trying to explain himself to the Queen, because her tits must be in on giagantic tangle. Poor old dear. Silly Harry.

Oh well, at least he had fun that night! 😛



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Makeup Review: Clarins

I had the up most pleasure yesterday of being let loose on a whole Clarins stand at the Stuttafords in Sandton City for an official press launch for E! Entertainment and Style Network South Africa, which 5 lucky ladies had won makeovers which included new hairstyles, colours and cuts by Tannaz Salon, to be dressed by the instore Stuttafords personal shopper, House of Janine and makeup done by artists using on the finest Clarins makeup products.

Doreen's big reveal with makeup by MissFitz 😉

Tracey's big reveal. Makeup by MissFitz 😉


Two models from Ice, showing the latest summer trends, as explained by Editor of Fairlady SA

Being a freelance artist, I do not feel the need to only use one product in my makeup kit. I use everything like MAC, Inglot, Kryolan, Smashbox and Benefit to name a few, but I am always willing to learn and to use new products if they are worth my while and will benefit my makeup kit and my clients faces.

Having the oppurtunity to have a quick product training on the Clarins products was really great and informative for me, and the other freelance artist, Liezel that was doing makeup alongside me.

Clarins have a lot of different products, these are the ones I really loved. They are:

  • Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch which retails for R340

This little pot of magic, is that – MAGIC! You use it, like you would a primer for under your makeup or you can wear it alone. You would apply this to problem areas on your face over fine wrinkles or large exposed pores which minimizes the appearance of problems on your skin.

Once you apply foundation over the instant smooth, you really are like WHAT problems? The foundation also sits perfectly on top of the instant smooth, instead of soaking into your skin which can sometimes make the foundation appear “cake-y”.

  • Instant Light Brush on Perfector which retails for R310

This hydrating perfector helps get rid of shadowy areas, like dark circles around the eyes but still promotes radiance in the skin.

This can be used around the eyes, sides of the nose, expression lines, middle of the forehead or anywhere where expression lines appear.

  • Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector retails for R160

This can be worn alone or with lip colour underneath. It gives lips a slight shine while repairing them and makes them have a softer, smoother texture. Worth every cent. I suggest you go buy it ASAP for real kiss-me-lips!

What is your favourite Clarins product?




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