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Hiya Poutlings

The wonderful Miss Sandylashxx, has previously mentioned the Miss Pregnant pagent that is held… Well, my blog is about something of a similar nature…. pregancy and pageants….

In Houston Texas, this past Thursday 40 expecting mothers all in their third trimester strutted their stuff in the 8th ANNUAL PREGNANT BIKINI PAGENT.

The women in this competition are not only competing who looks the best, pregnant, in a bikini, but their are events throughout the day designed to to “test” their mommy skills too, like the nappy toss and baby change.

Here are some of the contestants!

Now PLEASE bear in mind my opinion is based on my experience of being around pregnant women. I have never been pregnant, so this is possibly incorrect, but I have all the necessities if I wished to be so… I also never wish to be pregnant or have children of my own, so let’s just put that out there before I give you my thoughts.

I believe that I understand why these women think its a great idea  to enter such a contest, simply because generally speaking due to the change that happens to a womens body during in pregnancy CAN result in the women feeling insecure and  unattractive, especially around friends who are still skinny with their social lives and sex lives intact. So, I’m sure it’s a fun experience to be around a bunch of other girls going through the same thing.

However, bikini contents can be trashy to begin with (yes, NOT all are, but most of them are…) I have no problem with pregnant women in general, or even a pregnant mommy-to-be in a bikini on the beach… but to parade around and seek attention just before giving birth really gives me the impression that once your new baby starts to get attention you used to get (by parading around in bikinis/generally from your looks) you will start to get jealous of the attention the baby receives, instead of yourself and well, I don’t think later on in life or when you are supposed to be “bonding” with the new infant that its going to bode well emotionally with that child.

To be frank, I’m happy these women have the confidence to do this, I simply wouldn’t ever have the confidence to this normally, never mind if I happened to be pregnant. It doesn’t however mean I anyway condone this type of behaviour, my honest first reaction to seeing these pictures were: WTF A BUNCH BREEDERS, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THIS, and WHO THE HELL IS THE FATHER OF THAT CHILD? I suppose this type of behaviour feeds the strange and weird pregnancy fetishes?

Jennifer Clay, 32 Weeks Pregnant and the Winner…

Anyway, at the end of the pageant, Jennifer Clay, who is 32 weeks pregnany was crowned the winner based on her grace, presentation, and what the judges called “it” factor. In six weeks she’ll be getting a crown of completely different kind… So um, well done to her for being beautiful, having good mothering skills (?), having the “it” factor, getting knocked up and well, winning this daft contest, I guess….

Would love to hear your thoughts… Am I the only one that thinks this is completely BIZARRE?



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Kristin Stewart Looks Super Excited About Her New Job, oh… Maybe not!

Hi Pouters!

Kirsten Stewart attend the Balenciaga Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on March 1, 2012 in Paris.

So did you hear about Kristin Stewart’s new job? She is the new face of Balenciaga perfume. She is going to be a real life model that is supposed to portray emotions in photographs…. it’s going to be so beautiful!

The news that she had landed this job, that I daresay others would have given a right tit for, came out in January and this is what she had to say about it:

“I love Balenciaga fashion because it is incredibly bold and forceful, yet feminine and sexy,” Kristen said in a statement. “I found there was a real creative freedom in this project. I feel blessed and really proud to be the face of this new fragrance.”

Last week she was in Paris for Fashion Week taking care of some business obligations and going to Fashion Shows and such, anyone should be blessed to be in such a position however she doesn’t look happy. Oh, wait, she never looks happy, does she? But really, dare I say she looks sullen? Gloomy? As though someone is busy pissing on her face? In serious pain? Oh, stop that Fi, be nice….

Why is she not happy that her job requires her to go to fashion shows? It sure beats filing… Thats for sure!

And I don’t want to pick on her too much, I can understand that when one is doing such exciting and incredible things, I can even get all caught up and be completely distracted that people can ask you “Are you having any fun at all?” or “Why do you look so miserable?”  so I do understand she cannot be smiling all the time, but surely as a part of being in the public eye so much she would of had some emotion coaching or training to not look so spaced out and uninterested all the time?

She is working. She is not supposed to look like she’s been smacked multiple times in the face by a dead fish. She is trying to make a good impression on the brand and that constant pout isn’t going to do her any favours, in my opinion anyway… It’s like I can hear Balenciaga’s public relation manager in the back of my mind yelling “MISS STEWART…. NO BONUS FOR YOU! YOU MAKE OUR BRAND LOOK LIKE MISERY PERSONIFIED” at the top of his lungs.

Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think?



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Makeup Mistakes: Black Tears & Blobs

So, its Monday morning in sunny South Africa pouters, did you prehaps overdose on your antidepressants this morning? ha ha…. I thought this post would be adequate for today, in case you are crying for the ghost of weekend past.

There is no shame in crying your eyes out at the movies, or after a bad breakup or just because it happens to be Monday 😉 however there is much shame in looking in the mirror after before said incidents. Streaks of mascara running down your cheeks is a whole other horror story which I’m going to try and tackle for us, as for some it may be an every day problem and others may just be an once in a while problem. We’ve all had it. We all hate it (Terms and conditions apply on this one, emo kids lurve it).

Mascara smudges all the time, it even flows freely after getting wet sometimes even when you are convinced you bought the waterproof variety, yes its noticable and dependant on your tolerance to being embarassed it can be VERY embarrassing. I personally don’t care, but I know a lot of people that do….

For an easy quick fix, blot the mascara away before it dries without wiping the rest of your face off by placing a tissue under your lower lashes until your tears have been run dry. The tissue will catch any run off and help your lashes dry. If you still have mascara on your cheeks, I suggest investing in some good anti depressants 😉 (I joke!) mix some water or moisterizer with your foundation and use it to blend away unwanted colour.

To avoid this problem in the future, try skipping the mascara on your lower lashes. They’re the ones most likely to cause run-off in rain, high humidity or emotional situations.

When thick, clumpy mascara chunks up on your lashes and glues them together, you may wonder if it’s the fault of the brand, the brush or your technique. The answer is it could be a little of all of those. Thick mascara can get lumpy on the lashes. If it’s a tube you’ve been using for a while, it may be drying out and getting flaky. You could be accelerating the problem if you pump your brush into the tube. Pumping forces air into the tube, drying the mascara and causing flakes.
Try this approach to prevent blobs:
1. Before applying mascara, if you have very straight lashes, try to curl them with an eyelash curler and then proceed to comb your eyelashes to separate them.
2. Roll your brush over paper towel to remove excess mascara before applying it to your lashes. Don’t use a tissue or toilet paper, it is far too fine and breaks easily.

3. Use a single, slow-motion sweep of the brush over your lashes instead of many short, quick strokes. If your mascara is getting toward the end of its life span, while applying with a slow-motion sweep jiggle the brush from right to left but not too much.
4. Stop after one coat.
5. Comb your lashes again to break up and remove any mascara clumps.

6. Repeat, until desired length & thickness is achieved. Just be 100% sure you give each eye the desired attention it deserves – don’t give one set of lashes more attention than the other.

Bat those lashes, and have a fantastic week!!!



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