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A Pair of Platinum Shoes

Shoes can excite and shoes can scare people. I do hope that this particular pair of shoes come with a guarantee. That might seem a bit ridiculous and official when we are talking about an item which you put onto you foot and walk around with it. However, hear me out, a pair of shoes that costs $107,700 (approximately R1,077,000) should most definitely come with a gurantee.BORGEZIE PLATINUM SHOES

There is not anything wrong with my keyboard or perception, a 7 digit number for any asset is not to be bought on a whim no matter how much money you have. What particular pair of shoes cost this small fortune? A pair of Borgezie Platinum Shoes.

“Like the entire Borgezie range, nothing like this has been achieved or indeed possible before… Due to the extremely high temperatures required to work with platinum, it proved to be one of my greatest challenges… The Platinum stiletto took over four years of development… The end result is a creation of empowerment and liberation and something that suspends all women onto a perfect statuesque plinth.”

The piece is already created, I will be interested to see who will be strutting their statuesque frame in these… Christopher Shellis, the brand’s designer, had worked on the project of Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra for years. A single pair of the shoes requires around 100 years and very high temperatures.

To answer my question about a gurantee, the shoes come along with a 1,000 year guarantee which makes me feel, ever so slightly better about the price – did I mention that it’s made of platinum? A solid piece of platinum! How many guys, do you think will let you walk on the ground of mortals in these “glass shoes”? So the only choice he will be left with is to carry you around, gently and deep with love.

Dare I mention, the fact that so much time and effort that has gone into producing this pair of footwear that there are people starving all around the world? It seems to me that it is a statement item, a work of art if you will, but I would only really approve if they decided to donate some of the proceeds towards a charitable organisation, because we are talking big money and lots of time and big money and lots of time can actually save lives rather than adorn the feet of some lady in vain. Anyway, I simply believe this appears to have been overlooked.

I do on the other hand love them for the art that they indeed are, however even if I quit shopping for the rest of my life and saved I still would not be able to afford them and to be honest, even if I could afford them, I’d rather buy a house something.

x flea 143

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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored review, nor am I affiliated with the following brand/company in anyway.

Hiya Poutlings



I finally gave into the hype at the beginning of the year and I bought my very own BB Cream! I have not really shut up about it since, and I feel as though I am a bit of BB cream product expert, one would think I am getting commission by the way I have been “selling” this product to people that ask me about it. My mother, aunt, cousin and best friend have all recently bought their own (not all the same brand) BB creams and they have also loved them. I have also been able to try them, so I will eventually review those for you too.

Sandylashxx wrote a post on WHAT IS BB CREAM… Check it out.

Because, I am a list person, I have broken down my Smashbox BB Cream experience to the following pros and cons:



  • A natural finish
  • Fair selection of shades, actually pale enough for ghosts like me
  • Easy to blend
  • Portable
  • High SPF

noooot really


  • Price/ R390
  • No moisturising ingredients/ properties – NOT  moisturiser like other BB cream brands
  • Difficult to get all the product out the tube
  • Only 5 shades available – this is a huge drawback for potential customers but hopefully in time this is fixed….

This BB Cream is a good option for someone who has an even complexion, like myself, with barely any skin imperfections (I have a few, but I choose to ignore them). There is hardly any coverage to this BB cream. You would have to use a lot of product to get a sheer-medium coverage and using a lot of this expensive product in my opinion is a waste, however if you apply medium coverage foundation over it, you will acheive a sheer-medium coverage. The smoothing aspect of it, as it is a primer or pollyfiller as I like to explain to my clients that always ask what PRIMER is for, is definitely its best feature. The SPF for me, is also a huge deal. I am as pale as a ghost and needless to say, I am terrified of sun damage, automatically the higer the SPF for me, the better the product.


The application of the Smashbox BB Cream is MUCH easier if done with your fingers, it just blends easier. When attempting with a foundation brush, beauty blender, stipple brush or foundation sponge I feel that the product itself gets wasted (again, it’s not cheap and wasting is a deadly beauty sin especially at R390 a go…) and the cream doesn’t blend as easily as it does with the added heat of your fingers. I almost died when the Smashbox consultant used her fingers on my face, but I understand now that it just works better after trying many different applications myself.

I enjoy having the look of dewy skin,  because I suffer from an oily skin, I’m used to having loads of powder on my face and having a matte finish, this BB cream helps me have dewy skin for longer. You can happily add some powder initially (if you wish) or throughout the day as you normally would with a foundation.


My go-to makeup look for the last few weeks of summer of late has been as simple as cleanse, tone, moisturise, apply BB cream, dust a bit of bronzer on my face, Smashbox Jet Set Gel Liner to my upper eyelid, a bit of my Inglot brow gel and plenty of mascara for a fun, fresh, “no makeup” makeup look. Quick, effective, and it lasts for the whole day, even in the intense Southern hemisphere heat.




Definitely! Try it TODAY!

Please bear in mind, this product may not be the same experience for you but chances are you will enjoy it all the same. Smashbox is available at selected Woolworths stores countrywide, so be sure to go and try it out and see for yourself.

Smashbox is also cruelty free so absolutely no fluffies are harmed in having your perfect flawless looking skin.

x missfitz

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