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10 Present Ideas for… Him

Hiya Poutlings!

So, pretty much the entire business sector of our beautiful country, South Africa has now officially shut down for the year. Yes, Pouters from overseas will find that quite a statement, but the entire South Africa seems to go on holiday from today, 16th of Decemeber which is a public holiday – DAY OF RECONCILIATION for those of you wondering… and the only businesses that seem to stay open are few and far between, apart from retailers and anyone in the hospitality business. Our coastal towns will be overpopulated from today until the first week in the new year and our shopping malls will be heaving with people doing their Christmas shopping! Speaking of which… are you at a loss as to what you would like to buy your other half (I wanted to say better, but you are the better half right? 😉 ) for Christmas this year? Have you been searching the shops high and low?

Well, here are a few ideas for him 🙂 gentlemen – you can thank me later!

  1. If your beloved has been eyeing something for a while but putting off the purchase, for one reason or another buying the same would be a great idea.
  2. If your partner loves reading, then getting him the latest book of his favorite author or a book falling in his favorite genre is a good idea.
  3. It is a good idea to buy some clothes for him either formal or informal, according to his needs and taste. For a university student, you can buy jeans and t-shirt. While for someone who is working, opting for formal wear, like shirts, and formal trousers are useful stocking fillers! Most men hate shopping for clothes – just make sure to keep a receipt in case he needs a different size or really doesn’t like the style.
  4. Grooming products, like after-shave, razors, deodorant and hair styling items, can be a good gift option for all men, including your old man, brothers, cousins, etc!
  5. Accessories, like watches, cufflinks bracelets, sunglasses and belts, will serve as another stocking filler.
  6. There will hardly be a man on this earth who does not love gadgets. So, you can get your ‘someone special’ with items like a latest cell phone, digital camera, handy cam, Swiss Army knifeyou know they all want to be Mac Guyver!!
  7. You can take your beloved on a trip to his favorite destination, somewhere he has wanted to go for long.
  8. This one is always a winner for my man… video games can be one of the best options when it comes to buying gifts for a guy, obviously if he doesn’t play them SKIP this one 🙂
  9. Arrange a candle-lit dinner for your beloved at home. Prepare all his favorite dishes, play soft music in the background, light candles, dress up or down for him and enjoy being with him.
  10. Getting him a subscription of his favorite sports or automobile magazine is another good option.

The options really are endless, remember to keep in mind who you are buying for and what they like and need! Everyone loves suprises 🙂 ❤

Obviously your budget does go a lot into how extravagant your gift can be, however if your budget is tight, do something personal for him, make him a card, let him know how much you care and love him…

Have yourself some merry christmas shopping!

Please do not buy your man one of these… unless you’re into that type of thing? hahahaha



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