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A few weeks ago I was fortunately invited to attend the launch of Cipria Milano in Cape Town at the exquisite Nobu at the One and Only.

How amazing is this invite? Colours for days!

How amazing is this invite? Colours for days!


Cipria Milano was a brand I was not familiar with – and so I listened very intently to the details. It’s refreshing to come across a fresh approach to beauty, strength and confidence at a valuable price. All of which the brand lives up to.With now being freshly available on South African shores, Cipria Milano is fresh from Italy – synonymous with Italian standards of quality and most of all a great choice of hair care, fragrances, a wonderful selection of makeup and cosmetics that are innovative and of a very high quality but most importantly – the affordability is the biggest draw. The brand is proudly family owned and run with strong values and also prides itself in being diverse as well as cruelty free.

A unofficial slogan i took from the launch is… high end cosmetics do not need to be high priced. That is the message that they are trying to get across.

Some goodies we were given to try are the following and as you can see the prices are so affordable – anyone can look good!

CipriaMilano Pout.jpg

1.  All in one intensive hair mask – R129

2. Eyeshadow solo – R99.00

3. Keratin reconstruction vials – R49.00

4. Lipstick – R79.99

5. Mascara – R119.00

In time we will feature the individual reviews of these products!

Be sure to check out CIPRIA MILANO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

CIPRIA MILANO stores are at Cape Gate Shopping Centre and Sandton City – pop in and find your colour.




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Satiskin Event – Fragrances that ignite the senses

Hello Poutlings!

Lady Hellfire and I were recently invited to a press day at the Mane Fragrance House to attend a press day for Satiskin who introduced us to their new products to be launched for the festive season.

When selecting a fragrance for Satiskin’s range of bath time and hand wash products, the brand chose an international fragrance house that understood the importance of smell to women. The globally acclaimed Mane fragrance house established in 1871 is the creator of numerous Satiskin fragrances, and as sensations enthusiasts they are one of Satiskin’s chosen fragrance partners.

We were given an overview of how fragrances are created and how the elements all work together to create that perfect fragrance.

“Whether we enhance people’s daily experiences or create timeless fragrances, we capture what moves,” says MANE Director of Fragrances for South Africa, Olivier Cebe.  “At MANE, we create emotions by embodying our inspiration into our creations through innovation and technology.”  MANE perfumers based at creative centres around the world are able to select the best raw materials, the finest and most unique specialty ingredients and combine these with biotechnologies and synthetic molecules to create MANE’s next generation of fragrances.

Afterwards we were given a quick tour of the facilities by Oliver Cebe – MANE Director of Fragrances.

Olivier Cebe explaining the  Frangrance developing lab at MANE HQ

Olivier Cebe explaining the Frangrance developing lab at MANE HQ

Drawers and drawers full of fragrance ingedtiens

Drawers and drawers full of fragrance ingedtiens

The GC System acts like a digital nose to evaluate al the frangrances within a perfume or product making the job of identifying which fragrances are in a product.

The GC System acts like a digital nose to evaluate al the frangrances within a perfume or product making the job of identifying which fragrances are in a product much easier than in the old days.

and then another presentation by Karen who introduced the new ranges to be launched for the festive season.

iphone 8 sept 13 814

Karen says that another important element when choosing a fragrance is to understand that people have different preferences.  Our sense of smell creates strong emotions and passion.  Satiskin together with acclaimed fragrance houses identify fragrant trends based on the latest combinations, popular ingredients and creativity.  “Satiskin understands what women want from their bath time experience and the very important role that fragrance plays in their indulgence.”

satiskin products

All in all it was a very informative day and the fact that we met the only female perfumist, Fabienne Bourhis, in South Africa, made it an even more special day.

We are very thankful for the information sharing sessions. We look forward to reviewing some of the products we received in due time.

Have a pouty perfect day!

Photos by NFNT

Block quotes: Satiskin Press Release

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SCENT OF SNOOKI – Snooki’s Debut Fragrance

Happy Sats Amigo’s and Amiga’s!

Just thought I’d inform you that there is a new celebrity perfume out.  Can you guess who’s it is?


SNOOKI’s own perfume baby!

Do you want to smell like the Snooki?


It’s so Jersey!  So her!  I cannot wait to sniff what she thinks we should smell like!  haha.

I actually like the simple shape of the perfume bottle itself.  And it’s actually not so OTT as I thought it would be.  Well done Snooki!  Retails for +- $45  

“I wanted to create a sweet-smelling fragrance. I wanted something flirty and fun that would reflect my personality,” Snooki told HuffPost Celeb. “I originally wanted something with a hint of pickle, but when the labs created a sample of a pickle scent I quickly changed my mind. It was gross.”

“I was very hands-on in creating my fragrance,” she said. “I wanted it to be perfect. I did everything from choose the fragrance notes to the bottle and packaging design. Have you seen it? I mean, it’s seriously so me.”

Check out the advert on the link below…

Snooki advert, Funny or die




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