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Five Minute Frenchie

A French polish can be a disaster when doing it yourself and can sometimes end up with a huge mess rather than effortless-chic. Essence have a genius French manicure brush which is only R31.95 and is curved to give you easy application of white nail polish to your tips in one fail-proof swoop in order to achieve gorgeous white tips which can then be topped by a nude pink.

I happened to give my latest purchase of Essence polish Nail Art Special Effect topper with a “feather effect” a whirl on top and I was seriously in love with the results! The nail art topper is only R34.95!5 Minute French

How I achieved my manicure:

  1. Prepared my nails by buffing and shaping as desired.
  2. Dipped my Essence French Manicure brush into my white Rimmel Brit Manicure polish for nail tips and in one swoop on each nail achieving a gorgeous white tip.
  3. Swooped one coat on each nail of Rimmel Brit Manicure in natural pink nail colour.
  4. Applied a coat of Essie 3-Way Glaze to each nail.
  5. Lastly applied a topped off with Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper.

Quick. Simple. Easy. Cheap.

What is not to love? They were the perfect nails for my birthday on the weekend!

x flea143

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It’s meeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh you love it!

Ok, so let’s kick off the weekend with some fun.  Two words.  NAIL ART!

I must admit, I’m not a fan of elaborate nail art.  Personally the classic French Manicure is a winner.  When I’m a tad “bored” with the classic look, I whip out a shocking colour nail varnish and apply it over the white tips only.  That gives a fun sexy look.  At this moment I’m typing with shocking pink tips.

Anyway, this new form of nail art is done with water!  It’s called WATER MARBLE NAIL ART.  Not the official name, but whatever.

When you’re on YouTube again check it out!  Absolutely amazing!

You start off with a little glass of ROOM TEMPERATURE water.


Alternate colours.  Add any colours you want.

Take a toothpick and make a design.

Dip your finger quickly through the “art”.

As your finger is in the cup, remove the excess varnish drifting on the water with a bud.  If you don’t, it will make a huge mess.

But remember to cover your skin around your nail with sticky tape!!!!  Or you’ll have nail art on your fingers too!

What I did last night was, I got some fake nails.  Added a teeeeensy weeeeensy amount of glue on the back, then stuck on a tooth pick and practiced with that!  I must say, IT WORKED!  The nails actually came out pretty darn awesome.

I thought, wow.  This sticky tape is a mission.  So I got some old plastic gloves from my makeup school kit.  Cut up tiny holes on the points.  Once I put it on, it stretched out enough to have my nail exposed, but kept the rest of my finger safe!  Try it.

Unfortunatley I don’t have a pic of the nail art I did on the falsies last night.  😦

Just go onto YouTube and type in some MARBLE WATER NAIL ART. (Or however you wanna type it)  It’s fascinating!!!!

Try it!  Lemme know if it worked for you!

PS:  IT’S A MAJOR MESS! HAHA.  So have everything prepped!  Towels, buds, water, cups.  Remember to open all the nail varnish already.  Will save you time!




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Nail Polish that Lasts for 2 Weeks!!!

Good Morning Pouting Beauties!

Happy Tuesday…

So I just thought I’d share with you my new obsession, its nail polish that lasts for 2 weeks, no chips, no smudges, and it doesn’t ruin your nails. It keeps them in tip top shape, and unlike previous gels or acrylic which requires a lot of buffing when you wish to take it off, this takes about 5 minutes to “soak” and then just comes off all on its own.

I never really got into the gel/acrylic that everyone went crazy for, I had my nails done with it a few times but being that I have naturally strong nails, I found when I took it off my nails took ages to recover from the overlays and not to mention how “fat” and thick your nails got with all the coats of acrylic/gel on your fingers. I never needed tips, so I never really found any benefit from it, just that my makeup budget on months when I had my nails done, was minimal compared to months when I just wore my nail polish and did it myself.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my first “soak off” of this product at Dream Nails, which I had put on about 10 days ago, and it still looked perfect on my nails, apart from the fact that my nails had grown out. I was sporting a beautiful blue colour on my fingers and a french paint on my toes, I chose yesterday to just go french on my fingers and toes classic, stylish and goes with everything.

Dream Nails uses Nail System International version of this paint which is called “Polish Pro“, and Essie have brought out their own range of paint called “Gelish“. I haven’t used the Essie version as I have only been to the Dream Nails twice but I’m sure its just as awesome as the NSI Polish Pro.

Your fingers last about 14 days as the growth starts to show, but your toes last around 4 – 6 weeks.

excuse the crappy cell pic.... but look at that awesome blog in the background!!!

So Pouters, have you tried this? I highly reccommend it if you haven’t.



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