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Nine West is Preparing Women For Crucial Times In Their Lives

Nine West has a sense of humour. I approve. They are showing it on their new campaign which highlights womanly occasions that whether we like to admit it or not are generally parts of our lives… and with any good advertising campaign they have come under fire, this time is from various vocal feminist organisations. I think that sometimes feminist groups need to sometimes get a small sense of humour and take a chill pill. Nine West - Starter Husband Hunting Kit

The Starter Husband Hunting is actually my favourite but has received the most critique because people perceive this to be saying “Starter Husband“, in other words your first marriage before a divorce when one of you moves onto someone else. I understand that the sacrament of marriage is sacred, I get it, you should not marry someone at all if you have any doubt that you will not love them when they are old and wrinkly but, can you please listen to yourself for one minute? It’s a poke from a company that wants you to laugh about it because whether you like it or not, these things unfortunately do happen in life. A mere advert is not going to promote any woman more so than they are already inclined to do to find a husband, starter or not. Calm yourselves please….

Nine West - First Day of Kindergarten Kit

The other category is  First Day of Kindergarten, the most offensive thing about this to me is the word ‘”kindergarten“, its preschool people. This is hilarious to me because I know of many mothers, my own included, that this applies to. She was always happy when school was back from holidays because she could finally breathe. I get it, even though I don’t have kids, I really understand. There is no need to make assumptions that Nine West is assuming that because you wear Nine West shoes you are a trophy wife who sits at home all week while your kid is in school with your feet on the couch drinking French champagne.

I really do love this campaign, I don’t think Nine West needs to take this further at all. They have received a request to do  Job Interview to show that a woman’s place is more crucial than just finding a husband and sending her kids off to school. If I, as a woman can laugh and relate to the advert, then I believe no on should find it offensive.  On top of it, I love Nine West. Feminists can calm down. I am all for a good giggle, when this is simply aimed at poking at what we as consumers do and think.

Well played Nine West. Even though its not Woman’s Day in the US, I think that this campaign is very apt for Woman’s Month in South Africa.

You can view the campaign on Nine West’s website here.

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So it seems that “Weird Al” Yankovic is still around even though I thought he was a ’90’s thing, he’s back. He never lost it because this is just as good as he previously was.

This time with a parody of Lorde’s “Royals” which is renamed “Foil”, yes the useful household and kitchen necessity. I think its more worthy of a tribute song than those so-called “royals” that Lorde sings about. You can cover your boyfriend in it and call him a prince in shining armour and cover up your leftovers!


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Drop the Bouquet, Throw a Cat

Throwing a bouquet at your wedding? That’s so… 1999. The new meme that has surfaced throughout the interwebs is brides throwing cats at their weddings to a bunch of single ladies.Brides Throwing Cats (1)

Brides Throwing Cats (2)This makes so much more sense. A lot of the single ladies would make an effort to grab the cat flying through the air unlike suble-side-steps to avoid the bouquet.Brides Throwing Cats (3)

Brides Throwing Cats (8)No animals were harmed in the making of these memes, but a lot of laughter is necessary.        Brides Throwing Cats (9)

See more here Brides Throwing Cats

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RubyBox – Come to Me!

Hiya Poutlings

OHHHH MY GOD – Have you seen Rubybox’s Come to Me advert on YouTube? No?

Watch it NOW!

Big thumbs up to RubyBox’s adveritisng team for this naughty ad!

Don’t forget to do your Christmas shopping online here *clickety click*



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Unconventional Antics : Anne Geddes… now with adults!?

Hiya Poutlings!

Are you ready to take charge of Tuesday by grabbing it by the short and curlys? wakakaka!

As much as I believe this is an elaborate photoshop prank I have to admit, this made me smile on this shoddy little Monday. I present to you, the famous baby flowers and butterflies we have all “ooh”-ed and “aaah”-ed about at in some of the most famous child photography known, all grown up….

I do hope it made you crack a smile 😉



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