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Hit or Miss? Micaela Schaefer

Hiya Poutlings


Meet, Micaela Schaefer, the Courtney Stodden of Germany… well from the very little that I’ve read about her anyway. My reasoning for that statement is that, Courtney Stodden would be the only other person in the whole world that would do this… posing in the middle of a square in Berlin wering only black ribbon, red wrapping paper, and the half of a heart-shaped chocolate box (on her box? sorry, she was looking for that!) would attempt to pull of a sophisticated and demure ensemble like this.


As the most shiny human rhinestone in Germany, Micaela, gave everyone in Berlin an early Valentine’s Day gift when she threw a craft project on her body and posed for the paps in a square the other day. If a discount lingerie store put on a Victoria’s Secret-like fashion show in the parking lot of a shuttered down mall and only had a budget of about R50, this is what would come stomping down the runway during the finale of the show.


Micaela Schaefer looks like a cross between a broken down float from the saddest gay pride parade ever and a depression era Victoria’s Secret model. In other words, this look is certainly redefining the meaning of luxury.

…on a serious note – DO PEOPLE HAVE NO DAMN SHAME ANYMORE? Clearly not.

Happy early Valentine’s Day. Don’t be a bore… or bitter.


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Men With Lady Hair

Hiya Poutlings!

As we may have learnt by now, I’m a lover of controversial images, controversial advertising, subliminal messaging… etc etc..

That being said, I have to share this with you because…


 Israel’s F.O.D Magazine did a photo spread of men with womanly hairstyles for its June issue. “What A Piece of Work Is Man” is meant to be a reflection on masculinity and gender perceptions in honor of this months Pride celebration.

Not only do I think they’ve touched on a topic that is so widely diverse and open to many areas of argument, I think that these guys hair looks completely fabulous.


Don’t you wonder when looking at these pictures how long some of those styles took?

Well played F.O.D. Magazine!



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