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The Clothes Stay On – Makeup Comes Off (Part 2)

Hiya Poutlings

Not sure if you saw my previous post on PORN STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP! Here is part 2… Some MORE porn stars without makeup.


As stated before, I don’t know their names, sorry. But the makeup artist is Melissa Murphy and pictures are captured on her Instagram.

x missfitz

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The Clothes Stay On – Makeup Comes Off

Hiya Poutlings

These pictures fascinate me. These women are renown for having fabulous makeup and hair because they spend their average working day with minimal if any clothing on. Who are they? Porn stars.


10111213151617181819192021Seems like they are just as average, if not in some cases slighter rougher around the edges than the rest of us. Ha.

Check out what makeup artist Melissa Murphy captured on her Instagram  account while working with some of the adult industry’s most famous “vixens?”… sorry, I have absolutely no idea what their names are.

thank goodness for makeup… lol

x missfitz

P.S. There are loads of these images so this may call for another post!


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