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Every Kate Upton Magazine Cover, Ever

Hiya Poutlings

This week, high fashion magazine JALOUSE released its latest issue – with boob-tastic Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, Kate Upton striking a pose. Kate, who manages to channel Anna Nicole Smith (in a good way! not like the annoyance that is Courtney Stodden)), typically ends up with most her clothes off, so it’s nice to see her explore her HAUTE COUTURE side.

What do you think of her Jalouse look? If it’s not really your thing, then check out Kate’s other covers…

Esquire Magazine – May 2012

Kate commences with that annoying “shirt” on this cover.

Sports Illustrated 2012

With a bathing suit bottom that small, why even bother wearing one at all?


This cover is a double whammy — Kate and Jon Hamm show off their suit-wearing skills (it appears Jon knows how to don a whole outfit).

DT Magazine

Oh look! Kate’s enjoying a snack. A sexy snack.

Esquire Czech Republic

That little bra-shirt is just way too confining for Kate

Sunday Times – Style July 2012

Actually (sort of) fully clothed.


Kate shows her patriotsm to America by sucking a red, white and blue lollipop.

GQ Italia

Kate finds a new way to expose her boobs.

I think she’s gonna go far in the modelling world. No one can doubt that she is a kick ass force to be reckoned with… let’s not forget she knows how to dance too.



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Katy Perry as a Militant Lesbo : Hit or Miss?

Hiya Poutlings

…is it my imagination or does Katy Perry look the most photoshopped version of herself that you’ve ever seen?

You may also have noticed (or even possibly read the heading of this post that I believe) she is dressed like a militant lesbian for GQ Germany because based on my experience with my German friends, which is my knowledge of Germans in general and how much we love to give them nonsene about being German, because I am British, I am allowed to, we won the war and all that nonsense… (Oh, would you look at that, a can of worms all over this blog.)  As I am being one huge stereotype for this post, let me elaborate – Germans are cold, hard faced, militant lesbians, you know when they are not making really weird porn….

So, am I overreacting or have I drank too much coffee to even think about possibly blogging today, or am I correct? …about Katy Perry’s feature in GQ Germany of course, not about Germans all being militant lesbians, ofcourse I know that isn’t true, it was for the DRAMATIC effect damnit.



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90’s Crushes… Now!

Hiya Poutlings! 🙂

Remember the 90’s? Yeah, I was a 90’s baby, made in the 80’s and born in the 90’s. Weren’t those the days? Remember girls, the teenagers on TV that you used to want to grow up and be just like and the ones that the boys all had secretive crushes on, even though they all weren’t particulary beautiful at the time we still loved them and wanted to be them anyway. They were to an extent, our role models, people who had a vague influence on who we are today and who we wanted to be back in the day! Does anyone come to mind when reading what I just wrote? Well, here are a few of those 90’s crushes and what they look like today!!

Lets go on a trip down memory lane…


Topanga, or now known as Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World. Why did we love her? She was brainy, hot and the boys loved her because she was into goofy guys and made them all want a girlfriend before they had even thought about that before!

She’s still a pretty girl, *cough*, I mean woman. And luckily for her, that chest is distracting me from her horrible pants, and I’m a girl, so I’m sure the men won’t notice them at all! 😉 She apparently also is/did host a show on E!


Joey, or now as she is known Mrs Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes. Back before Tom locked her in the basement, she was the lovable Joey on Dawsons Creek. True story: I thought she was Dawson since I’d never watched the show… What? Dawson could be a girls name too!!

Katie Holmes, when photographed correctly, is more beautiful than she ever was back in day. I suppose Tom is one lucky man!


Sarah Michelle Gellar, or as we used to know her as, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the ultimate 90s bad ass girl, she drove a stake through many of the little boys hearts.

She could still drive a stake through many men’s hearts, as her pictorial in Maxim shows!


Rachel, or as she’s known today, Jennifer Aniston. I think everyone loved her… She was one of those characters.

After her split with Brad Pitt, its a shame that Jennifer is pretty much just  tabloid and romantic comedy fodder. But she’s rocking quite the body as shown by her above GQ pictorial. You go girl.


Winnie Cooper now known as Danica McKeller from the Wonder Years (for the South Africans it was an American series which ran for 6 seasons and I was introduced to it in the UK), I have no doubt in my mind this little girl was any little boys first crush despite her utter lack of attractiveness for most of the Wonder Years.

GOD DAMN… If you weren’t their crush back then you certainly will be so now! Want to know something scary, she is also somewhat of a genius – she has written textbooks on maths and lectured the subject to university students.


Clarissa, or Melissa Joan Hart, damn, I used to have the ultimate girl crush on her and her silly little tv show where she always used to hang on our her bed, and lets not go into Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Well, its obvious she still loves hanging out on beds… wakaka


Screw Jessica Biel, Lucy Camden, or Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven was the sh1t when I was growing up, although I cannot remember why…

She’s cute looking, and definately looks better mature although she still looks a bit like a deer in the headlights.


Kelly Kapowski, or as she is known now as Tiffani Amber Theissen from Saved by the Bell was HAWT  back in the day.

Oh, what a suprise! HAWTNESS, grows up to be HAWT!



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