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I recently received a small sample of IT FACTOR Simply IT Extra Blowout to try and I am so impressed!

IT FACTOR products are used exclusively at Carlton Hair Dry Bars and you can’t help but love their feminine vintage pink packaging.


As I only had a small sample I managed to get two different uses out of it. It is a product to use on towel dried hair in order to aid the processes of drying and styling. It is a hair lotion which smells me to just like the inside of a hair salon (a nice upmarket one) because it is real stylist type product which gives results – fast. To use Simply It Extra Blowout apply two pumps into the palm of your hand and work through towel dried hair and blow dry as normal. When using the product you immediately notice that the actual drying time of hair is reduced significantly but it also assists with smoothing and taming an unruly mane in a few minutes. I’m always hesitant when it comes to using hair styling products as a lot of them can make my hair flatter than an ironing board as they make the hair heavy but It Factor is completely non-greasy on the hair and your is left feeling natural and light. My hair was left with a style that holds easily (without the use of loads of other styling products) and I found that my little frizz fuzz (as I like to call it)- from my hair regrowth was moderately less static and visible.

People have complimented me on having exceptionally shiny hair – which is awesome as my I’ve felt my hair has been a bit dull and dreary recently.

You can purchase the Simply It Extra Blowout from Carlton Hair which retails at R235.00.

XO flea143

Disclaimer: This product sample (5ml) was given to me for review purposes. This has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.


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Dear John, Thank You

Dear John Frieda,

You may think I forgot about you and how you spoiled me, I have not forgotten and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the wonderful people that work with you (especially Janlyn) for thinking so generously of me and other bloggers alike and completely spoiling us with your new range for our specific hair needs.

The reason it took me so long to use your products is that I’ve been going through some hair problems of my own from an extremely overactive sebaceous gland to major hair loss and I’ve been trying to remedy this problem (cause still unknown) without making it worse. After various attempts and a few weeks waiting I decided I really had to put my box full of goodies which have been sitting in my bathroom to good use. Oh boy, was it a refreshing experience.John Frieda

The Liquid Shine Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner range have such a beautiful scent without being over powering. They are not the best Shampoo and Conditioner I have ever used for my hair but bearing in mind my hair is on a whirlwind adventure of its own at the moment, but they are certainly lovely products.

I have not tried to heat styling or the hair spray yet, but the Frizz Ease does help with unruly knots from the wonderful South East Wind that all the Cape Townians love to hate! Although Frizz is not a problem I encounter often, I did notice my hair was exceptionally smooth after using this product. I only use one spray and work it through with a big toothed comb.

Thank you John, once my head decides to sort itself out I promise to try the Luxurious Volume heat protector spray and Luxurious Volume hair spray.

xo flea143

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post but these products were sent to me for review purposes. No bribery nor corruption occurred during the making of this post.

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