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Essence Makes Halloween Affordable {COMPETITION}

Essence decided I need to release my inner Leopard… As a fond lover of all things leopard print I duly obliged. A couple of weeks ago they contacted me to partake in a campaign they are doing for Halloween. Yes, Halloween. I am not the biggest fan or supporter of Halloween, but hey, this involved Essence makeup and leopard print. I hardly needed much more convincing than that. The brief was simple, they chose a fun Halloween inspired makeup look and I recreate it using specially selected products for the job.

Image source unknown

Image source unknown

Now, this is a beautiful intricate detailed look including wonderful highlighting and contouring (check how the leopard snout pops). Have a look and see how I attempted to recreate this look using everyday Essence makeup products. Here is my step-by-step picture guide. Showing the products before application.

Step-by-step LEOPARD look by Flea

Essence Leopard Step by Step 1 POUTPERFECTION Essence Leopard Step by Step 2 POUTPERFECTION Essence Leopard Step by Step 3 POUTPERFECTION Essence Leopard Step by Step 4 POUTPERFECTION

Final Essence Halloween Look

This is my completed look, although it does not represent the inspiration image entirely, I created this look with fewer products and all of these products can be reused for every day purposes – how awesome!

Halloween with Essence


For more information on how to win your own Essence goodies check out the competition details below.

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Here’s an idea for Halloween by me.


This is what I would like you to do… Redo this look on yourself and post the link on comments below.

This is just for fun! Come on. Do it!

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Drop Dead Beautiful

So, there is one week to Halloween (or should I say the evening that will be widely celebrated as being Halloween with parties and trick-or-treating!) and to be frank that doesn’t mean too much to me, however I know a lot of people enjoy playing dress up. Dress up to look dead or half dead is not dressing up to me. I like pretty things. I like looking alive but you know, each to their own! Once cannot deny though, the amount of effort some people go to in creating some looks is completely wow.

Here are some makeup-spirations in honour of this weird and spooky holiday loved by so many!

GoldieStarling Harley Quinn Queen of Hearts Skull Tard Trick or Treat

Beautiful Zombie Black Lips Bloodshot Eyes Beauty Creepy Nails Day of the Dead (2) Day of the Dead Halloween Beauty halloween black swan Halloween Comic Halloween Mask Haute Egyptian Halloween Intricate Halloween Detail Queen of Hearts saw Spirit Sultry Spiderwebs The Hand Two Faced

Some of these looks take intricate hours (rather hire a professional if you want one that will!) to perfect however some of the ‘easier’ beauty looks can easily be achieved with products you have lying around, however you might need to buy a couple of different colours which you might not use on a regular basis! The best bet is to decide in advance how you want your face to look and plan it out, although you may be somewhat more like me constantly don’t know if you’re coming or going… First rule is not to spend a fortune on any makeup product that you may require which you probably won’t use again. Think of more affordable options.

Are you looking for a stand out lip that will deliver on adding a wow factor? How about trying out RALO cosmetics, it’s a steal, with some added bling!

Ralo Cosmetics- Diamante Lipstick in Plum Berry  (R39.50)

Ralo Cosmetics- Diamante Lipstick in Plum Berry (R39.50)

To look a bit more Gaga-ish, in both colour and price OFRA Cosmetics have slightly more shades which are enough to add that extra va-va-voom to your look which are slightly more expensive, but hey, who wouldn’t kill for some OFRA in their makeup drawer! 😉

OFRA - Midnight Blue

OFRA Cosmetics Lipstick in Midnight Blue (R149.67)

Make your eyes pop and look all zombified with lovely grey and blue tones from Essence, Wet ‘n Wild or Ralo Cosmetics.

Essence 3D Duo Eyeshadow in Irresistible Smokey Eye (R39.95)

Essence 3D Duo Eyeshadow in Irresistible Smokey Eye (R39.95)

Ralo Cosmetics - 5-Colour Eyueshadow Shimmer (R44.50)

Ralo Cosmetics – 5-Colour Eyueshadow Shimmer (R44.50)

Went'n Wild - colour Icon Eye Shadow Trio in Don't Steal My Thunder

Went’n Wild – colour Icon Eye Shadow Trio in Don’t Steal My Thunder

The best part is, they can also be used for some more toned down looks to create extra sultry smoky eyes! Buy wise for events like this and reward yourself afterwards with quality products that do you justice and look after your skin.

There is only two rules.

#1. Get inspired, if you’re participating.

#2. If you’re going to do something, do it properly.

x flea143


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BRIDAL DRESS/ DESIGNER BANDIT Has Stolen 2 of Amy Winehouse’s Dresses

Hiya Poutlings

This is sad sad news

😦 😦 😦

Two dresses which belonged to the late singer Amy Winehouse, one being her wedding dress, have been stolen from the singer’s former home in North London.

While Amy’s belongings were being tagged and prepared for storage in her former North London home, two of the very important garments have been reported missing from her closet. A Moschino newspaper print dress and the anchor -print mini dress that she wore to marry ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil in 2006 were both discovered missing during inventory. These two garments were only a month away from being acutioned off to benefit THE AMY WINEHOUSE FOUNDATION to the estimated tune of approximately R2,000,000!!


The thieft must have had knowledge that the two specific dresses had sentimental value to Amy. Garments worth a fortune were left alone in the closet, while the two iconic dresses were the only ones found to be missing. Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s dad said:

“Her wedding dress was only a little cotton thing, a hundred quid at best in the shops. Whoever nicked it realised its signifcane and knew it had extra value.”

Since her untimely death from alcohol poisoning in July 2011, her home has been left as a shrine to her fans. Now it is being prepared for sale and therre was a two day inventory period whe it was believed that the garments were stolen. Currently Mitch and his crew is looking through the rest of her belongings to see if the thief took anything else.

Whether it was a Amy super fan or high class burglar who stole the wedding dress is still up for determination. Thankfully, its no longer Halloween, so we can never confuse potential burglars wiith those happened to be dressed up as the former singer. Although if you saw a strangely authenic costume running around this past weekend, you will no longer have to ask them where they got it.


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HALLOWEEN : Funky Nail Art

Hiya Poutlings

This post is for our readers that are excited about Halloween only being a few weeks away! I’ve seen a trend of really funky nail art in honour and preparation of this spooky day.

will you be sporting any of these looks or similar ones?



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