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Lady Laws

In honour of Woman’s Day tomorrow…. There are certain things, I believe in life that us girls need to learn in order to be acknowledged as a full on lady, in a true sense of the word. I am calling these the Lady Laws and I believe we need to learn and master these things and you will be on your way to being the best women you can be….

ComplimentTaking a compliment.

“You look absolutely amazing”. Yes, you do. You spent hours doing your hair and makeup (sometimes even weeks when you’ve been training your butt off at the gym) to look exactly how you look right now. Someone has acknowledged it. Embrace the compliement, think of it as a gift of kindess. Do not and I reapeat DO NOT throw a compliment away when one is given to you. Yes, you might be taken aback and flattered but a simple “thank you” with a smile is a great response. Do not point out another weakness in response to this as it ends up looking like you want your own pity party, and only girls have pity parties – not ladies. Be gracious about it though in the same regard and don’t get a big head about it.

Self DefenseHow to defend yourself.

We live in a scary world. Not just a scary country. There is a high chance that 1 in 4 women has a chance of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime. Studies have shown that it is virtually always better to fight back in situations as women who have done in studies have always eneded up being less injured than those who didn’t. I’m not suggesting a black belt in karate but a good knowledge of how to defend yourself against a potentially nasty situation will only empower you in life.

Breast Cancer CheckLearning to check your body.

One in nine women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives and early diagnosis is vital for a good recovery. This means, it is ideal to check your own boobies once a month. They are your breasts and no one elses. Its really simple and can be done when you are in the bath or shower. You need to be aware of what is normal for you in look and feel, what changes to loook for and report any changes to your doctor without delay and ensure to go for a mamogram once year once you reach the age of 35 or earlier if you have concerns.

Walking AwayWalking Away From Bad Friendships and/or Relationships

There are so many people in the world that can be toxic for you, both platonically and romantically. If you ever feel as though you are trapped, undermined, anxious, in danger or unhappy around certain people, learn the art of letting them go from your life in order for you to be free. Surrounding yourself with a support group of compassionate loving family and friends will help you see yourself for exactly what you’re worth in life. Do not compromise that for anyone. Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

Do you make new years resolutions? I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, if you can succeed in them then I really take my hat off to you and I wish you continued support in order to fulfil the tasks you have set out for yourself, but I like to believe I can set myself a goal, a long term goal, an intermediate goal or a short term goal and be able to carry it out at anytime, not necessarily starting on 1 January coinciding with the beginning of the new year, because let’s be honest, without enough sleep the night/morning before, I am hardly going to feel motivated to start on my huge list of resolutions to better myself. Are you?


I understand the logic behind it, but its just not practical. Goals are attainable, its all down to your mind set.

The most common resolution that you hear about at this time of the year is either to lose weight, to get fit or both, in turn this upsets the gym bunnies as they have to wait in queues at the gym for the post Christmas feasters that decide its time to hit the gym. Why don’t we just all have the resolution to smile more, be kind and forgive easily.

Even though its 10 days late, I hope that 2014 is the best year yet and I wish all our dear readers nothing but happiness, health and success for all the impending challenges that the year will come our way.

Did you make any resolutions and do you believe in making them?

x flea143


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Wedding Bells!


A big congratulations to the beautiful SandyLash one of our very own bloggers, who we have all come to know so very well through Pout Perfection.


Sandy got married on Saturday 5th October 2013, to her now husband Nic.

Sandy as beautiful as she is, made an absolutely breathtaking bride on her wedding day, as we can see she walked around with a heart full of smiles on her special day.

Her dress was absolutely  stunning and complimented her so well.


Sandy from all at Pout Perfection as you start this journey with your husband as newly weds, we wish you nothing but peace, love and happiness.

May you live with growing love for one another, have prosperity and joy and last but not least may you forever treasure the love that brought you together.

Love from all at Pout as well as all our readers.



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Tips to a more enriching life

Hello pretty Poutlings

It’s been a while (again) since I’ve blogged, so here goes…
A lot of people these days are so depressed and unhappy, it seems like an ongoing rut most of us are stuck in, and sometimes the reasons for this is beyond our control, like the petrol price… But here’s a few tips to hopefully help us all…

1. Be Thankful
Be thankful every day. Say thank you every morning when you wake up. Say thank you for having another day, not another blue Monday, but rather be thankful that you have another day in which you can stand up, see your family and friends and spend time with the ones you love.


2. Learn something new every day
Ignorance is not bliss. In this day and age and with all the technology at our disposal, some people still “victimize” themselves by using the “I didn’t know” or the “I don’t know how” cards. Sorry to break it to you my dears, but this is not a valid excuse anymore. As they say these days, GIYBF! We are quick to learn new things in areas that interest us, but when it comes to work we are quick in throwing our hands up in the air.

If you just learn 1 new thing every day that relates to your work every day, make notes about it and practice it regularly, it will become second nature to you and you won’t struggle with it.


3. Learn a new word every day
We were all little geniuses in childhood, learning hundreds of new words every year and by the ti e we entered first grade, most of us had vocabularies of several thousand words. However, by the age of 11 or 12 we lost some of our enthusiasm for language and the rate at which we picked up new words began to decline significantly. Now we are lucky to pick up even 50 or 60 new words a year.
Languages has so much more to offer that it would be a shame to let our vocabulary-building talents go to waste. So lets re-build some of our youthful brilliance and learn a new word every day.


I hope this gives you all a new light on how to have a little more happiness every day!!

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Soul Smile Monday

Hiya Poutlings

As well received as my past Soul Smile post was, I thought I’d share another one with you all for anyone who is suffering from mid-week blues.

Keep smiling and have a beautiful day!!!


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