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H&M’s Consciousness Exclusive Collection

Hi Poutlings


I think its utterly fabulous that H&M is building upon its Conciousness Collection – ethically sourced and sustainable clothing – with its new Consciousness Exclusive. You might hav seen Helen Hunt wear one the collection’s dresses at this years Oscars. But here’s the thing – regular H&M is the epitome of fast fashion. It’s the business model they rely on. So while I applaud them for offering up some sustainably produced garments, I wish they’d incorporate those practices into their regular line, instead of creating this environmentally friendly collection once a year.

Chloë Moretz and Sophia Bush wearing pieces from the collection

Chloë Moretz and Sophia Bush wearing pieces from the collection

In the meantime, the clothes are pretty, but whether they can start implementing these practices into their main line remains to be seen, then I will be really impressed… and probably post their entire look book for you to see, but right now, I’m TIRED, so I can’t be bothered. Click here if you want to see more….

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UK High Street Invasion : Krap-Tashian Kollection

Hiya Poutlings

Save the date: Thursday, 8th of November the krap-tackular fashion offerings of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are going to Dorothy Perkins in the UK.

Apparently, it took the the three sisters and their pimp momager Kris Jenner a long time to find a retailer outside the US that was a good fit for their “Kardashian Kollection” brand.

So, as the UK-based budget brand (and sister of Topshop) continues to go global, they’re using the Krapdashians to make their name in the US and cash in on the public, like the Krapdashians do with the public obsessesion of reality TV stars.

In one months time Brit shoppers will be able to shop for sheer, tight, animal print krap in-store as well as international shoppers online in the USA, France, Germany, UK and Ireland.

Here’s a few examples of the current “klassy” offerings at the US department store, Sears which our British readers will be seeing the like of when you drop your kiddies off at school discos this Khristmas…

Dorothy Perkins, for the record, we are not amused. Go to the front of the class and face the wall until the kollection krashes and you’ve learned your lesson.

It’s a puty the stuff won’t be avaible by Halloween, that’s an easy-access Halloween costume idea right out the window.



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