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Summer Skin Sorted

Having just come back from a whirlwind overseas holiday to the amazing Italy and leaving the winter behind I was petrified of my lily white skin getting burnt to a crisp in the beautiful Rome, Tuscan and Milan heat. Fortunately, before I left, I got my paws on a product which I immediately thought would be amazing in preventing any burns, to my face anyway.

Meet Juliet (Armand SUN FILM 30), the other half to my Rome(-o) trip of Italy. The saviour of my skin. My new love and must-have product for summer 2014.

Meet Juliet (Armand SUN FILM 30), the other half to my Rome(-o) trip of Italy. The saviour of my skin. My new love and must-have product for summer 2014.

This little gem is from Juliette Armand, the Greek brand who focuses on your skin mood, rather than needs. The Sun Film Gel 30 boasts guaranteed protected against UVA and UVB rays to the highest standard, all while providing a slight tint to the skin (which lasts, doesn’t rub off or disappear a few hours to applying it) to ensure that your face is flawless.This product, was right up my alley for skin mood as it was in the mood for relaxation, minimal makeup, lots of sunshine and taking in all the tourist-y sights that Italy had on offer.

I religiously made use of the product following my normal skin care routine every morning before heading out for breakfast, I did not burn, at all. That on its own is a complete miracle as this British skin has 2 colours, white and red like the St. Georges flag. I may have come back without a tan, but that is fine as I did not come back with red, peeling or sore skin. *This used to be the story of my life!

Using my Sun Film, I replaced the need for me to wear a foundation or powder as it leaves the skin with a healthy subtle glow that lasts while providing much needed sun protection. The formula initially seemed a bit thick compared to other products I have used in the past, but when applied to your hand it spreads with the heat of your hand into a smooth, non-greasy formula which results in a wonderful slightly dewy finish thanks to the beautiful tint. When applying to your face there is a slight cooling sensation which is always welcome when the weather seems a bit humid.

I found that the product lasts, and only one day, when sightseeing and doing the typical tourist thing visiting the Coliseum and Roman Forums that I had to reapply my Sun Film as the heat was unbearable and I thought I’d rather be safe than sorry. The tube is small and fit into my handbag no problem. The Sun Film gel incorporates specialised anti-oxidant protection which is unique to the Juliet Armand sun protection range.


The Sun Film Gel 30 goes a long way and retails for R465 for 55ml and is available at selected stockists nationwide, please contact Poise Brands to find out one near you. This has become my must-have product for our upcoming summer months, especially over December when everything goes on a go-slow, including my makeup routine.

Downsides to the product – my man refused to use my sun cream as it looks like makeup and well that resulted in one burnt travel buddy but that is not really my fault, I offered it and he refused 😉

Thank you Juliet Armand for saving my face from the Italian rays and making my holiday that little more pleasant by relieving me of sun burn issues! 🙂

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review purposes. This has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.

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Travel : The Stress of Packing for Short Trips

I’m a fairly well travelled soul. Growing up with living in a completely different side of the world to the rest of your extended family has its benefits as you really do get to see the world and that is something that I believe my parents did a great job at was making sure my brother and I experienced as much of the world as they could possibly show us.  A minimum of once a year we would go on holiday to England for a month, but we wouldn’t stay in England for that whole month. Sometimes we’d venture off into Europe, other times to the States. I was privileged. I still am, as I travel quite frequently, just not as frequently as before as once you start to grow up you realise that travelling is not cheap but it’s totally worth it. Nowadays they seem to be more in the business sense of travel and the packing involved for business freaks me out more than holiday packing.

That being said, last week I had no idea that I would be embarking on a short flight to Johannesburg for work tomorrow and it creates small panic that I have to pack tonight, you see, I may have travelled a lot in life but that does not take away the sheer terror of packing. Is this a phobia? I believe it could be. I have had many packing balls-ups in the past, one being going to Sun City for a weekend and forgetting to pack any underwear – only swimwear, other occasions going to Mauritius and leaving the SUNBLOCK behind in South Africa or forgetting cell phone/iPad chargers… the list goes on and they are all not a train smash but they are inconvenient.


I somehow always end up putting packing to the back of my mind and ignoring it until either the night before or a few hours before the flight, then PANIC mode sets in. The problem with work related trips is sometimes they come along at very short notice and VOILA you are being whisked away for a few nights and you are not prepared.

Packing clothes

Over the years I have come to my own little systematic routine of what clothes pack first, starting with underwear, and working my way from there – if its a short trip I try and plan each day being what outfit I am going to wear that day and then what I might want to change into if I’m not comfortable being super smart all day long and then eventually what PJ’s I need then trying to find shoes that I can wear more than once, for example a pair of flip-flops can double up as slippers in the summer, etc. I try and leave the bulky stuff like dressing gowns behind, which is easier said than done in the winter rather than the summer. Accessories can be counted in here too but be careful what valuables you leave in your suitcase, even if you lock it – as locks only keep honest people out.

I run through this list a couple of times in my head and try and find out if my clothes are finished before working on the other stuff that needs to be packed.

Packing Toiletries

Toiletries can be tricky and I shake my head every time I see people travelling with full size products. Decant it or buy the travel the size, its easier on your luggage and for goodness sake please try and keep it simple. Run through your daily routine,  body wash and body lotion cleanser, toner, moisturiser, then toothbrush with toothpaste, then hair brush. Is it that time of the month? Make sure you have adequate supplies but if it isn’t don’t bulk up your toilet bag with stuff you don’t need.

Packing makeup

I should really not be writing about packing makeup and things you don’t need because I always over pack makeup. I cannot help it. In theory I know I should only pack the basics being a small brush set, with primer, foundation and setting powder with a basic eye-palette some concealer, eyeliner and mascara. The array of lipstick shades in my handbag should do me for such a short trip but for the life of me I cannot help but over pack makeup.

Packing electronics and related hardware

This falls into the hand luggage category for me as far too many times I’ve been stuck without my suitcase for sometimes days at a time. I know this sounds like a no brainer but mobile phone chargers are easily forgotten and you suffer without them. Think about what electronics are making the voyage with you and what you need to keep them working. Laptops need chargers and I cannot work without my USB mouse, iPads need charging too. It is all stuff that is easily over looked and required. Flip Flops

Other related stuff to your trip

If you are going away on business, do not leave the business documents behind. If you are going away for leisure you need some reading material. If you need certain documents like an ID book or passport, make sure you have those ready and available. If you are going somewhere scenic, do not be an idiot like me and leave your SLR camera at home – you will regret it as cell phone pictures only do certain things justice – like selfies.

If you are flying weigh your case before you leave. It alleviates so much stress knowing you are under the airlines weight limit.

Do you have any specific packing routines that you think could alleviate the stress of packing? Please share with me!

x flea143

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Satiskin launches Limited Edition



Satiskin, South Africa’s number one foam bath brand has launched a limited edition holiday fragrance for the festive season, available November 2013. The cinnamon and spices fragrance of the moisturising crème foam bath evokes pleasurable memories with hints and tones of the holiday season.

Karen Kohler, Satiskin brand manager says that the fragrance was chosen as it immediately creates pleasant and decadent connotations. This festive season Satiskin wants women to treat themselves or that someone special to the Cinnamon & Spices Limited Edition 1 litre foam bath. A gift card accompanies the pearlised foam bath, making it an ideal present, perfect for that woman who needs to relax and be pampered.

“As the holidays approach and the year winds up we all need that ‘little something’ to treat ourselves,” says Karen. “When women open the Satiskin Cinnamon & Spices foam bath and pour the rich golden liquid into the bath the fragrance is released, leaving them no choice but to relax and indulge in the moment.”

The golden shimmering liquid of the Cinnamon & Spices foam bath is pH balanced and will leave the skin feeling silky smooth.

Recommended retail price R34.99


If you love Cinnabons, this could be the calorie free way of getting your cinnafix…
Cinnamon & Spices

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Forever New

Being fashion forward at Pout Perfection is part of looking fabulous!
One of my new and favorite collections is


 Forever New embraced South African shores in 2010 and has been a growing success since, the store originates from Australia, and brings an absolute amazingly fabulous range of clothing, shoes bags and accessories to their customers.

I am very impressed that the brand has found a name, that means and describes exactly what the products that they deliver are. Forever New describes every piece of clothing the stores offer… Every piece you see has classical staying power, they are not fads in fashion that will fade the next time summer comes around. This is the kind of store you go to buy those items you know you need and can use year in and year out, coats, dresses, handbags, shirts, that literally will stay Forever New.

Their clothing is so fresh, stylish and a range that you can never go wrong with. They bring out the natural beauty with their clothing and surely makes you feel FOREVER NEW!

Their brand is all bout CLASS and ELEGANCE!

At the moment they have three amazing collections available.The first collection is:


The “Moroccan Princess” collection takes you to a world of exotic Middle Eastern glamour, inspired by the Moorish art and design of the Marrakesh. Abundant in rich jewel colours and warm spice, the summer collection is a lavish oasis of luxurious silks and embroidered fabrics in saturated tones that pop against glittering golds and sparkling silver metallics.

Brilliant hues of sapphire blue, poppy red, citrine orange and emerald-green are stunning against accents of gold, coral, turquoise and violet. The vivid colours and high shine lend a 70’s influence with the sleek and fluid lines of flowing halter neck dresses and split details. Digital animal prints, one shoulder dresses and embellished kaftans combine for an opulent “beach to bar” look with statement bags and vibrant heels the perfect partner for party dress season. The collection is a spectacular cocktail of bold 70’s glamour and the rich sensual mystery of Morocco

Some of the clothing in this collection:


 Escape to an endless summer in the Australian sunshine with Forever New’s “Palm Springs” collection. Inspired by Hollywood in the 60’s, this glamorous range is a riot of colour and luxurious fabrics. Packing for that dream holiday has never been more exciting, with gorgeous bikinis and stunning kaftans to take you from lazing at the beach to sipping cocktails by the pool. Pretty embellished sandals and ultra chic handbags are just the thing you need to dress up your cool white shift dress while you lunch at the Versace Hotel like supermodel Milou Sluis.

Warm balmy nights take you to dinner in tangerine silk cocktail dresses to show off a golden tan, or an eye-catching colour blocked dress and statement necklace. Awash with hot vivid colour, bright white and metallics, the Palm Springs collection pops with coral, watermelon, raspberry and tangerine, cooled down with splashes of aquamarine and bursts of bright turquoise. Final touches include oversized totes in faux ostrich and snake-skin are perfect for jet setting to your summer destination filled with an array of gorgeous swimwear, towels and beach accessories from the exclusive Resort Collection that launches with the release of Palm Springs.

Some of the clothing in this collection:


“Shanghai Rose” is inspired by the exotic allure and fragile beauty of the Orient. The collection; reminiscent of 1920’s style opulence, features drop waisted dresses and beaded kimono sleeved tops with the embellished jacket returning as a hero item. Heavy beaded camisoles provide the perfect evening piece paired with metallic jacquards and sheer slinky fabrics. Pure silk maxi dresses and cocktail shift dresses receive a fresh spring update with Chinioserie prints featuring amongst delicate oriental flowers and cherry blossoms. The colour palette of peach sorbet and coral tones includes delicate highlights of lavender, tiffany blue and jade green against the signature Forever New backdrop of soft pink, dramatic black and vintage pearl.
Art Deco chandelier inspired jewellery makes a statement with metallic heels, beaded hard case clutches and fan-shaped accessories. Unique headwear with an origami influence provides the finishing touches to this glamorous and sophisticated collection perfect for the Spring racing and occasion wear season.

Some of the clothing in this collection:

As you can see their clothing is simply beautiful. I could blog forever with regards to all their amazing accessories and shoes and clothing so I suggest all you Pouters get to your nearest FOREVER NEW and experience the amazing range they have.

They have stores located in:

JOHANNESBURG: Clearwater, Cresta, Eastgate, Fourways, Melrose Arch, Sandton, The Glen, The Zone

DURBAN: Gateway

CAPETOWN: V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk

POLOKWANE: Mall of the north

NELSPRUIT: Illanga Mall

PRETORIA: Woodlands

So Pouters get to your fashion eyes on and stay




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