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A belated but very happy new year to all our readers!

As all of my various newsfeeds have been filled with resolutions for the past 10 days (people obviously start with their new years resolution planning on new years eve it would seem), which results in a lot of eye rolling from not only me but everyone who is reading their resolutions, the top resolution I continually see, year in and year out would undoubtedly be to lose weight. It’s everywhere. Everyone feels somewhat food-hungover from indulging over the festive season and wants to lose it. New year, new me. Who is sick of hearing it? Well, if you aren’t and are looking at losing weight I might have a solution for you.

THE BRAIN SURGEON DIET - POUT PERFECTIONNow, I never thought I’d be able to give any advice on losing weight but the answer is simple, pick up a booknot any book though, be sure to pick up the book entitled “The Brain Surgeon’s Diet“, written by a local South African neurologist and loser of 70 kilograms, Dr. W. A. Liebenberg. As the name of the book suggests, the book contains helpful tips and tricks into training your brain to manage weight and weight loss while taking your life into your own hands to control your own body, appetite and emotions surrounding health and food and the direct link between the two.

You already have the tools you require to lose the weight, your brain – and your brain is not hard to train especially with crib notes in Dr. Liebenberg’s newly launched book. It is not a boring diet book, it has quite a unique look and has a poke at all the habits that fat people have, what they think and hide behind…. It’s real. It’s honest. It’s simple.

I believe this book and the hidden secrets it contains will be the answer for a lot of people who have suffered over the years in trying to lose weight with little to no success or to those who have lost the weight but struggle to keep it off. It is not a diet plan to follow but rather a new way of thinking, a new way of approaching food, planning meals and make weight loss uncomplicated. In a  way it is teaching you to eat with your brain, not your body.

ScienceUnlocking the science that fad diets hide, the book easily elaborates in an easy to read and understand manner you learn about the energy values of food and meal planning that makes losing weight enjoyable and easy to incorporate into your life. I think it should rather be called The Brain Surgeon’s Lifestyle, not diet as if you incorporate this method of thinking – you will never have to diet again.

The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is published by Penguin and retails for R140.00 from selected bookstores.

xo flea143

Disclaimer: This book was given to me for review purposes. this has in no way altered my view of the book in anyway.

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Good day my Pouters!

I Sandy thought I would share something about my personal self.  Maybe its something that you would find interesting?  Let me know ok?

I lost  15kg about 2 years ago in 3 months or so.  In measurements it was a whole metre and a half I lost around my body.  (that’s a lot)  And have kept it off with no struggle.  I eat what I want and work out when I want.  Eating a whole slab of chocolate about 3 times a week is no problem for me.  And no, I do not resort to sticking a finger down my throat or “dieting”.

It’s the problem of today… DIETS!  I just woke up the one day and decided that it was time to change.  What caused the change?  THE GABRIEL METHOD!  The most amazing book you must read one day regarding your health.  What made me want to change?  Well, being in a relationship.  I have an amazing man in my life.  Having a great partner can make you want to be the best you can be.  Some couples  “let go” of themselves regarding appearance once they’ve found a better half. Point is… you have to maintain what attracted that person to you.  Or in the future boredom will strike the relationship.  Men are visual creatures after all.

I wanted to be the best me I could be for him.. In the end…. I was being the best part for me too.  Things were changing within me.  Only for the better.  I have never met a person that said..   “I want to be the worst me, be unhealthy, let go, be lazy and just look like im a McDonald’s addict.”

You might think it’s spoiling him, but once you get the ball going.  You realize how much you been missing out on yourself  when you’re not looking after your body.  Our relationship only got better, stronger and happier.  Plus it inspired a few more people in my life to make the change.

In the end, you have to better yourself. Always!

Anyway, if you’re struggling with weight, health issues or just maybe need a bit of a change.  Mentally and physically of course, then I suggest you get The Gabriel Method book.  Its unlike any other book you’ll read.  I read the book and a switch went on in my mind.  Started eating healthy and it’s not bland gross food.  Its real foods.  I craved healthy foods.  And it doesn’t tell you to cut out all those things you love.  In my case, chocolate and cupcakes.  Na ah.. I cannot explain to you what it all does in one short post.  I suggest that you get the book and feel your mind open up!

So when I say “beauty from within” it’s meant nutritionally and not all that emo crap yada yada.. (giggles)

Sandysands xx


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