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Good Morning Pouter!

As you may or may not know, I love contouring and highlighting. Well, not so much highlighting, but definitely contouring.

I often share photos on our Facebook page showing how I look before and after.

There is one makeup artist and yes only ONE that perfects the whole contouring application. He inspires me with his before and after photos on a daily basis. One can only dream of being as good as he is, when it comes to drawing lines on women’s faces, transforming their “canvases” into works of living and breathing gorgeous art!

He is:

























The best part? He doesn’t do the whole less is more nonsense, but only because he knows how to apply the more! Fine line people, fine liquid line!

He is touring the world where people can attend his workshops. So if you’re lucky enough to go…. GO!

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I know I’ve had many artists who’ve inspired me with makeup, however, Samer beats all of them put together. Hands down!

I hope I can attend one of his workshops some day!

Go ahead! Get inspired by Samer today!


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Lucious Lashes

IMD LASH FACTORf eyes are windows to the soul then eyelashes are undoubtedly the window frames. As a makeup artist and general makeup lover I know that mascara can only do so much. The trick to beautifully coated lashes is to be blessed with dark, long, curly, luscious eyelashes already but sadly, this is not the case for us all. There are temporary solutions like false lashes which always make a difference but can be a pain to apply/keep on and then there is always eyelash extensions which work well for some but from having them applied once I was never comfortable with them although they looked nice.

Fortunately MD Lash Factor has an answer which is an Eyelash conditioner with many active ingredients to promote hair growth of the mysterious eyelash hair. MD Lash has created a stir both locally and abroad from driven results from using the product, being voted as Product of the Year in 2011 by real consumers; the purpose of the award is to guide consumers to the best products available in the market and reward the manufacturers and innovators for designing such innovating and useful products.

The MD Lash Factor was designed by Dr. Susan F. Lin in the USA with the aim to assist the growth of eyelashes by applying a coat to the top lash line of the formula which sends a  signal to the lashes to grow fuller, thicker and longer. It has been a huge success with post-chemo therapy hair loss which includes the loss of eyelashes and the MD Lash assists in the growing the patients eyelashes back to their former glory and even sometimes better than before and people in general who are unhappy about fullness, length or thickness of their own lashes.

What ingredients make MD Lash Factor unique?

  • MD Lash Factor Cytokine Complexâ„¢ provides lashes with signals necessary to develop fuller, thicker and longer looking lashes.

  • Thitaine, a powerful mushroom derived peptide, to protect and nourish your lashes to develop their fullest potential.

  • Unique ingredients for longer, fuller and thicker looking lashes

What are the benefits of using MD Lash Factor?

  • Physician formulated

  • Ophthalmologist tested

  • Safe for contact lens wearers

  • Safe for sensitive eyes

  • 95% of users report thicker, fuller, longer lashes in 30 days.

Using MD Lash Factor is simple – once you have cleansed and done your night time skin routine (and removed contact lenses – if this applies to you) simply swipe a small thin line of the product above the base of the top lash line like applying a liquid liner. One swoop per eye per day is enough to encourage eyelashes to grow fuller, thicker and longer. If your skin is very sensitive to active ingredients it may tingle slightly but nothing unbearable. While you sleep let the MD Lash Factor do the work and in the morning cleanse, tone, moisturise as normal. 30 days is when the majority of the clinical trials reported seeing results but it is recommended to use this product continually for 2 – 4 months for the best maximum result.

Web image for MD Lash Results in 3 Weeks

Web image for MD Lash Results in 3 Weeks

Web image for MD Lash Factor results in 7 weeks

Web image for MD Lash Factor results in 7 weeks

Web image for MD Lash Factor results in 3 months

Web image for MD Lash Factor results in 3 months

Web image for MD Lash Factor in 4 months

Web image for MD Lash Factor in 4 months

MD Lash Factor is available at selected clinics and salons nationally and retails for 3 months supply R900 or 6 months supply for R1,400.

I will be doing my own extensive research on how this product helps me and my lashes. Check back soon for an update!!

For more information visit MD Lash website or follow them on Twitter.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product has been given to me for review purposes. This has not altered my view of the product in anyway.

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Tips on Festive Shopping for Gifts

That time of the year has dawned, yet again – you arrive at a shopping mall and cannot find parking and once you do, you wonder why you didn’t just walk or get dropped off there. Once you’ve hiked your way back to the mall to actually start doing some season shopping everywhere you turn you will see a bunch of teenagers walking around the shops in packs acting like they own the place, excessively large trees decorated to the nines, glimmering with tonnes of glitter. Boney M’s music will be playing very loudly over the intercom system and there will be queues everywhere and you’ll have to find the correct presents and foods to ensure that you and your family have a very happy festive season.images

Nothing is going to make the above problems go in away BUT a good attitude to start off with is not a bad start. If, like myself, you are amazed when you hear people happily cheer that they have ALREADY completed their Christmas shopping and you proceed to panic and make yourself wonder what is wrong with yourself, well just because you haven’t had the time, patience or forethought to do so does not make you a bad person, however it means that you will have limited in order to complete all the tasks in time for Christmas.

The Thinking Stage

First things first, think before you go out. Create a list of people who you need to buy presents for. Write them down, and then think of either items you would like to give as a gift (within your budget of course) or what amount of money you would ideally like to spend on them, and sleep on it, you never when know when divine inspiration hits. Try not to buy useless items as gifts and put some real thought into the gift you are buying the other person. This is actually the hardest part. There is nothing worse than giving or receiving a gift that doesn’t mean anything and it was bought just because it is the socially accepted thing to do. If you’re going to do something, do it properly.

The Planning Stage

Once you have an idea of what you are going to be buying, plan where is the best place to purchase the items you are looking for. The days are gone when you need to hit the shopping malls and search, there is a very handy tool called the internet and more specifically Price Check where you can check where you will get the most bang for your buck. Regardless if you are dirt poor or filthy rich, it’s always worth to get the best offer available rather than throw your money away.

For the items which you have to visit the shopping malls for, try go early in the morning or late at night (a lot of big shopping malls extend their working hours until approximately 10pm at night which is ideal if you have full time commitments).

When planning your shopping sprees, make sure that you can do them as quickly and effectively as possible in order to avoid wasting too much time. Make allowances for coffee breaks.

The Wrapping Stage

Don’t make the same mistake I always do, no matter how hard I try, I always underestimate how strenuous this chore can be. Some presents are just not ‘wrappable’ (I know that is not a word but I am really far too tired to care right now) no matter how hard you try. Rather invest in a lovely little fancy bag which the gift will fit in and save yourself the heartache. Make sure before you start you have the adequate tools of: cello tape, scissors, and wrapping paper; bows and ribbons are nice to haves but not necessary.

Above everything else, try and ENJOY it, it’s a beautiful time of the year where you can reciprocate, in your own way by small gestures and presents for all the support and love you receive from your loved ones during the year. It’s about making other people happy and not holding a grudge about it… and if all else fails just smile, damnit.images

x flea143

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Phantastic – em by Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

The world of YouTube beauty gurus is vast and growing by the day, however Michelle Phan has to be one of the biggest boasting over 4.5 million followers! She started with simple makeup how-tos but has since touched on subjects like health, skincare and lifestyle tips over the years.

Her brand is called “em”, which is term of endearment in Vietnamese, which is Michelle’s heritage, although born in Boston, USA. The collection comprises of changeable palettes for every occasion: beach, party, career, etc. Each will cost $75. Although the products are being backed by L’Oreal, whose cruelty free status is always up for debate when it comes to PETA her website’s FAQ section you type in a question and it gives you an answer… this was the websites response:

em michelle phan does not test any of our products on animals, nor do we allow anyone to test our products on animals. also, all of our applicators are made with 100% synthetic hair and do not use animal hair.

Michelle is due to open her first em store in October in New York City.

Congratulations Michelle!

x flea143


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How To : Wear Plaid

Plaid is the preferred fabric of workmen, Catholic school students and hipsters, amd it enjoys such a diverse range of fans for a good reason : It can be dressed up or down and is available in infinite colour combinations.

And while we’re on the topic… Whether they’re wearing plaid to the grocery store or fashion week, celebrities cannot seem to get enough of it either. Let the pro’s show you how to do it.















Love it or leave it?


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