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Cover Me in MUD

Well, well, well, don’t mind me while I cover myself in mud!

To my complete surprise, we now have available in South Africa -which means – NO additional shipping fees, NO added VAT and no added hassle of ordering cosmetics online – Make-up Designory aka MUD.


Since coming back from the IMATS London 2013 show, where I was introduced to the brand, I have been the busiest in a while with makeup work. I only really discovered the launch of MUD SA by accident two weeks ago and its so exiting…. Especially since I spent a lot of time talking to the artists at the MUD counter in London, I even bought some goodies from them!


Discovering new products that are high in quality and reasonable in price is really any makeup artists dream come true. Using a ton of product for a certain effect is a pain in the backside but fortunately due to the blend-ability (I know that is not word) and wearability (also not a word…)all of that is simply not necessary with MUD.

A little bit of a background, Make-up Designory is a well known makeup academy in the USA and graduates have been placed in artistry roles in television, Hollywood, film and fashion. You can read more about MUD here. Basically what I learnt about them in London is all about using makeup smartly. You don’t need 100 items when you can use 5, or 10, or whatever your personal preference is.

When a lot of South African makeup artists are presented with new products, I’ve found a lot of them compare them to MAC in quality, wear, blend, durability, pigment, colour, texture and price. As a huge MAC supporter over the years, probably having funded the entire rent of the V&A Waterfronts store on more than one occasion, I can say loudly that it rivals MAC on these levels. MUD is certainly on par, with quality, wear, blend, durability, and it beats MAC hands down on texture and price, however their colour range is not quite as loud and proud as MAC, it certainly is not a negative because how often do you wear those vibrant shadows that just sit in your kit…?

When testing the products at IMATS, I bought the following eye shadows and an added bonus is that they fit into my MAC pallets – which in branding is sacrilege but from a space and transport point of view it works well, so don’t judge… 😛

MUD Spanish Gold

MUD Spanish Gold

I bought the SPANISH GOLD shadow, which is the secret to pulling off bronze-gold satin eyes. It appears slightly warmer than in this picture and is like silk on the skin. It looks fantastic on EVERY skin tone and its a shade I can personally wear almost daily.

MUD Onyx Eyeshadow

MUD Onyx Eyeshadow

I also purchased ONYX shadow, which appears almost as dark as in this picture. It is a statement dark shadow but can be blended easily into a crease to create a super dramatic smoked out effect.

Best of all? They are 100% cruelty free. Happiness is…

cruelty free

I look forward to stocking up on more goodies from MUD. I really am ecstatic that they are in South Africa.

Be sure to check out their website here

Like them on Facebook here

And visit their Pretoria flagship showroom  at 1287 De Villabouis Mareuil Street, Moreleta Park

or Johannesburg Eastrand showroom at Aston Manor Centre, Kempton Park

or Johannesburg North showroom at The Business Centre Rivonia, Sandton.

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Things I Learnt at IMATS London 2013


a very belated, hello dear readers

Hiiii, I'm in London!!

Hiiii, I’m in London!!

As some of my Twitter/Instagram followers may know, I recently went on a quick trip to the United Kingdom for a little bit of business and a lot of pleasure. The business part being a trip to IMATS, The International Makeup Artist Trade Show which has six worldwide shows annually and the nearest one I could visit from South Africa was the London show which took place of the weekend of 21 – 23 June at the Olympia Hall, Kensington. The pleasure part being – FAMILY time, shopping time and some site seeing!20130622_114120


Back to the subject at hand – IMATS! Logistically, travelling to London from South Africa is quite an expensive deal, there are flights, accommodation, meals, transport and spending money involved in doing a trip and it wasn’t as simple as just deciding on a whim to go to the show, even though that is how I run my life, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone to do it that way…. lol – be organised, not like me.


Pre-booked one day tickets to show where £55 (roughly R825) and tickets at the door were £60 (roughly R900) – ouch right? For a makeup show that seems to me to be quite a steep price. The entrance to the show did not grant you any freebees, but you could walk around to all the brands and purchase, ask questions and speak to the brand ambassadors for more information on new products. Most of the products on sale were specially reduced to SHOW-ONLY prices, but everything certainly adds up, especially because you cannot help but want to buy everything. I mean EVERYTHING.


There were also speakers on the entire weekend. There were so many keynote speakers, mainly involved in prosthetics which I simply didn’t have the time to watch, but the first speaker I managed to catch was Einat Dan, who is fashion makeup artist who is involved in beauty and body painting, her career extends to campaigns for houses such as Valentino, Fendi and more. Who was utterly fascinating, she happens to have her own line of brushes – m.i.a. by Einat Dan.


I was lucky enough to catch the end of Lan Nguyen’s stage time, someone who I was not all too familiar with before IMATS. This remarkable artist works with A-List celebrities such as the Sugababes, Clare Maguire, Escala and Kimberly Wyatt. She has written a book, Makeup is Art, in collaboration with the Academy of Freelance Makeup.


I managed to catch Kevin James Bennett, one of my personal makeup idols who has been involved in the makeup industry for almost three decades and is responsible for lots of the behind the scenes craft in the evolution of the professional makeup scene over this time span.


So, that being said… this is what I learnt at IMATS….

  1. Everything worth having when it comes to good quality, is expensive.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Less is not necessarily more.
  4. Makeup is like a religion, it brings people from all different walks of life together. I am grateful for the wonderful artists I had the privilege of meeting at the show.
  5. One brush set will NEVER satisfy my brush addiction. I want at least one of every single brush made, EVER.
  6. Smaller cult brands rule!
  7. Although South Africa is slowly becoming more up to date on some quality products, we are really lacking behind in some of the really amazing products the world has to offer.
  8. Makeup weighs a lot, and if you travel to IMATS do not over-buy as excess luggage is not cheap.
  9. Brands which embrace and introduce people to try their products will always be more attached to their consumers heart and purse strings.
  10. Cruelty free products are on the rise, and its good to see such a huge consumer demand for such products.

I will in due course be showing my small haul I bought at IMATS London 2013…


I would recommend this show, but only to a beauty professional…. a makeup artist or a retail specialist. The reason being that it is a trade show, and for the price as a general consumer, I believe you could 100% spoil yourself just as well at any makeup store and get quality advice.


That’s all for now… I may still write on the keynote speakers or new brands (new to me) or I may not. It all depends on what the future holds.

xo missfitz


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