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Edgars is Taking Over The Retail World, 3 Hot Brands at a Time!

Last week Edgars announced that they are taking over the world of retail stores (as if they haven’t already), they released a statement that they have gained a majority shareholding in Accessorize, La Senza and Inglot.


This means a few things for the South African retailer; the die hard Edgars fans who use the store as one stop shop have more options within the store and the credit mongrels will be eventually able to purchase items offered by Accessorize, La Senza and Inglot on credit… It’s a great opportunity for people who residing outside of major access of these stand-alone stores to shop and experience the brands.


I was under the impression that Edgars had a major shareholding in Accessorize already – as the Edgars I go into all stock Accessorize products and have their own little sections, however they always had limited Accessorize goodies compared to the actual stand alone shops. So, hopefully they now get more in store.


La Senza to me is meh, its a fancy underwear shop… More options when it comes to underwear becomes very confusing for me, but yay for the knicker-shopper lovers!


Inglot is possibly the most interesting acquisition of these three, I presumed that Woolworths would have had shares as the brand is available in some Woolworths departments – will be interested to see what happens to those. Let’s hope that they cater for the pro-discounts like MAC does within the Edgars stores. Cross fingers, toes and anything else that they can!!

The CEO of Edcon, Jurgen Schreiber said in the press statement:

“We are careful in selecting brands that, based on our understanding and experience, are complementary to our own well-loved brands,”

Well done Edcon, here’s to bigger and better brands.

Excited? Not Interested? Meh?

x flea143

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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored review, nor am I affiliated with the following brand/company in anyway.

Hiya Poutlings



I finally gave into the hype at the beginning of the year and I bought my very own BB Cream! I have not really shut up about it since, and I feel as though I am a bit of BB cream product expert, one would think I am getting commission by the way I have been “selling” this product to people that ask me about it. My mother, aunt, cousin and best friend have all recently bought their own (not all the same brand) BB creams and they have also loved them. I have also been able to try them, so I will eventually review those for you too.

Sandylashxx wrote a post on WHAT IS BB CREAM… Check it out.

Because, I am a list person, I have broken down my Smashbox BB Cream experience to the following pros and cons:



  • A natural finish
  • Fair selection of shades, actually pale enough for ghosts like me
  • Easy to blend
  • Portable
  • High SPF

noooot really


  • Price/ R390
  • No moisturising ingredients/ properties – NOT  moisturiser like other BB cream brands
  • Difficult to get all the product out the tube
  • Only 5 shades available – this is a huge drawback for potential customers but hopefully in time this is fixed….

This BB Cream is a good option for someone who has an even complexion, like myself, with barely any skin imperfections (I have a few, but I choose to ignore them). There is hardly any coverage to this BB cream. You would have to use a lot of product to get a sheer-medium coverage and using a lot of this expensive product in my opinion is a waste, however if you apply medium coverage foundation over it, you will acheive a sheer-medium coverage. The smoothing aspect of it, as it is a primer or pollyfiller as I like to explain to my clients that always ask what PRIMER is for, is definitely its best feature. The SPF for me, is also a huge deal. I am as pale as a ghost and needless to say, I am terrified of sun damage, automatically the higer the SPF for me, the better the product.


The application of the Smashbox BB Cream is MUCH easier if done with your fingers, it just blends easier. When attempting with a foundation brush, beauty blender, stipple brush or foundation sponge I feel that the product itself gets wasted (again, it’s not cheap and wasting is a deadly beauty sin especially at R390 a go…) and the cream doesn’t blend as easily as it does with the added heat of your fingers. I almost died when the Smashbox consultant used her fingers on my face, but I understand now that it just works better after trying many different applications myself.

I enjoy having the look of dewy skin,  because I suffer from an oily skin, I’m used to having loads of powder on my face and having a matte finish, this BB cream helps me have dewy skin for longer. You can happily add some powder initially (if you wish) or throughout the day as you normally would with a foundation.


My go-to makeup look for the last few weeks of summer of late has been as simple as cleanse, tone, moisturise, apply BB cream, dust a bit of bronzer on my face, Smashbox Jet Set Gel Liner to my upper eyelid, a bit of my Inglot brow gel and plenty of mascara for a fun, fresh, “no makeup” makeup look. Quick, effective, and it lasts for the whole day, even in the intense Southern hemisphere heat.




Definitely! Try it TODAY!

Please bear in mind, this product may not be the same experience for you but chances are you will enjoy it all the same. Smashbox is available at selected Woolworths stores countrywide, so be sure to go and try it out and see for yourself.

Smashbox is also cruelty free so absolutely no fluffies are harmed in having your perfect flawless looking skin.

x missfitz

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Inspiration : Sólo para divas

Hi Pouters!

Time for some makeup inspiration!

Sólo para divas

simply translates to…


as seen in the

Vogue México December 2011  

featuring the gorgeous


photographed by the talented


I am absolutely loving the dramatic wings, with a touch of colour and lips that make a statement. I would highly recommend using a gel liner to create dramatic wings, gel liner is my new obsession! Try Inglots Gel Liners – amazing!!

are you inspired?



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Happy Wednesday Amigo’s and Amiga’s

So this past weekend my hands were itching to do some makeup.  Unfortunately no one was around to offer their face.  So I checked me out in the mirror and thought,  I never did an and old Hollywood Glamour makeup shoot.

So this is what I looked like.

Sandylashxx’s Glamour Look

Want to get the look?

Obviously before any makeup application, you want to moisturize your skin a few minutes before.  I then applied prebase from Model Co.  The foundation I used was a cream foundation 23 from Inglot.  Not much contouring was necessary for this look.  I only contoured the tip of my nose.  I’ll tell you how later.  Once that was out the way, I set everything with loose powder.

  1. Apply eyeshadow primer over the whole lid.  Then on the outer part of my eye I stuck on some sticky tape.  This ensures a super defined look.
  2. (You want to make your eye look lustrous, wide and sexy.)  I didn’t use liquid liner.  I simply dipped my liner brush in some water and used black eyeshadow.  You have to pass the natural length of your eye to get this look to work.  That extra vavavoom.  As you can see in the picture I drew below.  By the way start from the outer part of the eye inwards.
  3. Get a very light and subtle shimmery brown and apply it on the outer part of your eye into the crease.  This just creates a bit of depth.  And it prevents this look from being too harsh.  On the inner and outer corners of your eye, apply a silvery, shimmery light colour for that “POP” effect MUA’s always talk about.  (Shown in pic 3)
  4. Apply white or silver on the lower inner line.  Your 2nd last step regarding the eyes is mascara!  Add a lot of mascara.  Imagine your eye to be a cat, and your petting the living daylights out of it!  Pet your lashes with mascara baby.  Add and add!  Top and bottom!  Now finish off your eyes by filling your eyebrows.  (Tip: make an angry face to get that perfect eyebrow look)

→Add blush

→And line your lips.  Line your lips.  Go past your natural line.  Make them look opulently luscious looking. As you can see in my one photo, I drew a line in the middle of my bottom lip.  This gives the POUT effect in case you didn’t know.

→Finish your whole look with red lipstick.

Oh, before I forget, do the hair!!!  Give it that glam side-do look.

Me without makeup! OHEMGEE!!! Don’t run away!

Sticky tape time.

Added the liner

Filled and extended the brows and added white liner in the bottom lash line.

Mascara time darling!  Remember, your lashes is the cat and your petting it!  Don’t stop! Again, again and again.

I took the sticky tape off!  Don’t keep it on! haha.  Here you can see how I applied the lip liner.  I went over my natural lip line and drew that sneaky line in the middle for that POUT effect I told you about.


Did the hair.  I think this look suits me.  I shall do it more often.  Especially for the evening.

How I defined the nose.

This picture isn’t that of my nose, but in picture 2 it shows how I defined it.  I didn’t contour down the bridge of the nose, as mine is long and narrow enough.  However, I wanted to “shorten” the length.  So with OAK LIP LINER from M.A.C.  I drew two moon shapes on the bottom above each nostril. And blended it out.  Yes, I said Lip Liner!!! Oak lip liner is one of my favorite tools to define my nose.  Try it!

So that’s the Sandylashxx Glamour Look.  Gonna try it?

Send me your pics please!  I wanna also see!  poutperfection@gmail.com




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Happy Friday Amigo’s and Amiga’s

So today I had a request to help a dear friend with contouring.

So I thought, why just not make one whole post on it?

Makeup school taught us that the best face shape is the OVAL shape.  It’s the ALMOND eyes (perfect eye shape) of the facial shapes.  But not all of us have oval faces now do we?

Look, I see it like this.  Everybody is perfect.  I don’t actually like thinking   “Oh this face needs some fixing, that ones’ jaw is too long”.  We shouldn’t be complaining about our healthy bodies and faces.  But, at the end of the day, it’s what we do.  We judge and try to fix what ain’t broke.   It’s human nature.  I do however believe in enhancing features!

So anyway, let me get back to the whole  CONTURING of the FACE SHAPES.

Makeup artists (MUA) know all about this ‘procedure‘.  It’s pretty easy once you know what to do.  The difference comes in with the techniques.  Every makeup artist uses different methods to ultimately pull off the same effect.  

Let’s look at some of the shapes and corrective techniques.

This is the OVAL face.

All you have to do it add a little highlighter over the forehead, chin and under the eyes. 

But which products to use and how?

  • You can add a highlighting cream before your foundation.
  • Highlight  after the foundation application with powder.
  • Using a shimmer like powder on the areas shown above.
  • Blending out foundation +-2 shades lighter than that of your skin tone.

There are SO many ways to highlight and contour your face.  The trick is to find what suits YOU.  Which method you prefer as a MUA.  There aren’t really rules set in stone.  The only way to find out whether your method worked or not is to do it, take a photo.  With photos you’ll pick up on all the mistakes


Which products do I use and how?

  • Add a darker shade of foundation on all the ‘corners‘ of the face.  Blend it damn it! Blend, blend and blend! 
  • Highlight the chin and forehead.  This brings the area forward.
  • Basically you want to make the illusion of an oval shape.
  • You can use darker foundation to achieve this look, or you can use bronzing/contouring powder after your foundation application.


Usually with diamond faces, the cheek bones are the broadest part of the face.  The chin sharply comes in towards the centre.  Diamond faces also have a v-like hair-line by their foreheads.

  • You want to “hide” your cheeks.  As you can see in this picture.  Basically you going to shape your face the “opposite
  • The chin and forehead are the smallest parts on the diamond face.  So you want to highlight that to bring it forward.
  • Hide all the prominent areas.  In this instance, the cheek bones.  Add a darker foundation and blend.
  • Use a bronzer (matte) for a quick fix.

If you’re not a MUA, I’d suggest you apply foundation as per usual.  Then contour your face using a darker powder.   You do get special contouring products including brushes.   Get a powder if you’re not used to all this calculating, or simply if you don’t have all the time in the world.  For the highlighting part of it all, apply a quick dash of a shimmery powder (+-2 shades lighter) than that of your skin tone.


Ok, so you have a round face.  This one usually needs a little more attention than the other face shapes.  You basically have to see it as “putty” and you have to “sculpt” a shape to it.  This isn’t a bad thing at all.  Round faces usually end up looking really stunning!

  • Shade down towards the sides of your face.  This narrows your face.  From the forehead down to the temples, and over the cheeks.  I like to end it off going down the sides of the neck too.
  • Highlight the centre of the face.
  • BLEND BABY!  You do not want to have visible demarcation lines!

Remember to not stop at the face!  Carry on down the neck, even the neck area if need be!  But never stop at the face.  Even go over your ear lobes with the foundation and/or powder.


This here is MY face.  This looooong giraffe like face!  But hey, I’m cool with it.  God made giraffes too!

  • Apply the darker shade of foundation or powder over the chin.
  • Apply blush.
  • Usually you don’t need to “make cheekbones” with this facial shape as one may end up looking like a drag queen if you over do it!  But luckily for me, I think drag queens are hot!  I do give myself cheekbones at times. hehe
  • Blush is so important for us long face gals.  Gives the illusion that the face has dimension.  That it’s not just one long thing staring at ya!  It somewhat divides the face.
  • Another thing I do with my face is adding darker foundation and/or powder over my forehead.  I have a big forehead.  So I like to shade my forehead and chin.
  • Also, lengthening your brows out helps with oblong faces.

(Why the long face? hehe)

You also get the PEAR shape face.  The pear face can either have the heavier part on top or at the bottom.  Think of a normal pear and one upside down.  Get it?  Well, it’s easy to contour the pear face.  You highlight the small areas and contour the wide areas.  It applies for all the face shapes actually.  You basically do the opposite of what your shape looks like.  Easy peasy once you get the hang of it.

I personally use all the methods on highlighting and contouring.  Applying the products before the foundation.  After.  Or just using powders to achieve the look.  It all depends on my mood.  They all work. 

Go to your nearest M.A.C, INGLOT, BOBBI BROWN or any other professional makeup outlet which has a MUA on standby who can give you advice on which contouring products to buy.  Explain how much time you spend on prepping your face.  Don’t be shy! 

Hope this helped..   Have questions?  Email me or Fi on poutperfection@gmail.com

(Fi has done a post on facial contouring!!!  Have a look and she what she says!)

We here to help… and learn.

ps:  Go onto YouTube, type in "Contour face" or "Makeup Contouring" and voila!  done deal!




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