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CONFIRMED : The Spice Girls Will Perform at the Olympics Closing Ceromony

Hiya Poutlings!

As I have previously mentioned, THE SPICE GIRLS ARE GOING TO BE PERFORMING AT THE OLYMPICS CLOSING CEROMONY!! And since it has been a few years since they all got together to Spice up everyone’s lives, they’ve been caught rehearsing in the UK as proven by these recent paparazzi shots of the girls standing in formation atop bedazzled cars, to go with the bedazzled microphone perhaps!

OMG, bedazzled cars and microphones, I feel like I’ve been transported back to my 1996 equivilent of HEAVEN, spice version!!

Victoria Beckham is still looking every bit her super stylish and POSH self with her trademarked five inch heels. The other girls from the Spice Rack are a bit more casual in the photos but I have no doubt that they will be dressed to the nines this weekend… I cannot wait to see what designer goodies they will be wearing! EEEK!

In related news, E! has reported that the fab five will be joined by other big names like One Direction, The Who, George Micheal and Jessie J which means this is going to be one very epic night.

Will you be watching?



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Jessie J – The Lipstick Queen

Hiya Pouters…

So you know the radio plays those terribly annoying tunes called “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Do it like a dude” and “Who You Are” , right? And the girl who sings them is a British brunette with a tendency to pull her face terribly weird in her music videos? Well, her name is Jessie J, and although I am not a terribly big fan of her music or her attitude, I am a fan of her choice in lippy!

Always the creative one, she goes from pretty pink, to devious red to spikes on her lips in the video for “Do it like a dude” and pink studded lips – I think she’s done it all.

So what do you think of her lips?

Have a fantabulous weekend beautiful pouters…

Peace and Love xoxox



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Weekend Style Crush: Wedges

Wedges are wonderful for summer. They are stylish, pretty and really comfortable. The funkier, the better!

So go out and buy yourself a super stylish pair to go with that gorgeous summer dress you’ve been hiding in your closet all winter. It’s time to get stylin’!


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