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A Wonderful Journey

The Journey Store

I was fortunate enough to attend the official launch party of The Journey Store last week. Having seen the Journey brand grow from selling on social media to being an actually fully functioning online store as well as being stocked at a couple of boutiques around Cape Town, including Sugar Plum Boutique in Fish Hoek (where the launch was held) with the most unique costume jewellery and drop dead gorgeous acrylic makeup organisers is wonderful. At the launch we were treated to delicious and guilt-free treats from In All Honesty, a company which specialises in health super foods and guilt free treats without any nasties and everything we munched on that night including cupcakes and brownies were all sugar, egg and gluten free!

Andrea and Rayne the brains and beauties behind the Journey Store

Andrea and Rayne the brains and beauties behind the Journey Store

The Journey Store is headed up by Rayne and Andrea, both ladies are extremely driven and passionate toward their venture together and have a distinct feature of having their own individual contemporary styles which I believe is reflective in the goods that they have on offer. Some words that come to mind when thinking of all the jewellery they had on display at the launch are chirpy, fun, gorgeous, quirky, statement, original and inventive jewellery pieces, which are sure to add a statement to any outfit. The Journey Store branded acrylic organisers are nothing short of being gorgeous and are the ultimate accessory for stylish storage solutions on any dressing table.


Gorgeous Froggie Chain on Sale at the launch

Sugar Plum Boutique with gorgeous In All Honesty treats (gluten, sugar and egg free) to eat at the launch

Sugar Plum Boutique (Fish Hoek) with gorgeous In All Honesty treats (gluten, sugar and egg free) to eat at the launch

Meet Clair, The Journey Store branded 6 layer display acrylic organiser.

Meet Clair, The Journey Store branded 6 layer display acrylic organiser.

I have added their Pluie acrylic organiser to store my excessive, almost border-line hoarding collection of makeup brushes and to store my foundation of the ‘moment’, in my quest to ensure that I start finishing my backlog of products. The Pluie cost me R849…. I know.  I always have a mini-heart attack when thinking about the prices of all styles of the acrylic boxes BUT, they are imported and then couriered to you. The geometric sizes and courier costs are excessive to begin with so cut them a break. You will be extra chuffed like me when you finally get it out of the box, put your makeup brushes in it and repeatedly tell everyone how beautiful it is… until you get threatened that if you don’t stop, the organiser may miraculously disappear…. but seriously, it really is so beautiful!!

I have added to my wonderful collection of quirky jewellery by adding The Journey Store Jewellery ‘handcuffs’ necklace, a la 50 shades of Grey which retails for R120 and their large ‘Owl Pendant’ necklace which retails for R220. This is a step outside of my comfort zone, because the items are gold in colour where I normally only wear silver colours – but they were too cute to pass up and I love them so much… I’ll have to get over my silver obsession!

Handcuffs Necklace Owl Pendant (Large)

Be sure to check out The Journey Store’s Online store, Facebook and Instagram.

x flea143


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Brilliant Earth Valentines Inspiration

Ethically sourced diamonds from across the pond, Brilliant Earth in San Francisco have provided us with some gorgeous, drool worthy diamond jewellery in their collection which are absolutely perfect for Valentines Day… or any day really.

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

Why do we love rose gold? Well, it is also known as pink gold, the yellow gold is mixed with a tiny bit of copper to give it the gorgeous pink hue which it is famous for. Originally famous in Russia but it has won the world over of late, with rose gold watches being especially popular and unlike plain yellow gold which can wash out certain skin tones, rose gold suits all skins and makes the wearer look immaculate.

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

Why do we love white gold? White gold is actually yellow gold which has been combined with palladium or nickel to give it a white hue. White gold rings which are 18carats materials are normally combined with nickel to make the ring harder wearing and therefore it will last longer. You really can’t get any jewellery piece more timeless than a gorgeous white gold piece.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day preparation (if you’re celebrating)!

x flea143

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NOTE: After this post has gone live Brilliant Earth requested that links to their website be removed. The article is still live for reference.


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The Beautiful, Dreamy $83 Million Diamond Ring

Jennifer Lopez's $2.5 million sparkler

Jennifer Lopez’s $2.5 million sparkler

Pink diamonds earned their right in the spot light when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged, Jen paraded around with a gorgeous 6.1 carat pink diamond on her finger and when they split up it broke my heart that we wouldn’t be seeing that beautiful rock on her finger anymore. Well,  that specific diamond can stay wherever it may be, there’s a much bigger, much more spectacular  pink diamond about town that will put Jennifer Lopez’s predecessor to shame.

A gigantic pink diamond which measures 2.69gm by 2.06cm and is set on a ring, named the Pink Star has been sold to Isaac Wolf, who is a New York diamond cutter who has fondly called it the Pink Dream. How ironic, that is all it will ever be to us mere mortals, a dream.Pink Star/ Pink Dream Diamond

This auction bid for the diamond is huge compared the $46 million paid for the Graff pink diamond which was auctioned three years ago, which until now was the highest record bid for a diamond and it was also half the size of the Pink Star/ Pink Dream. The total amount of $83 million includes the auction house, Sotheby’s commission (which I’m sure they will be laughing all the way to the bank with).

The Pink Star was mined by De Beers in Africa in 1999 but it did not specify from which specific country. All that is clear is the diamond and that it is rare and worth approximately R830,000,000 {Eight hundred and thirty million ZAR}! It has taken many years to cut and polish the diamond which is 132.5 carat in rough state.

So, who wants one?

x flea143

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Guest Contribution : How to choose the right metal jewellery for your big day


This bride has a mixed skin tone with chocolate coloured eyes yet creamy, pinkish skin you can see on the collarbone. Silver with a warm-coloured stone flatters both tones and the slightly off-white dress.

This bride has a mixed skin tone with chocolate coloured eyes yet creamy, pinkish skin you can see on the collarbone. Silver with a warm-coloured stone flatters both tones and the slightly off-white dress.

As with any outfit, making sure your accessories, clothing and shoes match is a vital part of the dressing up process. This is even more important on your wedding day. Every bride wants to look their best and a co-ordinated outfit will definitely give you that flawless, beautiful look. When it comes to accessories one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re outfit is well matched is to choose the most flattering metal jewellery.

The most vital aspect to look at is your skin tone. But how to you figure out what yours is? Here are a few tips. I’ve omitted hair colour is it’s often irrelevant as dying hair is so common.

Cool tones:

  •          Have pink undertones if skin colour is light or little undertone or a hint of sallowness if dark (Azealia Banks is a great example of dark cool skin). Skin looks a crisp and almost cool to the touch.
  •          Eye colour is blue, grey or almost black.
  •          Looking at your veins in direct sunlight they appear blue.
  •          You have been told you flatter the colours blue, jewel green, pink, blue-based red, pure black and pure white etc.

Warm tones:

  •          The skin colour is often in the mid-range; if dark or pale the undertones are yellow and make the skin look warm.
  •          Eyes are usually warm tones of brown, green and hazel.
  •          In sunlight your veins look green.
  •          You’ve been told you look good in off-white or cream, brown, orangy reds, wine coloured purples and natural greens. If you look good in khaki you’re probably warm.

Once you’ve got a rough idea what metal you should suit take a look at your dress. There is more than one tone of white! Crisp white dresses with hard lines, simple sleekness or lots of diamante will often look better combined with silver jewellery. If you’re dress is one of the colours listed in the cool section silver is definitely the best choice. If the dress has an invitingly warm hint it’s likely to be an off-white colour, which is far better with gold pieces. Often dresses with ruffles and dresses with a lot of volume look better with gold jewellery as gold can be worn more simply while still looking luxurious. As above, if the dress is cream or any of the listed warm colours gold is definitely the way to go.

The big issue is that most of us are a mix of skin tones. You could look great in a champagne coloured dress but not look good in gold. If this is the case stick to the metal you know looks good on you. To bring colours from the opposite end of the spectrum look for details in the dress’s colour spectrum. If you have a cream dress but are cool choose silver jewellery, look for some with off-white pearls or stones in a warm colour such as amber or ruby. As a cool toned woman myself I’ve used similar silver jewellery with amber to warm up my daily outfits too! This is both a great way to make your jewellery stand out as well as harmonise the wedding outfit colours. To cool down gold diamonds are always a good choice, or look for pure white pearl and stones in jewel colours such as sapphire and emerald.

One last area to consider is the style of your wedding. If you’re wearing a dark blue silky dress you’d think silver jewellery is the answer, but if you’re getting married on a sunny beach gold and its association with the summer holidays would suit the wedding far more (your skin should be getting a nice warm glow from all the sunshine anyway!). A more formal, traditional wedding might mean that silver jewellery flatters you best, while a wedding out in nature might require you to stock up on natural materials like pearl and stones and experiment with both metals for the best affect.

I hope this gives any bride-to -be some ideas for choosing the best metal jewellery for their big day. Having a rough idea of the colours that fit together takes a huge chunk of stress out of matching your dress and your jewellery together. 


Bio: Adina is a part-time sci-fi geek and loves to blog through guest posting as a great way to meet people from all over the globe.

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Guest Contribution : Spec-tacular Guide to Designer Eyewear

With so many of our in the modern world being diagnosed with eye strain, glasses are becoming increasingly popular.  Do away with the infamous four-eyed label and inject some sartorial know-how into your look with these exciting eyeglasses.


Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples are known for their vintage, eclectic range of eyewear.  Featuring beautifully crafted frames with chic designs, Oliver Peoples’ glasses are instantly recognisable due to their unique, quirky styling.  A pair of OP specs is a great investment, fulfilling both the fashion and functionality factor. 

 SpecTacular 01

Giorgio Armani

Armani are back on the eyewear scene and are proving that they are here to stay.  Their stunning collection includes directional forms, exquisite designs coupled with the finest materials.  These magnificent Armani glasses from Barnard Levit feature a fusion of black with tortoise shell.  This unique blend means these glasses are less severe than traditional thick, black rimmed glasses thus creating a soft, feminine look – perfect for small faces. 

 SpecTacular 02


For glasses with a sleek Scandinavian twist, choose Lindberg.  This Danish eyewear brand produces sophisticated, stylish and functional frames for the sartorially savvy wearer.  Their spectacular range features lightweight, rimless titanium frames amongst other exciting designs. 

 SpecTacular 03


Ray-ban have become synonymous with sunglasses.  Their stylish, edgy designs have amassed a loyal global fanbase for many years.  Their everyday glasses collection is just as alluring as their sunwear range and features the same directional designs and sophisticated styling that penetrates this coveted collection.  For reliable eyewear which is both luxurious and practical, choose Ray-Ban. 

SpecTacular 04


Whilst Cartier is better known for their luxurious jewellery and exquisite timepieces, they have cast their net deeper into the accessories realm, creating an alluring eyewear collection.  Cartier have carried on their constant strive for luxurious products of the highest quality with their fantastic range of glasses.  Ticking all the boxes, Cartier glasses are sophisticated, stylish, comfortable, functional and durable – a winning combination. 

 SpecTacular 05

All of these glasses are available from leading London Opticians, Barnard Levit

Author Bio: Rebecca is an avid writer and blogger.  Due to her constant computer usage she has recently bought her first pair of prescription glasses.  She frequently writes about health, lifestyle, wellness, fashion and anything else which takes her fancy.  You can follow her on twitter at @ms_jones419

Pout Perfection offers guest article contributions for more information please contact us at pout@poutperfection.com

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