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Who is the Fairest Oil Painting of Them All?

Hiya Poutlings!

Digital artists never cease to amaze me. They always manage to come up with the most spectacular ideas… I would love to be able to have the absolute talent that they have.

The latest ones to hit the internet, which have completely and utterly blown my mind are well known stars, in famous oil paintings.

Meet Johnny Depp featuring in Vermeer’s famous painting of a Girl With A Pearl Earring

Johnny Depp - Girl With A Pearl Earring - Vermeer

and here we have Keanu Reeves in Dubufe’s Portrait of Madame F from 1850

Keanu Reeves - Dubfe, Portrait of Madame F, 1850

say hello to Michael Jackson starring in Anton Raphael Mengs’ self portrait

Michael Jackson as Anton Raphael Mengs' Self Portrait

Jack Nicholson looks dapper in Bronzino’s Young Man from 1530

Jack Nicolson as Bronzino's Young Man from 1530

meet Katy Perry, featuring… After The Ball, by Stewart in 1877

Katy Perry - After the Ball by Stewart in 1877

and my absolute favourite: Adele in JL David’s Portrait of Anne Marie Louise ThelussonAdele as Anne Marie Louise Thelusson by JL David

Who are these digital artists and can they make me the Mona Lisa?

Which one is your favourite?

x missfitz


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A Kate Moss-umentary is Coming Our Way Soon…

Hiya Poutlings

Supermodel, Kate Moss has always been a private celebrity and that’s what made the film crew following her around during Thursday night’s Kate Moss: The Kate Moss Book launch party all the more suprising.

Following the launch of her book she has this film crew following her every move to create a documentary based on her book tour. She has now been revealing much more about her personal life from her Johnny Depp heartbreak to her daughters first word of “paparazzi” and the struggle of raising a child in the public eye, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, I’m quite sure that the Kate Moss Documentary will not be one to miss.

I have to ask, was Kate Moss just born cooler than the rest of us? Her cover shot on the September 2012 issue of Paris Vogue already induced a heart attack and when I saw the editorial I fashion-died all over again. In an editorial titled “e Noir” shot by Mert & Marcus, Kate and mdoel Saskia De Brauw take looks styled by Katy England to a level of indefinable beauty.

I find it hard to imagine to world of modeling without Kate. Fortunately the whole industry changed as soon as photographer, David Ross took these first snaps of a 14 year old.

As part of Bloomsbury Auction’s Photograph sale, the first images shot of Kate will be auctioned off and are expecting at least £1,200.

Are you stoked? I am. I feel like a crazy fangirl.



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Brad, the Beautiful


Hiya Poutlings

We didn’t cover the story on our Facebook page (to my knowledge) but it was announced in May that:

Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5.

Brad Pitt is the first man to represent the famous perfume, and I just had one question : Will he wear nothing but a few spritzes of the alehyde, bergamot, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang eau to sleep at night next to Angie, a la Marilyn “naked, except for a few drops” Monroe?

While it may seem odd to Brad Putt serve as a brand ambassodor duties for a perfume that typically recruits starlets like Catherine Deneuve, Ali MacGraw, Nicole Kidman, and most recently Audrey Tatou for that honour, I get it : No. 5 is an icon, and so is Brad Pitt… easy enough.

To cement that icon status and in honour of Brad Pitt’s Joe Wright ad for the perfume which debuts tomorrow, I’ve rounded up some of Brad, father of six most memorable beauty moments – both the good and questionable – to help further explain why putting the blondie boy wonder’s mug next to that classic, glass square bottle will likely distract, er, I mean, compel a great many women to indulge in a bit of spritzing.


Aw, look how young he is, those dimples are sweet. A fresh faced Brad Pitt is the good boy version of Johnny Depp circa the late eighties 21 Jump Street – which shouldn’t be that suprising considering Brad had a guest spot on the show that same year. It was one of his first real parts after a few uncredited gems like “guy at beach with drink” in the 1987 version of the Hulk.


Haha, sorry, I cannot help but look at this picture and laugh. You have got to love Juliette Lewis for proving that there is a fact in way to overshadow Brad Pitt’s attention hoarding handsomeness on the red carpet. Ot’s called skull-gripping cornrows. That little trick made sure no one noticed his ill-advised facial hair and while we’re at it, tuxedo accessories.


Fresh off the success of a River Runs Through It, True Romance and Kalifornia, Brad debuts a serious surfer boy look : long golden locks, a sun-duppled complexion and that errant chin hair, clearly forgotten in the rush to get to the beach.


The legends of the fall.


After some astounding screen time spent playing Tristan Ludlow in Legends, this happened. A straggly, Cobain-esque bleached bonde mop offset by a goatee. Remember the nineties? ha ha ha


When Brad met Gwyneth. Apparently, many females made a mad dash to the hair salon to request Paltow’s Sliding Doors chop – and Brad joined in on the bandwagon and got one too. Not only did their haircuts match, so did their precisely placed golden highlights… Hands down this has to be the best moments in visual couple-morphing, ever.


Brad’s transformation into his next realtionship with Jennifer Aniston did not involve mimicking her hairstyle. Jennifer’s SoCalifornia roots did manage to rub off, though, whith his spiky cut and that goatee once again.


It took Brad long, but he got there,, the shorter buzz cut does wonders for focussing even more attention to his blue eyes, and the most major development here is that the goatee has disappered, for now at least.


A slick Brill-creamed comb over, clean-shaven face and a beautiful lady on his arm = wining.


A slick Brill-creamed comb over, clean-shaven face and a beautiful lady on his arm = wining.

You’re welcome.



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Newly Single Johnny Depp

Yes my fellow pouting ladies and gentleman, Mr Sex Appeal, Mr Captain Jack Sparrow himself is S-I-N-G-L-E!!!

Can I hear you all give me a little “WOOHOOOO”?!

OK, in all seriousness though, it is sad that him and long-term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have broken up, leaving 2 kids in the mix, but we can’t seem to shake the grin off our faces really, can we? Bloody B*tches, we are!

So, the rumour spread that Johnny Depp was having some hot affair fellow co-star of Rum Diaries, Amber Heard, but Depp denies this, but still says now that he is single he is “keen to have some fun”. “Johnny didn’t want to be with Vanessa anymore. They had grown so far apart, and he wanted to be free and try new things,” says a source, “The spark had gone, and there was nothing left. Johnny just wants more from life and believes Vanessa deserves to be happier too.”

So, if he’s happy, who are we to complain?

Hey Johnny, I’m single too! I’m booking my one-way ticket to Paris (that’s where he lives, right?) A.S.A.P!!

Have an awesome weekend Poutlings!

♥ Marinda Liza ♥

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Celeb Spotlight : Johnny’s Got Guitar Skills

Hiya once again Poutlings,

Without a doubt, one of the worlds most sought after man, Johnny Depp managed to up his “most wanted” status last night at the MTV Movie Awards.

Let me just put this out there… (Please crazed lady fans DO NOT HURT ME!!) I seriously cannot understand the fascination women have when it comes to Johnny Depp, I admit, and admire his acting skills and diversity he has when it comes to being on film, I simply cannot grasp why women think he is soooo attractive. It is beyond me.The most attractive feature about him to me, is that make loves him. *hides from deranged wanna-be-mrs-depp-fans* However, he’s going to be even more irresistible to the above mentioned ladies after last night.

He unleashed his charm and talents on the guitar when he took to the stage to perform with The Black Keys.

Johnny caused the audience at the Gibson Amphitheratre to erupt into a frenzy as he strummed alongside the rock duo to play their hit songs Gold on the Ceiling and Lonely Boy.

On Twitter, several of Johnny’s fans only had praise for his impressive skills and took to the site to express their thoughts. Celebrity fan, presenter Mario Lopez wrote:

“Johnny Depp performing right in front of me with The Black Keys… Pretty cool”.

While Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone tweeted:

“Moment of the evening, Johnny Depp performing with the Black Keys.”

Wearing his usual, ‘uniform’ the 48 year old wore a checked short sleeve shirt underneath a striped waistcoat with a pair of dark jeans.

He accessorised with a Glady’s Tamez Millinery hat, several silver rings and he tied a dotted scarf around his neck.

Johnny Depp was also presented with the MTV Generation Award last night which was presented to him by Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry.

Johnny received the award for enabling his onscreen presence to transcent through generations and for his outstanding contributions. Following viewing a montage of his fimography at the ceremony which was hosted by Rusell Brand, Johnny joked that the award was a code for retiring.

His acceptance speech began:

“This is quite an amazing honor.’ [then he joked] This is the get out of the business award. Based on watching all of those clips, there is clearly something wrong with me.”


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