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Calvin Klein Ads Recreated by the Bondi Hipsters

So, after the new images of the Calvin Klein campaign headed up by Justin Bieber went live – there was a big uproar from the people of the internet who didn’t like that Justin was posing for the iconic fashion brand. I for one was surprised they chose him, especially as Beckham was my favourite CK face, and let’s be honest that selling men’s underwear is not quite as easy as selling women’s underwear. A pair of briefs are not as sexy as a lacy pair of knickers, or even look remotely as pretty as a lacy bra. CK’s decision in choosing Justin was controversial, I’m quite sure they were aware of it and they were probably expecting additional attention because it was Justin Bieber – but at the end of the day it doesn’t phase me that much and I didn’t lose sleep over it because – life is too short. Side note – I thought the photography of the campaign was quite good but just the same as the majority of their other campaigns.

CK Beckham - Pout Perfection

If I have to chose a CK campaign I prefer, it would have to be David’s one… because it’s David Beckham. Photography and product wise, this is essentially Justin’s campaign but with a different person instead.


Enter, the Bondi Hipsters who have recreated the images, and along with them they said this on their Facebook page,

“We love what Justin did with the whole dead-eyed soulless look in his latest Calvin Klein catalogue… It’s quite incredible how he’s been able to summon the vacuous vacant-eyed gaze of an ice addict suffering from severe PTSD.

We know what you’re probably thinking; “what would a cherub-voiced teenaged billionaire baldy know of suffering and sorrow?”… But look at him! Juhstin Biehber is sporting a 100% genuine blank-as-fuck thousand-yard stare, and he doesn’t even have hair on his chest yet!

Either way, kudos to young Biebs. He clearly gives zero shits, and we think that this is case of groundbreaking, heroic mohdelling. That little baldy is gonna do ‘aight in the fahshion industreh. However… We’ve taken the time to re-shoot his campaign and think that with a little hair on our chests, we’ve brought something edgier and slightly more realistic to the table.

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Photos by Pat Stevenson @ Hobo”

Here are the recreations, sourced from the Bondi Hipsters Facebook page















I can honestly say that I didn’t think Justin’s campaign was bad, but typical of a Calvin Klein campaign but the Bondi Hipsters certainly have a bit more originality and I think that if CK would have used them instead – they would have had a lot of new customers.

x flea143

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Red Square have gone Digital

Hiya Poutlings <33


Red Square – famously part of the Edgars group has finally launched an online store where you can get some of your favourite beauty and perfume brands online! They have also stated that they will offer a “free” sampling programme, simply put that when you order online you can choose three sample items to try, at no additional cost. It sounds very Rubybox-esque but it sounds good to me.

Red Square have also taken into account that we, beauty bloggers as a whole are quite loud and proud about our purchases and that we want to share our product experience and knowledge with people on the web, be it via social media, blogging or review sites, and have catered for this on their website providing the opportunity for the consumers to post comments, make recommendations or even give advice about the products on offer in order to strive for consumers to make more informed choices….

The goodies you buy from Red Square can also be gift wrapped with a personalised message on the card…. this sounds like it could be an absolute save for last minute birthday or anniversary presents for the men out there 😉 Look out for perfume-presents, ladies!

Orders over R350 have free delivery, any order under that amount would be subject to an additional R45 on your purchase price. Payments can be made via credit card, or any Edgars or Jet account. HELLO 6 MONTHS INTEREST FREE CREDIT.

I’m really loving the fact that they have finally launched in the correct direction, local South African online stores will most definitely soar over the next few years but I am suprised that they did not think to do this previously…. The website on a whole, is a bit boring for a company with such an established brand however it is still early days and they may actually liven it up a bit.

It however amazing that we can now shop these amazing brands online without having to pay for parking. The brands on offer include (the links are to our previous articles on the brand/person): Antonio Banderas, Avril Lavigne, Azzaro, Beautique, Britney Spears, Burberry, Bvlgari, Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Chloe, Christina Aguilera, CK One Color, Clarins, Davidoff, Diesel, Dolce & Gabana, Dunhill, Elie Saab, Elizabeth Arden, Elizabeth Taylor, Escada, Estee Lauder, Ferrari, Filorga, Giorgio Armani, Gosh, Gucci, Hugo Boss, I Love…, Imedeen, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Choo, Joop!, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, L’Oreal Paris, Lacoste, Lancome, Lanvin, Madonna, Marc Jacobs, Montblanc, Nails Inc., Narciso Rodriguez, Nine West, Paco Rabanne, Placecol, Puma, Quorum, Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Rihanna, Roberto Cavalli, Shakira, Swarovski, Taylor Swift, Ted Lapidus, Thierry Mugler, Trind, Usher, Valentino, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace, Viktor & Rolf and last but not least Yves Saint Laurent.

I’ll be sure to let you know about any of my purchase experiences from Red Square and how the service is versus the service in the actual shops! Last time I visited Johannesburg, I had superb service at the Sandton City store!

Are you going to check out Red Square online?

Be sure to let me know your experiences, if they are before mine!

x missfitz

P.S. Be sure to check whether or not your chosen brand is cruelty free or not as I do note that some of the above mentioned companies are in fact still not cruelty free!!!

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with the above mentioned brand/company or have been paid to post this review.

The SA Digital Diva: Online & Beauty Habits of Women – An infographic by the team at Red Square

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Justin Bieber Impersonator Molests Children

Hi Pouters!

So, sometime over the Eater weekend this story happened, but yes, its true, a Justin Bieber “impersonator” has been arrested in Canada for molesting children.

Lee Moir, 34, is charged with several offences, including luring a child under 16, invitation to sexual touching, the making of child pornography, possession of child porn, extortion, and attempting to expose himself to a minor.  Police allege Moir also went under the Facebook handles of Lee Oneel, Justy.Beber1 and Yodayoda001.  Moir is believed to have had contact with numerous children online.

-The Toronto Sun

Justin Bieber Impersonator

Geez, don’t parents monitor what their kids are doing online and secondly, WHO THEY ARE TALKING TO ON FACEBOOK?

Clearly not, that was a rhetorical question.

Now, while molesting children is wrong, I cannot help but notice that Justin Bieber wants to be the next Micheal Jackson and has an amazing influence over the lives of many children. Maybe he’s taking that Michael Jackson theory a little too much to heart?

ha ha. It’s just a joke. Relax. Breathe. Wooosa.


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Style Watch : Selena Gomez

Hiya Poutlings!

Selena Gomez has stolen the hearts of teenagers across the world with her sweet sensibility and her fantastic screen perfomances (or so I’ve been told – for the teen era…) I belive she has lots of work to do in the vocal department, but thats not what I’m here to blog about… She really glows on the red carpet with her young yet sophisticated style. Meet the better half of young Hollywood’s power couple, I don’t care much for her taste in men either however she is young and naive, lets just blame it on that!

Her great taste in red carpet wear or more likely a great stylist…. and shows off her feminine nature. Here, Selena chose a dusty rose mini with a voluminous frill detail at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

Despite her age, she gives off a sultry vibe in many of her sassy wardrobe choices. Her flowing locks and slinky, glimmering gown at the 2011 Grammy Awards set the stage for her transition into young adulthood.

Even when she’s dressed down, Selena looks polished and adorable. This effortless look is fresh and fun with classic basics.

She shows that she isn’t afraid to take risks, opting for a bright blood orange gown at a 2011 Golden Globes party.

Selena is still young, and she works with that. This rich violet mini with a jeweled embellishment is playful, perfect for the premiere of Justin’s big-screen debut, in February 2011.

This flowy, varied-length number is just adorable. Nothing more to say.

I’m a converted Selena style fan 🙂



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Gorgeous Guys of Years Before

Heya Pouters!

They might either be long gone, getting plastic surgery, getting old and ugly or like fine wine, getting better with age now…
but back then, they were the ones the girls were drooling over.
I’ve decided to dedicate a blog to the men who used to make our mom’s weak in the knees and personally, I think the celebs of today could use a few tips on how to really be sexy, because people like Justin Bieber, just don’t cut it – OK!

Peace and love xoxox


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