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All I Want For Christmas is a Nip Here and a Tuck There…

Hiya Poutlings! 😉

We all want to look good all the time and never get old that’s why many turn to plastic surgery as a the last resort. However, not all corrective surgeries turn out the way we wanted. Many end up feeling less confident after than before the surgery. Going under the knife is by no means pleasant, anyone who has ever had any type of surgery will agree however celebrities seem to take it for granted. If you are a celebrity and haven’t had anything done, even if you look stunning, the chances are that you will have some work done in the near future. However, many people including celebrities get addicted of a little nip and a little tuck once in a while so they can’t wait to have another plastic surgery done. We’re not going to talk about the moral side of it but you may consider thinking about that aspect of this issue after seeing how some celebrities look after having some work done on them.

Lets have a look at some obvious platic surgery victims…


Many argue whether Cristina Aguilera had a boob job, but after seeing this photo in which we can clearly see a scar under her armpit I think there’s no doubt about it.   She wasn’t very good at hiding it either.


Tara Reid has a tummy almost as bad as Courtney Love’s and you would think that Tara just gave birth. However, she chose a wrong plastic surgeon that completely ruined her abs. She admits that she’s doesn’t like her abs and that she’s ashamed of the way her stomach looks.


Now back to Courtney Love; at least Courtney has an excuse for looking like this, she gave birth. But it seems that her wrinkly abs are a result of a liposuction gone wrong. Don’t you think?


 Joan Rivers is an expert at criticizing but I bet she hasn’t got a mirror in her house. I cannot stand her, but I think I can say without prejudice that her disastrous plastic face would scare anyone. I think that her tactic is that she digresses people from her appearance by criticizing other badly dressed celebrities. But I’m not sure it’s working.


Donatella Versace a fashion icon is a living proof how a plastic surgery victim can ruin her outer shell. It seem that once you’ve been caught in the plastic surgery circle there’s no getting out, not even if you have the best taste in the world for fashion.


Even if you are one of the most beautiful women on the planet it doesn’t mean that you won’t lack confidence. Take Vivica A. Fox as an example, she had breast implants and now it looks like one of them is leaking. (I  didn’t attack the picture, some random on the web did by the way. I would at least do it with a pretty font! 😉 )


If you decide to have a boob job don’t make the same mistake as Victoria Beckham. This Posh Spice decided to go bigger and now she’s all over the place. That is in no way attractive.


But the women are not the only ones who can get addicted of plastic surgery. Kenny Rodgers got it bad. This country singer just didn’t know when enough is enough. Hasn’t anyone told him that less is more? (Sandylashxx, in this case agree with me! bwahaha!)


 The queen of plastic surgery managed to look young for a long time. But no she looks as old as the rest of her generation. In any case it seem that not even plastic surgery can slow time as much as we would wish it to do so.


Jocelyn Wildenstein looks almost as bad as the woman who injected cooking oil into her face. She wanted to keep her husband by her side so she decided to improve her looks but managed to do quite the opposite, in my opinion, can you image waking up next to that every morning? haha.

So, what do YOU think? Is it worth it?



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