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Krapdashians White-Wash Fakery in New Christmas Card!

Hiya Poutlings

As you know, we are not fans of the Kardashians, Krapdashians. So please set your eyes to roll while reading this post. It’s the fakest, fakery of fake celebrities – The Krapdashians – in their all white and silver 2012 holiday photo card.

kardashian kristmas

This year, the Krapdashians went all out trying to really bring the fake, looking like they actually like one another and they are content people.

The following may or may not need to be brought to your attention:

– Kris Jenner is toasting her forthcoming freedom from Bruce, the spin-off show chronicling the divorce, KRIS TAKES BRUCE TO JUDGE JUDY and her new show entitled, Kris takes Adderall.

– Khloe, Lamar and Kendall (only two of thses people appear to have real jobs) were photoshopped in due to work commitments and seem the most actually happy out of the bunch as a result.

– The tree people most likely to jump ship, Bruce, Scott and Lamar have been corralled into the middle in case they try escape with Mason, while Kourtney is distracted offering baby Penelope Scotland to the alter of fame.

-Rob seems utterly delighted with himself and his sock empire, while his on screen buddy has opted to go NAKED about the ankles.

-Kim hasn’t be able to convince her stylist boyfriend Kanye to particiapte so instead brings her cat as a date. The ironically named, Mercy has since left this planet. Where is Kanye, is there trouble in K-paradise?



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UK High Street Invasion : Krap-Tashian Kollection

Hiya Poutlings

Save the date: Thursday, 8th of November the krap-tackular fashion offerings of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are going to Dorothy Perkins in the UK.

Apparently, it took the the three sisters and their pimp momager Kris Jenner a long time to find a retailer outside the US that was a good fit for their “Kardashian Kollection” brand.

So, as the UK-based budget brand (and sister of Topshop) continues to go global, they’re using the Krapdashians to make their name in the US and cash in on the public, like the Krapdashians do with the public obsessesion of reality TV stars.

In one months time Brit shoppers will be able to shop for sheer, tight, animal print krap in-store as well as international shoppers online in the USA, France, Germany, UK and Ireland.

Here’s a few examples of the current “klassy” offerings at the US department store, Sears which our British readers will be seeing the like of when you drop your kiddies off at school discos this Khristmas…

Dorothy Perkins, for the record, we are not amused. Go to the front of the class and face the wall until the kollection krashes and you’ve learned your lesson.

It’s a puty the stuff won’t be avaible by Halloween, that’s an easy-access Halloween costume idea right out the window.



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Dramatic Celebrity Weight Losses

So, since summer is basically already here, I thought I’d help inspire some of you to get your asses off your couches and hit the gym, throw away that Bar One and swop the baked potato for the salad and I know one of the best ways of doing that is seeing how others have done it too. From Jennifer Hudson to Kelly Osbourne, they have proven it is not an impossible task. So go, go, go!

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Panda Eyes vs. Smokey Eyes

I am always baffled when I see girls with pitch black dark not blended horrible makeup on their eyes. A lot of them think its “smokey” but what the hell is smokey about looking like you put on coal black rimmed glasses?

The queens of wearing smokey eyes would have to be a split award between all 3 of the Kardashian sisters.

Smoking hot mama! See, you don't always need to go black...Rocking the smokey eye!Smokey doesn’t always have to be as dark as Kourtney’s or doesn’t always have to be shades of black and silver, although a traditional smokey eye would be and it doesn’t always have to be as light as Khloe’s in the images I’ve put above. These girls know how to wear them and are all serious makeup wearers.

Panda eye made a feature in Vogue in 2008Panda eye made a feature in Vogue in 2008

So, I am not sure where the panda eye has come from, I know it appeared in Vogue in 2008 but since then I think it would of been a fad that would of died out and quickly, afterall we all make mistakes even Vogue!

So, I’ll leave you with some pictures to look at and decide for yourselves, SMOKEY or PANDA?

OOOPShahaha.... So smokey or Panda?

Sooo.... Smokey or Panda?

hahaha I had to... Gaga is sooo "extreme"


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