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Kirsten Stewart’s Lastest Balenciaga Perfume Ad

Kirsten Stewart news has been somewhat quiet of late, however she has popped up in a new advert for Balenciaga’s perfume Florabotanica with her entire exposed back she looks wow.

Kirsten Stewart Balenciaga

She doesn’t appear awkward, neither miserable, she just looks wow. She still has the same facial expression but the campaign photographer Craig McDean knows how to make her look amazing.

What do you think?

x flea143

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All Scorned Women Could Learn from Liberty Ross

Hiya Poutlings

So, everyone else covered it, and, it was very over rated. The Kirsten Stewart/Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. I thought we didn’t need to, because it was everywhere, IN YOUR FACE everywhere… so we only posted a few times on our Facebook page about it… but no where near as much as anyone else.

However, the one couple I have felt sorry for through this was Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty and undoubtly, their two children. So that brings me to my post today: Kirsten Stewart could learn a lot from her former friend-turned-love-rival, the beautiful Liberty Ross who has spoken very eloquently on her attitude to life in the past year

“… sometimes, when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it, and just move forward as graciously as possible.”

Liberty, who is now 32 years old was talking as she was being filmed backstage as she prepared to walk in ALEXANDER WANG’s show at New York Fashion Week last month.

There was no pointed fingers at the press or paparazzi or anyone else, no staring at the floor as Kirsten does, simply, an honest appraisal of how she managed to get out of bed and get on with things in face of a very public humiliation at the hands of the one person who should have her back and she should be able to count on at any time, not just when the going gets tough.

Liberty and her husband, Rupert Sanders, who is 41, were snapped leaving marriage counselling at the weekend, which, whilst being huge in the states, is a step rarely taken by Brits who’d rather have their toenails pulled out than talk about their feelings when in a relationship.

Meanwhile, I do not give a flying fuck whether Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart are back together, I do hope that Rupert and Liberty iron out their problems – given the fact that they have two kids – be it together or apart but at least for the sanity of their kids, hopefully its not an uncomfortable home environment.

Liberty’s a case book study in how a woman should act in public when dealing with a cheating husband: put on your makeup, your best clothes, hold your head high, your mouth shut and remind him at every turn that he risked throwing it away.

Do people deserve second chances? Yes, in certain cases.

He’s a very lucky man, I’m not sure if I were in the situation I’d give him such a generous second (or is it more than that??) chance.

All he’d have got from me would have been a carefully-aimed Christian Louboutin right in the nuts and an expressive-worded letter in post from a divorce lawyer.

Liberty, is a lady on the hand, and like her, I probably would of forgiven him eventually. The kiss/kafoofle/whateverthefuckhappened with K-Stew was no doubt more sexually satisfying for Rupert than an afternoon in a IVF doctors office toilet with a plastic beaker and some dirty magazines…. but it was also 100 times more humiliating.

What are your thoughts?




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Homegrown Charlize and KS Cover Interview Magazine

Hiya Pouters!

I posted yesterday on our Facebook Page (please like it if you have not done so already, we post so much that you will be missing out on otherwise 😉 ) a picture of Charlize Theron and Kirsten Stewart for their Interview Magazine photoshoot. Asking YOU, our readers and Facebook followers one question… Beautiful or awful? Here are all the images from this shoot for your viewing pleasure.

The general consensus as I expected was beatuiful. A lot of people don’t like Kirsten Stewart and you know, thats fine, some people are not actually fans of Charlize either, and thats fine…

Now, because I’m writing a long post about this, I am NOT loving this shoot and just let me explain myself before you troll yourself silly. I guess I am simply just disappointed because I always held up Kirsten Stewart’s 2009 Interview Mag cover shoot (pictures at the bottom of this post) to be one of her best photoshoots ever. Her styling was gorgeous and dark and glam, and it worked beautifully on her. For this July cover, magazine tries to do “dark/glam”. In my opinion…. They fail.

When it comes to Charlize Theron, I’m biased, I live in South Africa and simply because she comes from Benoni, well, the sun shines out of her ass and if it was just Charlize alone maybe, just maybe this could have worked however putting these two together and styling them like extras in Cabaret… it’s just bad.

To me, Kirsten’s look easily slips into androgyny, the whole vibe seems to be “an older dominatrix and her little boy-toy”. As for the interviews they are epic.

Here are some extracts from Kristin’s piece:

Working with male versus female directors:

“In personal conversations between director and actor, the male directors that I’ve worked with are just as emotional [as women]. Maybe it’s because I had to start having very intimate conversations with adult men at a very young age in order to get the work, but I’m really comfortable with dudes. I mean, we push boundaries in this business in terms of getting to know people. There are things that directors know about me that people shouldn’t know. But everyone’s really different. I’ve worked with women who I’ve never wanted to tell anything about myself to, and I’ve worked with guys who have been pouring wells of emotion. So emotional availability is not a gender-specific thing.”

Relating to Snow White:

“There’s so much that Snow White has been deprived of in terms of having the proper time to really develop and hone who she is. She’s put in jail at the beginning of her life, so she’s a stunted person. She has a really idealized concept of what the world is, and how people should live, and how wonderful things all can be, and there is this debilitating isolation that she feels because she has been locked away in a little cell for seven years. And I can kind of relate to that. There is something . . . It’s not the reason that I wanted to do the movie, but the fans and people who loved Twilight, they do put you on this sort of different plane where you’re not real.”

Snow White is not a ninja:

“I think [the physicality] really helped define the character in a lot of ways. I liked not having to fake it, because in the original drafts of the script, Snow White kind of became this ninja person overnight who was just able to, like, own this six-foot armored man, which would never happen. We wanted everything to be, like, “Oh, fuck. She barely made it through.” Somebody my size couldn’t go into a man war and come out alive with only a sword. That just would never happen.”

On Charlize:

“She is unlike anyone I’ve ever encountered. She is one of those people who walks into a room and everyone knows it… She’s a fucking movie star. It’s funny, too, because she always says, “I’m not really a performer.” But I’m like, “Yeah, not at all.” [laughs] She’s an actor and a performer.”

How she defines success:

“I feel so extremely successful—and not just because I can greenlight a movie now. It’s because I’ve really only worked with people that I truly love, and I’ve only had bad experiences with one or two directors…[What was bad about those experiences…] I think it always boils down to people not being there for the right reasons, and not being there for the same reasons. It’s a miracle when things come together. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen—and when it doesn’t happen, you still have to finish the movie.

Playing an abused woman:

Playing a character like Mallory [in Welcome to the Rileys] is tough. Not to discredit anyone’s personal situation or actual life, but there are so many examples of girls like that, and a film can very easily become an almost clinical rundown of what leads someone to a certain position. It’s hard to play a part like that because you want everyone who has ever walked in those shoes to be like, “Yeah, I mean, that’s the way it goes . . .” Pity is a really odd thing with abused women. You don’t want anyone to think that you feel bad—even though you might. So it was just interesting to play that part and to work with James. I went down to New Orleans to do the film and lived by myself and trudged around the city. But walking away from that character . . . It probably still hasn’t gone away completely, but for the first little while afterwards, I was so sensitive and touchy in a way that my character would never be. I was so protective and defensive of young girls, and sex in general.

She doesn’t want to talk about acting:

“I think people are used to seeing actors be wide open and desperately giving of themselves, and while I do that on a movie set as much as I can, it’s so unnatural for me to do it on television, in interviews, in anything like that. I also don’t find that my process as an actor is really anyone else’s business. A lot of actors have felt like that. I mean, there’s that awesome quote where Joanne Woodward said, “Acting is like sex: you should do it, not talk about it.

From Interview Magazine

If you can’t tell, these interviews are extremely verbose and Elvis Mitchell (the interviewer) let’s Charlize and Kirsten talk as much as they in their seperate interviews. In all fairness, I have to put this out there – Kirsten comes across a lot better when you can read all of what she has to say in context. She speaks of how much difficulty she has being entertaining on talk shows, and how she’s not good at delivery soundbytes, which… at least she is self aware, you know? She’s also not a stupid girl, in my opinion. She’s bright and she’s neurotic and she’s twitchy, of course… but then again, so am I. But she really does think about her work and she promotes her work… and she’s more interesting than I give her credit for most of the time.

As promised at the beginning of this post, here is my favourite KS shoot.

 So, please let me know if I am still wrong in thinking the shoot with Charlize is not great, and why? Would love to know everyones opinions and thoughts 😉

until next post…



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Brightest White

Hi again Pout Perfections;

There’s a trend this season that makes me sad. I’m the type of girl who simply CANNOT wear white. I’m the type of girl who could so much as look at a white piece of clothing and it goes dirty. It’s terrible, because white is absolutely radiant.

This season, white has gone to a whole new extreme. The more white you wear, the better! I do not, however, recommend that you wear white if you turn anything white, dirty or have painfully pale skin as it just won’t work.

Team your pretty white outfit with some dramatic makeup or killer black heels to give your it an “edgy” look or team it with a soft pink bag and pretty chains for a more feminine vibe.

Peace and love xoxox


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House Hunting: The Pouter’s Guide to finding a Lovenest

Aloha pretty people of Pout Perfectionland;

This is the first time this entire weekend I’ve gotten to sit down. Why? Because me and boyfriend Ryan have decided to take the big plunge into finding our own place together and moved in this past weekend. So, needless to say, I’m bushed. You never quite know how much junk you have until you need to move it from one place to another, especially if like Ryan, you have never moved before.

So, I thought I should educate my fellow young pouters on what to do when they are hunting for their first place (like Kirsten and Rob) , as it’s a topic I’ve suddenly become an expert in, thanks to the move into our lovenest.

  • SAVE!!!

 You might think that this is the most obvious advice anyone can give you and in actual fact, it is, but it’s also the most important advice you will ever recieve for house hunting. Or anything else for that matter. The more you save, the greater your deposit will be, which in turn, gets you a bigger and better place whether you’re renting or buying.


 Don’t just go look at one place and decide that’s it, because I can’t stress enough how many times I told Ryan that I’d found my dream home, only to be blown away by the next one we’d go look at. The first place we saw was a tiny granny flat on someone else’s property and I loved it. The second was a flat with metal stairs in the middle of the lounge and I loved that too. And so it went on. Eventually we viewed a place that was close to his parents and my family, close to work, had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a massive yard and an awesome view for the same rent as the others. SCORE!


Don’t just go for it. Make 100% sure you can afford it and that it’s the right place for you. Make sure you can afford the monthly groceries and basic cleaning products, make sure that you can afford the electricity, make sure you can afford the water and make sure that you won’t starve near the end of the month. Try sort out the big furniture before moving out of your parents’ house. Do you know someone who can help you out with a microwave of fridge? Ask them! The worst they can do is say no, then you just save up and get one yourself and only then move out.


OK, now you’ve saved, browsed and budgeted and you’ve found the perfect place. What now? Well, if you’re moving into a complex or cluster (or whatever the case may be), make sure to ask the landlords or the body corporate to email you a copy of the Leese Agreement (if renting) and the Body Corporate Rules. You’ll need these for if the poo hits the fan. Most places don’t allow animals, for example, so if you’ve decided you wanted to bring Poochy with you, you might have to make other arrangements and it will all be written in either of these documents.


Try your best to pack ONLY what you’ve actually used in the last year or so. Old clothes can be given to charity, old toys can be given to nieces and nephews and your Spice Girl memorabilia can really be thrown away.


 Set up a bit of a gameplan, like you’re doing a rugby match. Plan out where to put everything and if you’re moving in with someone else, go over it with them first as to avoid friction and arguing later. Decide who is going to do what, when and how. Organise either a company to help move or get family and friends to help you out. Otherwise, if you’re fussy like me, get your dad and boyfriend and nobody else, because there’s no greater feeling than showing people what you could accomplish with little help.


This has been my least favourite part. It’s the most dragged-out and awful thing about the whole experience. Figuring out where the small stuff goes, realising you don’t have enough cupboard space for all your cups and you don’t have enough hangers for your clothes. FML! But when it’s all done, you feel like you’ve achieved greatness. Which you have, and you’re awesome!

So, I hope my tips have helped you a little in finding your little lovenest. I hope both you and Robsten can find happiness in your perfect little housie!

Have a super Monday further my lovelynesses!

Peace and love xoxox



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