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Lindsay Lohan has done it again, and creeped me out…

Heya Pouters

Lindsay Lohan, has done a really interesting photoshoot, just to clarify by interesting, I do not mean that it is a “wow, awesome” sort of photoshoot, rather a “wow, this is really effing weird and kind of sad and it makes me feel uncomfortable kind of photoshoot“.

In her latest photoshoot with Terry Richardson, we get to see Lindsay loading a gun, holding it to her head, holding it under her chin, and putting it in her mouth, all while looking like she is going to burst into tears. We also get to see her smoking a lot, what’s new, and posing in various minimal clothing but I feel like the gun in the images is supposed to be focus here, so much that Terry Richardson removed them from his site. His choice of model for this is a good idea, bearing in mind how much of troubled soul Lindsay Lohan is, and these images bear a constant reminder that she is so troubled.

I don’t even know what to think… These images just feel so creepy and incredibly wrong to me, almost a mockery of the suicide part. I get that there is something “artistic” in death, but for the purpose of this post, more so suicide and hence why so many people try to portray it in various ways be it painting, songs, drawings, sadly photo shoots that are always poorly pulled off.

Just like these images, I don’t see much ART going on here, and yes, don’t get me started, art is supposed to provoke an emotion and make people think twice, I am aware of this, I know it all too well, however – I do not see how the way these images have been posed and/or captured artistically apart from Linday portraying SOME emotion in a few shots, apart from that, they just look cheap to me. So, maybe it is art, as its caused me to write an entire blog about them, but I just do not see it as art, or even remotely artistic.

Dont even get me started on this image above. But really, if I have to see Lindsay Lohan modelling, I’d at least like to see her doing something a little more fashionable, or artistic than hanging out of a hotel room with a gun in her hand… or is that just me?



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Back at the Mansion : Hugh talks about Lindsay’s Pictorial

Hiya Poutlings!

So, our very own MarindaLiza mentioned this a while ago, Lindsay Lohan was going to pose for Playboy and her mother was ecstatic. She has done so now, and meanwhile back at the mansion Hugh has spoken about it.

Hugh Hefner, the 85 year old Playboy founder and now recent reality television star, has never been soft spoken about his lifestyle, his wardrobe or his magazine.  Playboy has launched the careers of stars like Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson and has  featured celebs like Kim Kardashian *vomit* and Jenny McCarthy. So it seems natural to feature the troubled media star of the moment Lindsay Lohan.

Hugh Hefner admits to being initially skeptical about the prospect of featuring Lindsay Lohan in a nude pictorial, who at the time was in the middle of courtroom drama surrounding her inability to complete probation. She has often exhibited erratic behavior in both her personal life and professional life.

“I wasn’t quite sure where she was at in her life, obviously,” Hugh Hefner told E! news. “It depends on whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday.”

The concept of the entire shoot was his idea and based around the very first Playboy shoot, which featured Marilyn Monroe, an idol of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan and her handler’s initially did not want to do a nude shoot, but the group was reassured that the entire shoot would be done in a very classy way. The first round of photos were actually thrown out by Hugh Hefner and the entire spread was re-shot just hours before Lindsay Lohan reported to jail for a 5-hour stint. The end result is a blonde Lindsay Lohan posing before a red velvet back drop in nothing but stilettos.

The buzz around the issue has been so huge that the pictures were leaked on the internet, causing Playboy to release the issue 10 days earlier that expected. “It became a stocking stuffer!” joked Hefner.

Any models I’ve worked with, for both photography and/or makeup know that I completely support anyones decision to pose nude or to choose NOT  to. I always tell the people that do, that I admire how they can be so comfortable in their own skin to do so, I know I could NEVER do it, it is beyond me, and at the end of the day, everyone has the right to choose whether or not they want to, so from seeing these images for the Playboy pictorial – I have gained some respect for Lindsay (anyone would know I don’t have much respect for her), because it would be the hardest thing in the world for me to do, they are very “vintage-nude” beautiful.

I also understand, posing nude to most people seems taboo – when I first got into the industry I was sceptical, but at the end of the day, if it offends you that someone has done it – don’t look and no one is going to make you do it, unless you want to.

ah, the joys of living in a free world! 😉 

So Pouters, I’m curious to know what are  your thoughts and opinions of posing nude and Lindsay Lohans’s Playboy feature?



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Pout Perfection’s New Year Resolutions for our Favourite Celebrities…

Bonjourno Pouters!

It’s about that time of the year when people start reflecting back on the year — the good, the bad, the ugly. We usually take those moments of greatness and not-so-greatness and try to learn and grow from them by making New Year’s resolutions. Now, we all know how hard it is to actually stick with a resolution set, like, January 2nd, but I feel that celebrities have a better chance of sticking to their guns with the help of personal assistants, trainers, chefs, life coaches, etc.  With this notion, I can’t help but wonder what Lindsay Lohan and J.Lo are planning to change or work on in 2012. (Maybe going away? That’d be nice.)   So I’ve compiled a list of 10 celebrities and their imaginary (but likely) answers to the simple question, “Hey you, what’s your New Years Resolution for 2012?”.

Ashton Kutcher

“My resolution is to get Demi back…by tweeting how how sorry I am. I’m an expert at apology tweets.”

The Cast of Jersey Shore

“Yo! We resolve to drop off the face of the Earth and let Jersey go back to normal.”

Kristin Stewart

“My resolution is to try not to be so insanely socially awkward.”

Lindsay Lohan

“My resolution is to get my comeback started by doing Dancing With the Stars!”


“Our resolution is to adopt six more kids. The more the merrier!”

Kim Kardashian

“My resolution is hit at least 500 red carpet events and reclaim my title as Most Googled Woman. Oh, and also to work things out between me and my husband. Just kidding! But that would make pretty great TV right?”

Alec Baldwin

“My resolution is to host SNL for the 837th time!”

Katie Holmes

“My resolution is to get Suri to stop jumping on her bed and our couches. I have no idea where she gets this from.”

Ryan Gosling

“My resolution is to try not to be such a perfectionist…but let’s be real, I’m pretty much perfect.”

Jennifer Lopez

“My New Year’s resolution is to find a new hubby! Fourth time’s a charm, right?”

In all seriousness, do you believe in resolutions if so – what’s yours?

Happy New Year from the POUTPERFECTION team, party hard but also be safe!!  



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Bitch Please, you ain’t never gonna be Marilyn Monroe!

Hello again my lovelies…

It frustrates me so much when I see celebrities trying to manifest the screen goddess and despite these girls being absolutely gorgeous and brilliant actresses, I don’t think any of them have that certain “something” that Norma Jean used to have… think I’m wrong? Take the actress they chose to play Marilyn in the next film about her life for example; Michelle Williams. Now, I’m sure if I were the director I would at least have made an effort to get something as equally charming to portray the icon. Not bland and boring I-think-I-have-a-sour-smell-under-my-nose Michelle Williams!

But alas, I probably would have had a problem with any actress they chose anyway. Just look at these girls who have portrayed her in some way or another and tell me what you think:

Personally, I think the best choice for the directors of My Week with Marilyn would have been Scarlett Johanson. She’s sexy, curvy and has that certain “something” that makes her attractive and (bonus!) she can act! Check out the trailer and let me know what you think, because I think the movie looks brilliant, it’s just missing the main ingredient: MARILYN MONROE!!!

Have a lovely eve poutlings!



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Dina Says Lindsay’s Playboy Shoot went “Well”

Hello again Pouters;

While most mom’s would cringe at knowing their daughters have posed nude for Playboy magazine, people like Kris Jenner and Dina Lohan seem to embrace it.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Lindsay Lohan did, in fact, pose for Playboy for a teensy weensy (well for Hollywood celebs anyway) amount of $1 million after years of the magazine begging her. Her rep still denies she did though, so clearly her rep didn’t hear Dina gushing away at how “well” the shoot went.

Anyway I hope it went well for her, because nothing has been going her way for the last couple of years. Here’s my version of what the shoot should look like (hehe!):

Happy Wednesday!



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