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R is for Ralo

Ralo Cosmetics kindly sent me some goodies to review, now I have already reviewed one of their nail polishes here.

Ralo Cosmetics is great for anyone that is looking to explore and play with makeup without having pay high store prices. The quality, as I’ve said before rivals lots of drugstore type brands. Ralo Nail Polish

This time, they sent me their Rich Metallic Finish, Professional Nail Polish. The bottles seem slightly more sturdy than the previous one I used and the brushes are extremely fat so its easy to paint your whole finger in one stroke which can sometimes be problematic on your smaller width nails but I coped, I’m sure you would too as it just takes some manoeuvring the brush to get it 100% right, the colour is highly pigmented and you can probably get away with one coat depending on how well you paint the first time, I had to use 2 coats and this time I used a top coat as there is a metallic finish to this colour, unlike previously when it was a matte pink. The nail polishes retail for R39.50 and you can find these online or get them in store. Ralo Lip Gloss

I was also spoilt with some mega shine lip gloss – now the packaging on these is quite deceiving, it looks really cheap and nasty but the lip gloss lasts for ages and leaves a nice tinted shine to the lips for ages.My favourite go-to shade would be shade 20 in Dusty Pink.  These retail fro R29.50 and you can buy these online or in store. Ralo Lipstick

Lastly, they sent me some lovely lipsticks. These lipsticks are called Diam and its easy to see by the adorable packaging! Elegant diamantes make them look ever so glamorous when you whip them out of your handbag for a quick touch up. My favourite shade so far (I haven’t had much time to wear these as I’ve been quite ill lately) has to be Code 60 – Sunset Boulevard which is an awesome cherry red that leaves your lips with a lovely matte finish. They do run slightly, so its important to line your lips with a pencil to avoid them from spreading to your face! These beauties retail for R44.50 and are also available online or in store.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes and have in no way affected my view of these products.

x flea143

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Makeup : OLDER versus YOUNGER (4)

Hello Poutlings!!

Do you love lip gloss? I do! I cannot live without mine. Its like my security blanket, but for my lips! My older vs younger tip for today is, you guessed it…



Young girls can apply as much lip gloss as necessary on their lips but as always it pays to be careful as the lipgloss can appear on corners of the mouth or spread beyond the lip contours, as in the case with Miley Cyrus.


Lip gloss can be applied only in the middle of the lower lip which makes the lips look fresher, but will also help create an optical illusion of fuller lips. Angelina Jolie always uses this technique, oh and botox. Wakakaka.

pout out! *missfitzz

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