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Plump Perfection – Review

A while back, I spoke about my wonderful experience of the DermaPolish from DermaFix. It’s only fitting that POUT PERFECTION brings you a review of their wonderful lip plumping balm called PLUMP PERFECTION. It’s destiny, it’s just meant to be.

A lip balm is a lip balm, right? WRONG…. meet Plump Perfection… DermaFix Plump Perfection no lid

I’ve been obsessively using this product for going on almost 3 months now, I have incorporated this into part of my skin routine, morning and evening I quickly apply it before getting on with life and it quickly rehydrates the lips as well as plumps over time from the mustard seed being one of the ingredients and redefines the lip area with a fuller and firmer look. Unlike other lip “plumpers”, the mustard seed doesn’t make your lips tingle and is quite pleasant to apply.

My first time using it I was a little taken aback, its not smooth like other lip balms I have used over the years, it has a very slight texture to it. I’m used to it now, but at first it was a bit different but not to worry as the texture doesn’t last for long on the lips only for the first moments of initial application, but its a different formula; unlike other lip balms it stays on your lips if you pile it on and doesn’t end up over your upper/lower lips which is cool. I really like that as I do obsessively pile on lip balm. Bad habit I guess?

It’s also praised for reducing appearance of fine lines but I don’t think I have any, yet, around my lips so I can’t comment 😉

I find the Plump Perfection particularly great underneath lipstick but I also feel after washing my face in the evenings I need a little extra vavavoom back into my lips.

…like the other DermaFix range, it is available online at www.dermafix.co.za for R95.00 or selected salons.

If your on Pout Perfection looking to Perfect a Plumpy Pout, then you have found your answer 😉

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x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review purposes. This has not altered my view of this product in anyway and I will certainly be buying more when it runs out.

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