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Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

Wet n Wild is a buzz word in my articles recently as I have a lot of items to play with! The last thing I’ve used from my Wet n Wild box of tricks has been their Balm Stain.

Essentially the product looks like a giant crayon which you can mechanically twist upwards when you start to use the product and contains a cream finish stain for your lips. No glitter and only a very light and subtle shimmer. Perfect for day wear or evening wear without looking lips looking too over the top.  I believe after a fair amount of use the point will round like most lipsticks do but that is not a huge deal.


The colour I am wearing here is the E128 and I am not sure if it has another name but its a gorgeous baby pink colour.

20141122_154651The staying power is pretty impressive. After about 2 hours the main colour fades evenly onto the lips leaving a light stain behind which still looks flawless. After eating I felt like I needed to touch my lips up otherwise I felt they were good to go even while drinking.

The main drawback for me for this product is that the plastic cap that covers the lip stain is not very sturdy and can come loose easily which is a bit of a worry when placed in an expensive handbag.

In total there are 5 different shades in the Megaslicks range from Wet n Wild and are all available from selected Clicks stores nationwide at R49.95 each.

xo flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review purposes. This has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.

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A Little Burlesque

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the launch of the MUD Showroom in Claremont, Cape Town and I purchased some gorgeous new additions for my face. Well, following this I just had to play and I added a little bit of a razzle dazzle with some of MUD lipstick in Burlesque on my lips.

MUD Burlesque

This lipstick is absolutely to die for! It is a matte deep red cherry colour which is highly pigmented. Due to the fact that the lipstick is matte, is has a long staying power and regular touch ups are not necessary.

Even while eating and drinking the colour stays prominent on the lips without fading or wiping off easily. Obviously there are a few lip stick stains on a glass or if you have just applied your lippie then you might smudge it if you go and kiss your beau, but that being said once a couple of hours rolls round you sort of feel that you should maybe check your lips only to be surprised and find out that they are still the same colour as when you left the house which is a total bonus.

I would rate the MUD lipstick range with a better staying power than MAC lipstick, the lipsticks are not as creamy in texture in comparison but they are still moisturising and incredibly effective to rock a bold or natural lip for any occasion.

The lipsticks retail for R210 and are available from MUD South Africa distributors and stockists nationwide, for the nearest to you have a look on their website here.

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MUD By The Mountain

MUD WC LAUNCHThe launch for the press of the MUD Showroom in Claremont was small and intimate and involved a brief history of MUD as a brand, and how Brenda Botha, the owner of MUD South Africa has gone about launching MUD as a sustainable business model with an added purpose of rewarding professional makeup artists who make use of the products, unlike some other high profile brands within South African shores. Lindsay Fernandez is the proud owner and distributor of MUD within the Western Cape region and you can see her passion and excitement to be the name behind the MUD for the City of the Pretty Mountains, Cape Town and the whole of the Western Cape.

8 Vineyard road, Claremont, Cape Town

8 Vineyard road, Claremont, Cape Town


The MUD Showroom is actually quite large, it reminds me of a concept store, the products are displayed in a user-friendly interface with easily deciphered areas for Eyes, Face, Lips etc. The sales representatives are really fun and extremely knowledgeable about the MUD range, Vanessa covering the Southern Suburbs and Inge covering the Northern Suburbs will really give you the how-to and low-down on any questions relating to makeup and how to achieve your MUD look with the greatest ease. Vanessa did a small demo on Inge and transformed her look to ultra glam in about 10 minutes. When visiting the showroom, you will see its not just a retail space, its a place for education, a place for empowerment and a place to assist in getting your true beauty to shine through.

Before going to the launch I had too much excitement with the fact that MUD have officially launched their flagship store for the Western Cape in Claremont, directly opposite the main entrance to Cavendish Square in Vineyard Road. By now I am quite familiar from the brand and already sport some of their products on my day-to-day makeup routine but the simple fact that they are literally within driving distance excites me to no end because I can pop by whenever I have the chance and secondly, its MUD on my doorstep, goodbye credit card balance, helloooo pretty makeup!

Face Primer, Makeup Wipes, Lipsticks in Burlesque, Pink Twinkle & Rose Clay, Natural Lip Pencil, Cake Liner in Black and a complimentary Lip Glaze in Cantaloupe from attending the Launch of the Western Cape Showroom

Face Primer, Makeup Wipes, Lipsticks in Burlesque, Pink Twinkle & Rose Clay, Natural Lip Pencil, Cake Liner in Black and a complimentary Lip Glaze in Cantaloupe from attending the Launch of the Western Cape Showroom

True to form, I had pre-ordered a few goodies for me. Not for my kit. Just for me! I find as a makeup artist once I end up placing stuff in my makeup kit it becomes part of my work and I can not use it on me anymore, I think I have issues 😉 and in due time there will be reviews on these products and will undoubtedly be adding them to makeup kit in the foreseeable future. Anyone that happens to also follow me on Instagram would of seen some of these pictures, but I thought I’d share them here too.

For more information on the Western Cape MUD Showroom please contact  MUD Western Cape/ Rapid Culture and be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter @rapid_culture / @MUDsouthafrica to keep updated with events, new products, existing products and specials!

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Make-Up Designory – Review


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R is for Ralo

Ralo Cosmetics kindly sent me some goodies to review, now I have already reviewed one of their nail polishes here.

Ralo Cosmetics is great for anyone that is looking to explore and play with makeup without having pay high store prices. The quality, as I’ve said before rivals lots of drugstore type brands. Ralo Nail Polish

This time, they sent me their Rich Metallic Finish, Professional Nail Polish. The bottles seem slightly more sturdy than the previous one I used and the brushes are extremely fat so its easy to paint your whole finger in one stroke which can sometimes be problematic on your smaller width nails but I coped, I’m sure you would too as it just takes some manoeuvring the brush to get it 100% right, the colour is highly pigmented and you can probably get away with one coat depending on how well you paint the first time, I had to use 2 coats and this time I used a top coat as there is a metallic finish to this colour, unlike previously when it was a matte pink. The nail polishes retail for R39.50 and you can find these online or get them in store. Ralo Lip Gloss

I was also spoilt with some mega shine lip gloss – now the packaging on these is quite deceiving, it looks really cheap and nasty but the lip gloss lasts for ages and leaves a nice tinted shine to the lips for ages.My favourite go-to shade would be shade 20 in Dusty Pink.  These retail fro R29.50 and you can buy these online or in store. Ralo Lipstick

Lastly, they sent me some lovely lipsticks. These lipsticks are called Diam and its easy to see by the adorable packaging! Elegant diamantes make them look ever so glamorous when you whip them out of your handbag for a quick touch up. My favourite shade so far (I haven’t had much time to wear these as I’ve been quite ill lately) has to be Code 60 – Sunset Boulevard which is an awesome cherry red that leaves your lips with a lovely matte finish. They do run slightly, so its important to line your lips with a pencil to avoid them from spreading to your face! These beauties retail for R44.50 and are also available online or in store.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes and have in no way affected my view of these products.

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Half Drag

Leland Bobbé, a New York based photographer has compiled a series of photographs in an on going project called “Half Drag… A Different Kind of Beauty


“With this series my intention is to capture both the male and the alter ego female side of these subjects in one image in one image in order to explore the cross over between males and females and to break down the physical barriers that separate them.”

It makes you appreciate the true artists that these Drag Queen’s are. I know some senior makeup artists and I think the makeup skills would quite easily be rivalled of these talented individuals.

Visit Leland Bobbe’s website for more spectacular images!

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