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How Not To Create a Smokey Eye Look

This video will certainly make you crack a smile. Three men try follow Michelle Phan’s smokey eye makeup tutorial and this is the result… Men Makeup with Michelle Phan

I know this is an oldie but it certainly still makes me laugh. Often I attempt a smokey eye and I alwasy end up blending it out to a more intense eye because it feels wrong or too dark for daytime but in all honestly its not too bad compared to these guys. I think I may just have the makeup thing down, well at least much better than these poor guys. Practice certainly does make perfect!

Can I just say that on the whole contour trend that they hit the nail on the head… Rub some dirt on your face 😀 LOL!!

Kudos to them for being such good sports and giving it their best try.
Men Makeup with Michelle Phan

x flea143

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Good morning to you! 💋

Many times I get requested to show how I apply my eyeshadow. The one thing I enjoy about the way I apply eyeshadow is that it’s very easy, fast and when using other colors is will look very different even though I use the same method.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the only way I apply shadow. But this is the fastest way for me. It’s my “everyday easy look”. Ok, for some it may seem much, but honestly it probably doesn’t take me for than 20 -30 min to finish from applying the foundation and finishing off with my gloss or lipstick.

So here it goes: I start off by applying the color I want in the crease of my eye, then blending it out slightly. Not too much.


Then I add the highlighting color on the center of my eye and of course on my brow bone and I then blend all the connecting edges together so that no harsh lines are showing.
As you can see I apply a bit of color also at the bottom of my lower lash line and connect it on the outer corner of my eye.



Now it’s time for the eyeliner. I like to apply my liner quite thick, but start thin if you’re not used to it, and if you feel you could use more, then gradually make it thicker. Easier to add, than to take off in the instance of makeup application.


I then shape my brows, add mascara. I often use false lashes on the outer corners of my upper lash line.


Obviously I’ve already applied my foundation, but I finish off my whole look with blush and lipgloss or lipstick.


Once I’ve blended everything together properly and I’m dressed, accessorized and I’ve done my hair, the amount of makeup I’ve got on looks normal. Lol.




There you go. My easy makeup look using color.

See you again soon! 💄💄💄

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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Living Dolls : Anastsiya Shpagina

Hiya Pouters

At 19 years old, Ukrainian women, Anastsiya Shpagina devotes hours to altering her appearance in a way that resemble a character that has just stepped out of an anime episode. The result? Seemingly successful, although, considerably questionable to her health.

At 5’2, Anastaysia Shpagina only weighs around 40kgs.Everyday she spends over half an hour applying makeup to her eyes according to ONE online report in order to shape them into a doe-like resemblance to an anime character and she has even adopted the Japanese name, Fukkacumi.

Anastaysia Shpagina & Valeria Lukyanova

Sandy has spoken about Valeria Lukyanova previously… And well, Valeria Lukyanova claims to be the most famous woman on the Russian Internet but she may very have some competition, in the form of another doll-like creature, Anastsiya Shpagina. Both young doll-a-likes, Valeria Lukyanova and Anastsiya Shpagina, live in Odessa and according to images posted on VK (similar to Facebook in the Eastern European Countries) they appear to be close friends.

Both dolls, I mean girls have their own YouTube channels. Here is Anastaysiya’s Flower Fairy Makeup Tutorial…

Anastasiya with her mother

So, what are your thoughts? Creepy or original?

Here is her Facebook Page

I still think this is controversial and creepy. Unfortuantely, I think this is just the begining of a massive cos-play movement.



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