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Get Big Lashes


As I previously stated Essence have set their standards high regards to Essence as their I Love Extreme mascara. Trying this one after finishing my tube of Lash Mania Reloaded was exciting but I was worried it wouldn’t live up to my high Essence expectations – its only their fault they set the standard so high with their award winning mascara! ūüėČGet Big Lashes

The huge bonus is that this is waterproof. Waterproof mascara often makes me wonder why all mascaras are not waterproof. The brush is very thick fibre. It seperates the lashes to some extent and coats them very well creating lots of volume. I think it made my eyes appear open and it kept the curl to my lashes which is one of the many things I look for in a mascara! The formula lasts all day, with no smudging¬†and I find it ideal to wear 2 coats and if I am going out in the evening I like to add another coat to my 2 coats I’ve worn all day and I find it just makes your eyes more ready for the evening ahead.

Get Big Lashes¬†is easily washed away when using my Dermalogica PreCleanse and it isn’t incredibly hard to clean off your eyes which I’ve found with other mascaras that are waterproof.

I find this rivals Essence’s I Love Extreme but I don’t believe it can replace it!

It retails for R44.50 and is available at Clicks, Dischem and Medirite pharmacies.

x flea143

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Lash Mania Reloaded

My experience with Essence mascaras is slowly getting more and more in depth and to date my favourite Essence mascara would have to be big pink tube, award winning Essence I Love Extreme in comparison the Essence Lash Mania Reloaded False Lash Mascara does not quite live up to my love of that one but it is by no means bad.

Lash Mania Reloaded

The brush and¬†bristles¬†are very flexible with 6 seperate bristles which seperate¬†and comb¬†lashes individually very¬†well, however if you have curled your lashes before applying the mascara then the wand happens to straighten your lashes out and making the curling process rather redundant. The formula¬†of mascara is of medium wetness (its not super wet nor is it incredibly dry)¬†and I think this is why this happens, it does¬†undoubtedly increase the length of lashes and it builds well upon the second coat applied. I wouldn’t recommend a third coat as this is when lashes start to comb together into one.

I do like to thickness and length it provided to my lashes but I would still rather buy the I Love Extreme over this Lash Mania as my lashes are naturally very straight and I like to have a bit of extra curl to open my eyes up. With everyone having different lashes, just like we all have different hair types,  this is not the mascara for me in terms of what I look for, but if you have very curly lashes naturally and are looking for added length and good separation then I would say that this is the mascara for you.

Essence is available at Clicks, Dischem and Medirite pharmacies and this mascara retails for R53.95.

x flea143

 Disclaimer РThis product was given to me as a gift. This has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.

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All Round Handbag Must Haves

hello Poutlings

I probably won’t be doing a “What’s in NFNT’s bag post as I probably have the smallest bag with the most things in it lol

So instead I’ll do a Must Haves post.

I’ve recently developed a little addiction towards Catrice Cosmetics. I was first introduced to it by a friend who had a beautiful soft pink lippie that I thought would be gorgeous on brides.

I have quite a few of their products and love them as much as Lady Hellfire loves the Essence Cosmetics range. For those who didn’t know, Catrice is the sister product range of Essence.

So here’s my handbag must-have for today:

Catrice Eyebrow Set


This is a very cute little magic box. As you know we are quite pedantic about eyebrows and this should be our little secret. This cute little box folds open to reveal a tiny mirror and 2 eyebrow powder shades. They are perfect for filling in your brows whether you have dark or light brows and it looks very natural.

I love both the shades as the lighter one is perfect for slight touch ups and blondes.


The best thing about this cute little box? It has a hidden little drawer that holds a mini tweezers for those unruly brows and a little mini comb and brush so you always have it on hand when you need to quickly fix a brow or two.


So go forth little Poutlings, go get yourself some at your nearest Dischem for only R54.95

Lots of love

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Real Men Don’t Fake It

Real Men Don't Fake It

Real Men Don’t Fake It

Benefit who are known for their colourful and playful packaging have released yet another mind-blowing ad. Be warned, its NSFW-ish (dependant on the prude-level of your colleagues).

If you are unable to watch the clip it has women gaping as men with bulging crotches reach inside their pants… and pull out tubes of mascara.

“Real Men Don’t Fake It, intends to break the mould of the traditional beauty ad.”

Oh, Benefit… Laughter is certainly the best cosmetic.

x flea143

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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored review, nor am I affiliated with the following brand/company in anyway.

Hiya Poutlings



I finally gave into the hype at the beginning of the year and I bought my very own BB Cream! I have not really shut up about it since, and I feel as though I am a bit of BB cream product expert, one would think I am getting commission by the way I have been “selling” this product to people that ask me about it. My mother, aunt, cousin and best friend have all recently bought their own (not all the same brand) BB creams and they have also loved them. I have also been able to try them, so I will eventually review those for you too.

Sandylashxx wrote a post on WHAT IS BB CREAM… Check it out.

Because, I am a list person, I have broken down my Smashbox BB Cream experience to the following pros and cons:



  • A natural finish
  • Fair selection of shades, actually pale enough for ghosts like me
  • Easy to blend
  • Portable
  • High SPF

noooot really


  • Price/ R390
  • No moisturising ingredients/ properties – NOT¬† moisturiser like other BB cream brands
  • Difficult to get all the product out the tube
  • Only 5 shades available – this is a huge drawback for potential customers but hopefully in time this is fixed….

This BB Cream is a good option for someone who has an even complexion, like myself, with barely any skin imperfections (I have a few, but I choose to ignore them). There is hardly any coverage to this BB cream. You would have to use a lot of product to get a sheer-medium coverage and using a lot of this expensive product in my opinion is a waste, however if you apply medium coverage foundation over it, you will acheive a sheer-medium coverage. The smoothing aspect of it, as it is a primer or pollyfiller as I like to explain to my clients that always ask what PRIMER is for, is definitely its best feature. The SPF for me, is also a huge deal. I am as pale as a ghost and needless to say, I am terrified of sun damage, automatically the higer the SPF for me, the better the product.


The application of the Smashbox BB Cream is MUCH¬†easier if done with your fingers, it just blends easier. When attempting with a foundation brush, beauty blender, stipple brush or foundation sponge I feel that the product itself gets wasted (again, it’s not cheap and wasting¬†is a¬†deadly beauty sin especially at¬†R390 a go…)¬†and the cream doesn’t blend as easily as it does with the added heat of your fingers. I almost died when the Smashbox consultant used her fingers on my face, but I understand now that it just works better after trying many different applications myself.

I enjoy having the look of dewy skin, ¬†because I suffer from an oily skin, I’m used to having loads of powder on my face and having a matte finish, this BB cream helps me have dewy skin for longer. You can happily add some powder initially (if you wish)¬†or throughout the day as you normally would with a foundation.


My go-to makeup look for the last few weeks of summer of late has been as simple as cleanse, tone, moisturise, apply BB cream, dust a bit of bronzer on my face, Smashbox Jet Set Gel Liner to my upper eyelid, a bit of¬†my Inglot brow gel¬†and plenty of mascara for a fun, fresh, “no makeup” makeup look. Quick, effective, and it lasts for the whole day, even in the intense Southern hemisphere heat.




Definitely! Try it TODAY!

Please bear in mind, this product may not be the same experience for you but chances are you will enjoy it all the same. Smashbox is available at selected Woolworths stores countrywide, so be sure to go and try it out and see for yourself.

Smashbox is also cruelty free so absolutely no fluffies are harmed in having your perfect flawless looking skin.

x missfitz

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