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Life Comparasions

Life 01We all know how dangerous it is to wander down the paths of comparing yourself to others because we often compare the wrong things. Social media only helps to increase this unfortunate unwanted comparison. Learning to realise first and foremost that it is impossible to determine who is living a more valuable life by comparing clothes, cars, homes, salaries, beauty or Twitter and Instagram followers. Net worth, numbers and material items essentially mean nothing in the grand scheme of life and because its social media remember there are always 100 different angles to view what you are interpreting as the something to be envious of.

Life only gets more strange with age. The rate at which people mature around you from being a child through being a so-called adult is always at different rates. We all grow into a unique version of our own selves. Moral values you’re grown up to learn from your parents and those around you are always different due to backgrounds, circumstances and willpower. People have different views, different visions and different beliefs and you often will find yourself comparing your situation to theirs one too many times. This is dangerous, not only because you’re life is ultimately the only one that matters but this can give you a grass is greener feeling on their side of the fence.

This also does not entitle anyone to brag about what they have, how they got it or how hard they work and compare themselves with an added advantage. Comparing apples and oranges will show a distinctive amount of similarities but also a huge amount of differences. You might both be fruit but having come from different trees, growing under different climates and sprouting at different times is amazing. Celebrate the diversity, don’t brag about it. We are all striving for something. Some don’t know what that is and others have it already figured out already. There is no need to consistently put yourself out there expressing how well you are doing or what amazing stuff you have. There is simply nothing more annoying, nor another way to make everything you brag about questionable. Live for the moment, not for the excessive likes, double taps on Instagram or retweets because ultimately that in itself is rather pathetic.Life 03

Be a good, kind, compassionate human. Be there for your friends when they need to chin up and a gentle kick forward but if they are sad or having a bad day sometimes we all need that. If they are stuck comparing themselves to you or vice versa be sure to stop it immediately. Help each other out. Be your own people. Life 02

Once you start to compare yourself with others it will never end…. you ultimately are the only person that really matters and focussing your time and energy on someone else is putting you and your life development on hold. Focus on the right person, appreciate what you have right now, and focus on how you are going to achieve your goals in the future. At the end of the day, your purpose in life is not to be better than anyone else. It is not to outshine the majority and shine like the sun. The purpose of life is to live, enjoy and be happy with yourself and the only way to do this is to be best possible version of yourself that you can possibly be.

If you are battling with limiting how much you compare yourself with others, try these tips:

  • Limit your time spent on social networking sites which promote the feelings of under-worth rather than self-worth.
  • Remind yourself daily that every person including yourself is unique (no matter how cliché that might sound)
  • Compare yourself to yourself and only yourself. Try to improve it by setting goals and visualising how you will feel once those goals are achieved.
  • Distract yourself by doing things that you like when you find yourself comparing yourself to others.
  • Write down your thoughts.
  • Get with the programme, how significant is your problem compared to even more difficult life situations that people worldwide are suffering with today.
  • If all else fails, take your bestie – go for a coffee, let them give you a hug and then proceed to let them to kick your ass to get your thoughts back on track.

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