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Mila Kunis Won’t Diet Just Because She’s an Actress

Hiya Poutlings


Sure, it’s pretty stupid for someone who’s already skinny as hell to take a stand against dieting (that’s like me taking a stand for going to bed at 9pm on Fridays – already done!), but Mila Kunis gets a pass because I feel she deserves some recognition and possibly, we could all learn something from her wise words. Let’s not forget, she’s also pretty cool.


“You know, I stay fit, but I dieted for Black Swan. I think it’s OK to do that for the part, but not just for being an actor. Actors [in Hollywood] starve themselves to play thr normal girl – which, for me, is an issue. If someone’s playing a sick person then it’s OK for them to diet for the part. But to diet just to play the love interest or the girl next door, that’s absolutely not OK. You shouldn’t starve yourself; you should be able to live your life.”

I mean, do I neccessarily believe that Mila Kunis doesn’t diet, or at least seriously watch what she eats and works out 4-5 days per week to stay her shape? Not really, but it doesn’t really bother me in her case, mostly because she has a small frame and probably a high metabolism. You know, whatever. As a side note, I hate the tedencies stars have to inisit that they don’t really do much to look as good as they do. I just feel like slapping them in the face and shouting REALLY at them, we all know you spent your first pay cheque on new teeth, hair extensions and a personal trainer. I’m not hating, I’m simply stating that as a standard, MOST “stars” have those privledges as requirement, per se.

I also enjoyed Mila’s chilled persepctive as she expressed her personal philosophy to being grounded in the midst of celebrity life:

“I do take a concious effort to step back and acknowledge where I’m at, and at least appreciate it. I often think to myself, this is great for what it is, but now it’s time to move on. You have to present and stay in the moment or you get completely caught up, and miss so many things. I’ve been doing things for 20 years – I know, crazy – but it’s my career, and while I love what I do, it’s showbiz. It’s grand and it’s wonderful, but it’s not real life. Even though people think its real life.”

I don’t think I know of loads of people (except idiots) who think it’s real life, but I do agree that it’s good to stay present and appreciative regardless of your path in life. Also, since when has Mila Kunis been acting for 20 years? Wow.



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Hairspiration : Golden Globes

Hi Pouters!

This year’s Golden Globes ceremony showcased a wide variety of styles ranging from tousled waves to intricate updos. I’ve chosen five red carpet trends that are not only gorgeous, but easy enough to recreate without a team of stylists.


Seen On: Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams
The Vibe: Playful, pretty.
Best for: Short to Medium Hair.


Seen On: Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale
The Vibe: Elegant.
Best for: Long hair.


Seen On: Amanda Peet, Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Vibe: Sassy, fun.
Best for: Long hair.


Seen On: Mila Kunis, Rooney Mara, Penelope Ann Miller
The Vibe: Chic, serious.
Best for: Any length.


Seen On: Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara
The Vibe: Approachable, sexy.
Best for: Medium to long Hair.



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Weekend Event Crush: Let’s go to the Movies!

Hmm, what is it about a Friday/Saturday night movie with your boo that makes life so friggin awesome? Who knows? But all I do know is that it absolutely rules! There’s nothing better than to book a loveseat at a cinema, have a box of popcorn (or in my case, sneak something a little tastier and cheaper in, teehee!) and get your favourite flavour “Slush Puppy” and enjoy the 3 hours of movie bliss. So, what is showing this weekend that’s worth watching?

If you’re into romatic comedies, you get to choose between one awesome Justin Timberlake movie and one mediocre Justin Timberlake movie. Apparently Bad Teacher, which stars Justin and Cameron Diaz, is about a seventh grade teacher who hates her job and makes it her goal in life to find a rich, sexy man and she has her eyes set on care-free substitute teacher Scott (Justin Timberlake). This looks awesome and personally I really want to go watch this.

On the other hand you’ve got Friends With Benefits starring Mila Kunis and Justin and basically it’s about them being friends with benefits. Duh. Also, I’ve heard it’s pretty boring, so I won’t recommend it.

If you’re into action movies, Taylor Lautner’s Abduction looks pretty cool! The plot has something to do with Taylor finding out his parents aren’t his real parents and then for some or other reason shadowy forces want him dead, etc, etc. Whatever. It’s Taylor Lautner. On a bike. Nuff said. And your man will be entertained. Score!



If you’re babysitting or entertaining the kids, then no doubt The Smurfs (whether in 3D or not), will keep them happy. No need for a background story on this one, we all know the Smurfs, surely? Oh and it stars the awesome Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry plays Smurfette’s voice.

What I don’t recommend, is ZooKeeper. If you must, wait for it on DVD or for it to be broadcast on Mnet because it is a total waste of money. Unless, talking animals giving a goofy, chubby goon advice on how to get a chick is your thing, ya know. I don’t even think your 8 year old niece will like it.

So, do you recommend any movies this weekend? Let me know!

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