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Guest Contribution : My Favourite TBS Products

Everyone has a favourite product from certain stores.  The Body Shop is definitely one of my favourite stores, there are a few items that I find myself going back to, often and then there are a couple that are new and I am absolutely in love with.  So with that, I give you a few of my favourite items from The Body Shop.TBS1

The Body Shop’s Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover

This beauty is my second bottle, I don’t think there is another “drugstore” eye & lip make-up remover that works as well as this guy.  No stinging, works like an absolute dream.  I simply soak 2 cotton pad’s and then lay them over my eyes for about 30 seconds, wipe away and then flip the pad and wipe one final time and everything is gone! #Miraculous


The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Body Butter

Another product that I have used time and time again and if I can recall correctly, I am on my way to finishing my second little tub.  I use this baby directly after I have removed my eye-makeup and gently massage it into my skin for about a minute and then add a little bit of water to my face and then wipe off the rest of the Cleansing Butter with a flannel.TBS3

The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask

A few weeks ago I went onto Twitter and stated how badly I needed a thermal mask and I am so happy that I managed to get my hands on this guy.  I use this after cleaning my face and then use a generous amount over the areas that need the most care – my chin and nose area.  Upon skin contact the product heats up but not to a degree where you feel like your face is going to explode.  The reason it does this is to open up your pores and penetrate the problem areas.  Love it.  Would totally repurchase.TBS4

The Body Shop’s InstaBlur

This is my first tube and wont be the last.  As I have mentioned in a previous Friday Five post, this guy promises to control your shine for at least 12 hours, reduce the appearance of pores, hide blemishes, unify your complexion and to extend your make-up.  I can absolutely assure you that it does every single thing that it promises to do.TBS5

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

This is a fairly new product to me and the main reason I picked it up is because I really want to start the whole contouring & colour thing on my face.  I am still very much of a n00b when it comes to contouring so it’s a work in progress but I can tell you that I adore the colour payoff from the product, it’s a very natural shade, looks good and lasts a good few hours!TBS6

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Is Makeup Really Harmful? Long Term Effects of Cosmetics.

Hiya Poutlings

Our makeup rotuines come just as naturally to us as putting on shoes before leaving the house. From foundation to eyeshadow, we can’t get enough of our beloved products. But can makeup actually harm while making you look good? New research says yes. I’ve studied this new research and come to the following conclusions to see what exactly goes on after we leave the powder room.

While we are all well aware that makeup contains chemicals, it’s the types we are dealing with that we turn the other cheek to. From scary names like PARABENS, it’s sometimes easier to pretend we didn’t notice and continue applying and while the makeup doesnt necessarily need a life threatening warning label like cigarettes for eample, it doesn’t hurt a bit more to know what you’re applying to your skin.

Although you may think you’re inferior to certain products because you don’t swallow or inhale them, it doesn’t mean your system is in the clear. Because you’re putting makeup directly on your skin, it enters your bloodstream almost immediately, and because many of us use multiple products throughout the day, it’s the mixing chemicals we need to watch out for.

Aside from the typical allergic reactions and annoying breakouts, these chemicals have potential to cause long-term damage. If you expose your skin to multiple products containing chemicals like parabens on a regular basis for an extended period of time, you up your risk for things like breast cancer, aging problems and reproductive impairments.

Other chemicals like petroleum, find in products such as lipice, is a mineral oil jelly that can do more harm than good. While we turn lipice with hopes of getting rid of our dry skin, this chemical can actually lead to dry skin, which completely cancels out the purpose of its placement.

So how can we avoid these chemical combination mishaps? First, read the labels of your makeup. Check out the fine print and read the box before you buy. You can also switch to organic makeup products with natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin as much. Or, if you really want to make a change, go au naturale. – I am quite sure Sandylashxx has just had a heart attack. I’m sorry Sandy! 😀

All in all makeup isn’t a total disaster unless you drown your skin with multiple products 24/7/365.

To make this short and sweet – GIVE YOUR SKIN A BREAK ONCE IN A WHILE, but don’t be lazy. Everything in moderation dears, that is all.


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