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#TrueBeauty Real Mirror Test

Dove are undoubtly well known and, for some reason, quite widely loved for their True Beauty campaigns where for over a decade they have preyed on womans insecurities making it out that we all think we are ugly, unworthy and generally not attractive but then miraculously Dove tells them they are and WHAM they are injected with confidence and feel amazing about themselves and live happily ever after.

No matter what your thoughts on the campaigns are or are not, this parody will surely make you laugh and make you stop and wonder about whether all the other campaigns were really as effective…

No matter what Dove says, your own self image and being able to face your own reflection is what matters. So do some mirror staring if required, and touch up that lipstick! 😉

x flea143

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Penelope Cruz Kisses Superstition Goodbye for the Campari 2013 Calender

Have you ever spilt some salt? Walked under a ladder?

In the highly anticipated 2013 Campari Calendar themed “KISS SUPERSTITION GOODBYE”, Penelope Cruz tackles these nerve-racking accidents and comes out shining on the other side with a cocktail in hand.

Now in its 14th edition, the 2013 Campari Calendar was unveiled in Milan last week and features a series of photos of the Oscar winning actress taking on some classic superstitions, such as opening an umbrella indoors, spilling salt, walking under a ladder and breaking a mirror.

The calendar has been shot by renowned fashion photographer Kristian Schuller, styled by Christina Ehrlich and in dramatic red dresses from Monique Lhullier and Salvatore Ferragamo and Chopard Jewellery.

Penelope joins some of the world’s most stunning women who have graced the pages of the Campari Calendar including Milla Jonvich, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba. With only 9,999 copies of the calendar printed it will be distributed exclusively to friends of Campari internationally.

is it just me or do these once stressful superstitions seem less terrifying and more attractive?


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