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Kirsten Stewart’s Lastest Balenciaga Perfume Ad

Kirsten Stewart news has been somewhat quiet of late, however she has popped up in a new advert for Balenciaga’s perfume Florabotanica with her entire exposed back she looks wow.

Kirsten Stewart Balenciaga

She doesn’t appear awkward, neither miserable, she just looks wow. She still has the same facial expression but the campaign photographer Craig McDean knows how to make her look amazing.

What do you think?

x flea143

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Gisele Comes Out on Top Once Again

While taking a break from doing some budgets before payday, I stumbled across the Forbes list and as always I’m interested to know what the super models are making! This however, might make you feel somewhat inferior in the looks/money area…

gisele bunchen

For the seventh year running – Giesle Bunchen ranked in an estimated $42million in 2013-2013…. That’s a whole lot of moola. However her earnings don’t match last years total of $45 million but are actually even more impressive when you take into account that she took off time to give birth to her youngest daughter, Vivian. This woman is POWERFUL. Powerful because is making at least 3 times as much as the people that came behind her

Here are the figures of the models that came as runners up eating Gisele’s dust in the list were:

Miranda Kerr – $7.2 million

Miranda Kerr for VS Lingerie December 2012-050

Adriana Lima – $6 million

andriana lima

Kate Moss – $5.7 million

Kate Moss

Liu Wen – $4.3 million (an emerged Chinese superstar who is the first Chinese model to star in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.)


Now, excuse me while I go cry in the corner and feel inferior.

x flea143

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Gisele Bundchen is pregnant again, and rich!

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Candice Swanepoel Channels Her Inner Oriental Brunette for Blumarine Campaign

Hi Pouters!blumarine11

Eastern Culture has always attracted attention because of its luxurious charm and irresistible appeal. Think velvet, and silk with rich embellishment and embroidery – sounds like something royal, something beautiful, doesn’t it?


These things and even more were borrowed from the Eastern civilizations. No wonder, if in a past life I happened to live in medieval Europe with its overwhelming poverty, I would crave a nice outfit to stand out. You would too. Can you imagine what it feels like to look just like everyone else in a boring floor length linen gown? Although it is different in our time, and you don’t have to travel a million miles over the ocean in a boat for a couple of weeks to get your paws on a fashionable piece, western designers still to this day look for inspiration in the oriental world. A good example of this recently has been Italian brand, Blumarine, who has proved it with its dark enchanting Fall 2013 campaign.


blumarine10This campaign is an international wonder, our very own home grown South African model, along with a Swedish photographer and Italian designer came together to create the magical looks of a Blumarine woman.


Candice sporting dark brunette hair, matte red lips create an image of femme fatale which, is alluring! Her true beauty will always look stunning regardless of the hair colour. The Blumarine clothing is so edgy it makes it impossible to look away.


blumarine09Camilla Akrans, the photography genius, did an amazing job and managed to picture the Blumarine brand in a beautiful, alluring, sophisticated and romantic!blumarine05

blumarine08Do you agree?

x missfitz



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Wannabe a model?

Hello Poutlings

These days every body wants to be a model, and everybody believes they are a model even after 1 low-budget amateur photo shoot, so, since we all want to be models, here’s a few tips of things you should do before a shoot.

1.       Hair

Please ensure that your hair is clean and dry. Your hair must be styled before you get to the studio, unless otherwise stated by the photographer.

2.       Body hair

Waxing must be done at least 1 week to 3 days before the shoot.

Shaving of legs & under arms must be done the day before the shoot.

If you are doing a lingerie or bikini shoot, please ensure that the bikini area is shaved or waxed. Really now, there is nothing worse than doing a lingerie shoot with hair sticking out of the sides of your bottoms.

3.       Facial hair

Many wone don’t realise that the shape of their brows visually impact the look of your nose. pluck them too wide in the middle and your nose looks huge, pluck too little and you might develop a unibrow. Having great brows that frame your eyes give your face definition and strength. You cannot do a glamorous makeup look if your brows are the size and shape of caterpillars.

And for goodness sake don’t over pluck those brows. Highly plucked brows do not make you look younger.

Shaping of the brows (plucking or waxing) should be done at least 1 week to 3 days before your photo shoot.
4.       Skin treatments
If you are considering having a facial done before your shoot, please do so at least 3 days before the shoot. Most of the times some facial products cause breakouts and by doing the facial 3 days before the shoot you can counteract most breakouts.
You must moisturizer your face and body before the photo shoot. So get a lovely rich body cream or body butter and start moisturising your skin. There is nothing worse than dry skin on a photo shoot. Also take the moisturizer with you to the photo shoot so you can apply it before you start shooting.
As for face moisturisastion, if a makeup artist has been arranged, please ensure that your face is washed and all leftover makeup is removed, this includes all mascara and left over eye pecil marks. Please use a good face moisturiser at least 30 minutes before you reach the studio. Yes we girls don’t like travelling anywhere with bare faces, but you have to bite the bullet for a bit, put on sime big sunnies and drive like a crazy person.
5.       Outfits
Choose your outfits according to the shoot that you have booked. Try them on before you go for your shoot to ensure that you are comfortable in them. If you take clothes that your are uncomfortable with, you will look uncomfortable in your photographs.
6.       Shoes & accessories
Remember to take shoes, at least 1 pair for each outfit. You cannot do a shoot in 5 outfits and wear the same shoes the enitre time.
 Please make sure to take accessories along to your shoot that compliment your outfits.  These are small things, but quite vital as having a portfolio done with only 1 set of accessories just doesn’t work.
7.       Posing and facial expressions
These are vital elements to your photo shoot. It won’t help doing a fun photo shoot, if you don’t smile, or doing a boudoir shoot and looking like a deer caught in headlights.
Buy a few fashion magazines (the good quality overseas kinds) and have a look at the photos, practice them in front of a mirror, also practice facial expressions. It might feel strange, but it helps you to be more comfortable and allows you to know what your body can and cannot do.
As much as it is the photographers job to direct you when posing, it is also your job to be prepared and not show up with the “I don’t know what to do” attitude.
8.       Get some rest!
Please do not go out partying like a wild animal the evening before your shoot. It is rather unproductive to show up at a photo shoot when you are tired, hung over and have bloodshot eyes. IF you do happen to go partying the night before and feel like roadkill the day of your shoot, rather reschedule your shoot and make sure you have paid your shoot deposit / retention fee.

 9.   Oh, but the photographer can fix it…

No dearies, going to a shoot with that attitude doesn’t cut it. Photographers do not have the time to “Fix” things that you could’ve taken care of before you left your house. While you might think that you are their only client, I can assure you, you are not.

I hope some of you newbies read this and take this to heart, in the end it will make it all easier for yourself.

Have a good weekend poutlings!

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NSFW: Plastic Surgery Themed Editorial In Noi.se Magazine

[NB: NSFW stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  I’m serious; close the browser if you do not want to get fired. Thank you. This public service announcement is brought to you from Pout Perfection’s stay employed innitiative]

Hiya Poutlings!plastic-surgery1

Of all the self-referential ways the fashion world comments on itself, plastic surgery-themed editorials are simply one of the best. That is because most efforts at self-reference, in all contexts fashion or not, come off with a hint of self-indulgent and a dash of un-self-critical, while it’s pretty f*cking impossible for a decent plastic surgery themed editorial to do that.


The imagery of plastic surgey is so grotesque that it makes you think “Oh, that’s AWFUL!” even if you still want to look like the model therein. These photos, for lack of a better word, “expose” the price of beauty, if you can call it that.


It also just happens to appeal to my inner Gothic sensibilities (I was a terrible Goth, I could never shut up) because once you grown up listening to Marilyn Manson you will never not enjoy a photo that combines the glamorous with the macabre.

Roll up, roll up! Come and marvel at our illegal clinic. Blunt sharps and filthy gloves.The surgeon (butcher?) chainsmokes throughout the operation. But that’s ok, cause so does the patient. Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab! I see you shiver with anticipation?…

Additionally, it echoes a Suicidegirls photoset published during the site’s heyday, which was humorous and compelling enough to still be stuck in my mind, seven years later. Related, that makes me feel old.

x missfitz


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