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Marc Jacobs & South Park : A Match Made in Heaven

Hey Pouters

I really do think Marc Jacobs is incredibly interesting and well I’m not alone, so did South Park… they love interesting people.

Well, Marc Jacobs loves South Park and South Park loves Marc Jacobs. It appears that it has been a match made in heaven.

Not only did the designer appear on the cartoon comedy last November which spawned a line of Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman tshirts in Marc Jacobs West Village shops, Marc then proceeded to have a South Park tribute tatooed his cartoon doll likeness on his arm, but now a 12-inch limited edition “Muscle Man Marc” doll has arrived to pay homage the designer-cartoon-collab.

The dolls sell for $125 and are only available at Marc Jacobs boutiques and online, at marcjacobs.com.

How nifty is that… most of the celebs hate it when South Park gets them on their show, but here is Marc embracing it and coining it in at the same time too, well played.



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