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Breaking Dawn Part 1 Review (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Hello Pouters! Did you go watch Breaking Dawn like me last night? What did you think?

Well, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t expecting it to be half as good as it actually was. Or as graphic! If I’m not mistaken, the movie is PG13 and if I had rated it, I’d at least give it a 16… or then again, today’s 13 year olds aren’t quite as innocent as I was at 13 a million years back.

Anyway, the movie starts off with Bella and Edward’s wedding where she stood nervous infront of a crowd of people (and vampires, duh) wearing a gorgeous Carolina Herrera masterpiece. Trying to find a picture of the dress on the internet, however, is like looking for a half naked Mother Theresa, so I’ll add a photo as soon as I can find one.

To be quite frank, it was a very plain dress with a really gorgeous design at the back. I don’t think finding a dress more suited to Bella’s personality could have been possible. Her makeup, however, was a different story. She was supposed to be so “wow” and everyone (as usual) carried on like she was the most beautiful thing on earth, when she basically looked exactly the same with a little bit of smokey eye… wow… groundbreaking.

Anyway, then they go off to their honeymoon, Edward breaks the furniture and the pillows and impregnates his blushing bride who then starts getting so sick that she looks like anorexia with a swollen stomach. Here’s where I have to give the editors MAJOR credit. I was a bit disturbed by the way Bella looked. She was scarily thin and gaunt and it bugged me a little, like it should have. Then, in one scene where she bends to pick up a cup, her ribs crack and she almost plunders to the ground. That was really hectic. Then came the birth scene and the scene where she lay on the table with her lifeless, gaunt body.

Wait, was this movie really just PG13??

Anyway, I was crying in the cinema like a little baby, even though I knew what was going to happen. I’m a loser like that, forgive me.

So, yea, it was pretty good. I would give it 5 stars! Go see it! And take your boyfriend along, he won’t hate you, he just won’t dare admit how much he liked the movie!
It’s just such a pity Breaking Dawn Part 2 is only coming out in November 2012!

Have an awesome day Pouters!
Peace and Love xoxox


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Are You Ready For Breaking Dawn?

Hey there readers;

So, don’t deny it or anything, because I know you’re all counting down the days, hours and minutes till you’ll be perving over Edward or Jacob and drooling every time they take their shirts off (that’s 6 days, 144 hours, 8640 minutes and 518 400 seconds to the uncool kids in the back), so I’ve compiled a few funnies I’ve found on the internet to keep you entertained until then… enjoy it my lovelies!

Oh and just so you know, I love it when guys watch it and enjoy it. Whether you’re straight OR gay! What the hell does it even matter anyway? It’s a movie! And the more guys who can be like Edward or Jacob – THE BETTER! So Ha!

Anyway have a fan-friggin-tastic eve/afternoon/morning (wherever in the world you are) Pouters!

Peace and love xoxox



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