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Model Citizen

Jeremy-MeeksA few weeks back a lot of the women on the internet were going all googly-eyed over Jeremy Meeks for apparently being the hottest fellon in the world after his mugshot was posted on the police station’s Facebook page following his arrest and it went viral. He was even known as “Hot Mugshot Guy” and trended on Twitter. In the past few days he has reportedly been offered a $30,000 (US Dollars not Zim Dollars) modelling contract. This does seem to be a matter of debate with no actual clarification from whom the modelling contract was offered, but even so its got chins wagging and I cant stop shaking my head. A lot of ladies are eagerly hoping this is in fact true in the hopes of doing what? Looking at headshots of Jeremy without a prison jumpsuit? Le sigh.

Well, that is suprising. Or is it? The internet seems to have a habit of making people famous that do not deserve the fame. Can we kindly cast a blind eye to someone that has committed a crime and get on with our lives? – rather than saying “Hey Mr. Meeks, you’re a naughty boy for commiting *insert whatever crime he was arrested for here* but because the general population of women on the intenet think you’re attractive we would like to use you to sell some products!”. Pfft.  The answer seems to be no.Jeremy Meeks Gucci Inspiration

Jeremy Meeks DG InspirationWill this silliness ever stop?

x flea143

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Is Chivalry Officially Dead

Hi poutlings ❤

Trying to catch up on some blogging while I’m up in Egoli. If you live in South Africa, you are likely to have seen this on the news but I feel I need to add my two cents…It’s SAD.


It’s Zimbabwe news, so don’t worry South Africans, this is unlikely to happen to you. Anyway, back to the story: A naked boyfriend ran off into the bushveld  while a lion mauled to death the girlfriend with whom he’d just been having sex.  A friend told local news in Zimbabwe,

“The two were romping when the incident occurred. The lion came from behind and roared.”

Sharai Mawera had her neck and stomach torn apart by the lion, while her unnamed fisherman beau ran off while still wearing a condom— supposedly to get help. This is the second time a human has been mauled by a lion in the area in the past week.

Let that be a lesson about outdoor lovemaking: don’t do it with dangerous predators around or with men who’ll leave you behind for breakfast.

x missfitz

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Alternative Model(s)

Good Day Pretty Pouters 😉

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Alternative modelling is a branch of the modelling industry that features models who do not conform to the mainstream ideals of beauty. Alternative models are often niche-specific, with a personal style that represents subcultures like goth, burlesque, latex and fetishism. An alternative model may for example be tattooed, pierced, or have distinctively subcultural hair (shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural colour, mohawk, or in dreadlocks)

Alternative models can be clothed or unclothed.

Alternative modelling was given substantial mainstream media coverage in the last decade, partly through the creation and popularisation of community-based alternative modelling sites, like Godsgirls, SuicideGirls and BlueBlood.

Alternative model: M!ss Ameerah

Personally I think she makes a pretty commercial model too (Second image)

Alternative modelling community sites promoted their models for their personality as well as for their look and portfolio.

So as you can see according to google-Wikipedia an “Alternative model” is a female/male with tattoo’s, piercing, and hair that does not get accepted in the mainstream “Community” According to my ability to read I can’t recall it stating ANYWHERE that “Alternative modelling” consists of “Themed shoots” or “Anything/everything the norm would NOT do”.

As a model in the Commercial industry as well as an “ex Alternative model” (If I may) I would like to share my in’s and out’s as well as pretty much just my 2cents on Modelling as well as Alternative modelling.

But let me start of by introducing myself.

I am Lady_HellFire, Better knows as Hesmarie or Hesmarie Hellfire I am a model and have been in the industry for +-13 years where I have done ramp, beauty pageants, photographic modelling as well as teach a few classes at “model finishing school” when I was younger. I will be posting for pout Perfection about the modelling industry as well as the safety and dangers the industry holds. If you do not agree with me on things, please be as kind as to share your opinion, I really do enjoy having a good old debate from time to time 😛

So my first blog will be about “Alternative Modelling” as you can see.

The majority of people’s concept of an “Alternative” model is the fact that he/she has piercings or tattoo’s or even some funky hair-style, which according to Wikipedia is correct.

But in my personal opinion modelling and acting goes hand-in-hand so why the different genre’s of modelling as a model you should be able to be versatile, should be able to portray what is expected of you in front of the lens, so I think if you are a Great model you should be able to slap on some fake tats a clip on nose ring and some wacky hair do and be able to pull off the “Alternative” style of modelling just as if you are classified as an “Alternative” model if you are a good model you should be able to pull of a commercial look when required.

Your thoughts on the image above, commercial or alternative?

I honestly think the fact that every second girl who has a friend with an expensive camera and some nice unedited pictures with “Artistic” angles who classifies herself as a model due to having a facebook page with “fans” should have a look into the industry, because it’s NOT that easy and it’s not all that glamorous either, you are not a model if not qualified so being an “Alternative” model does not make you one either, its become a gate way for attention. Again in my opinion 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts and input on the subject?

Much love.




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Miss SA 2011/12 Melinda Bam

Hello Fabulous Pouters!

This weekend in South Africa, we had our yearly event for the crowning of the new Miss South Africa.

The beautiful Melinda Bam was crowned Miss SA 2011 at a glittering event held at the Sun City Super Bowl on 11 December 2011.


Melinda, who is a 22-year-old Pretoria University B.Comm marketing student, won the title at Sun City over the weekend, with Remona Moodley, 22, crowned first princess and Thuli Sangwini, 21, crowned second princess.


As part of the pageant winnings, Melinda gets a car and a designer diamond watch, as well as a luxury trip to Paris. She will also represent South Africa in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants

Becoming Miss SA requires a lot of work, and I’m sure Melinda will do all South African woman and our nation proud. I hope she also sets a great image for young South African woman out there, as well ass woman outside of SA.


Wishing Melinda all the best for her year ahead as Miss SA!


Megs 😉


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