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Funny Sh*t – The Lonely Island

Good morning Pouters!

So it’s 17 days till the public holiday in South Africa, 26 days till Xmas and 32 days till the year ends (oh and 54 days till my birthday haha!) and you’re still feeling blue because you’re sitting at work, either bored because there’s no work or overloaded with the stuff because it’s almost year-end.


I’ve been sent on a pretty pink ship from a land of candyfloss far far away to take you away from your troubles for a couple of minutes and introduce you to an American Comedy Troupe called The Lonely Island.

Their songs include “Dick in a box”, “3Way”, “Threw it on the ground” and “Turtle neck and chain”, obviously very weird names for songs, which is what makes them so awesomely funny! Their lyrics are probably the funniest I’ve heard in a long time and in one song they actually got ladylike Natalie Portman to rap like she was 50cent or something, telling her fans they can “Suck my D*ck!” nice…

So, you wanna see the genius music videos? Hear the funniest lyrics? Go ahead, you won’t regret it and it would undoubtedly make your Tuesday!

Threw it on the Ground (Ryan Renolds and Elijah Wood star in the vid):

The Creep (Niki Minaj and John Walters):

I just had Sex (Akon and Jessica Alba and Blake Lively…):

Motherlover (Justin Timberlake and Susan Sarandon):

3Way (Lady Gaga & Justin Timberlake)

Jack Sparrow (Michael Bolton):

Hope you enjoyed! Keep Pouting today (but smiling is OK too!)…

Peace and Love xoxox



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Niki Minaj: Wig Alert!!!

So, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Niki Minaj at the moment. I can’t really stand her music and barely know some of them because when they come on, I mute the volume of the TV… BUT I love her wig style! Those wigs are like yummy Chocolate Sundays on a hot summer’s afternoon, they are so fun, awesome and colourful! But sometimes she gets it so wrong…

Here are my Niki Minaj WIG DO’S:

A pretty black bob does her beautiful face so much justice, I love it!


Possibly her trademark “do” and she rocks it!

Barbie blonde actually looks so cool with the outfit she’s wearing here…

Strangely enough, this turquoise wig makes her look even prettier… is that even possible?

And here are my Niki Minaj WIG DONT’S:

Marge Simpson with a dye job? Nope, Niki Minaj with a bad wig day… Don’t love it one bit!

Wilma Flintstone? Oros? Nope, it’s Catwoman Niki with a really bad wig…

I have no words…sigh…

The number one rule for girls with big boobs and hips is that you should never  cut your hair short, or in this case wear a wig that’s too short. It makes you look out of proportion.

I think I’ll be searching my cupboard for my pink wig soon, seeing as Halloween is creeping nearer! Thanks for the inspiration Miss Minaj!


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