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Makeup Inspiration : Office Chic

Although a lot of people are starting to wind down now for the end of the year which is only a couple of weeks away, unfortunately when life tells you that you have to work, you work it, baby! Working in an office and getting ready in the morning can be a little tricky. You don’t want to look like you’re all dolled up and ready hit the town but you also do want to look like you’ve made an effort, shall we say their is such a thing as office chic? Most definitely! If you’re a bit a stuck at how to do your face in the morning the beauty editorial in Unica for October 2013 featured Alexandra from MRA Models with several easily adaptable looks which scream Office Chic, exactly as the editor, Georgiana Constantin aptly named the set. Images were photographed by Alex Ranta and the makeup was by Silviana Buturuga, hair by Petre Tache and nails by Lacramiora Enache.

office chic UNICA (2)Strong brows

office chic UNICA (3)Lips in a wine tint

office chic UNICA (4)Glossy lips

office chic UNICA (1)Light cheek contouring

Follow the basic guide of strong brows  or lips in a wine tint with neutral eyes or glossy lips or a contoured face and you can’t go wrong with Office Chic!

x flea143

x flea 143

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Beauty Marc Shines in Teen Vogue

Check out these super hot makeup looks created using Marc Jacobs products in Teen Vogue September 2013 featuring model Ondria Hardin shot by Jason Kibbler.

Teen Vogue 01Teen Vogue 02Teen Vogue 03Teen Vogue 04



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Queen Victoria for Harpers Bazaar UK

Hey Pouters!

Victoria Beckham featuring in Harpers Bazaar May 2012

photographed by Camilla Akrans

styled by Sissy Vian featuring the work of Yves Saint Laurent, Rochas and Jimmy Choo, amongst others

Makeup by Yumi Mori & Hair by Alain Pichon

I just love her lush curls and bombshell lashes!!



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Inspiration: Metallic Blue Eyes

Hi Pouters!

Prabal Garung


Fall  2012


 Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s stunning metallic eye was the main event. “The makeup ended up feeling a bit Avatar-ish,” she said. “But also like, wild birds of paradise. Beetles. Peacocks.” Working MAC Cosmetics teal and green cream shadows right up to the brow bone, she created an electric blue effect that almost seemed to move with the light. She purposely made it “diagonal, like birds of paradise feathers.” Tilbury then layered on a coppery brown cream shadow, which further enhanced the iridescent effect. Lashes were left bare, and the skin was minimal. A bit of moisturizer, then cream highlighter on the cheekbones, ridge of the nose and on the lips. “Dewy, metallic, supernatural skin,” is what Tilbury was going for.

via stylist.com

Get your inspiration on!



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