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Happy Wednesday Amigo’s and Amiga’s

So this past weekend my hands were itching to do some makeup.  Unfortunately no one was around to offer their face.  So I checked me out in the mirror and thought,  I never did an and old Hollywood Glamour makeup shoot.

So this is what I looked like.

Sandylashxx’s Glamour Look

Want to get the look?

Obviously before any makeup application, you want to moisturize your skin a few minutes before.  I then applied prebase from Model Co.  The foundation I used was a cream foundation 23 from Inglot.  Not much contouring was necessary for this look.  I only contoured the tip of my nose.  I’ll tell you how later.  Once that was out the way, I set everything with loose powder.

  1. Apply eyeshadow primer over the whole lid.  Then on the outer part of my eye I stuck on some sticky tape.  This ensures a super defined look.
  2. (You want to make your eye look lustrous, wide and sexy.)  I didn’t use liquid liner.  I simply dipped my liner brush in some water and used black eyeshadow.  You have to pass the natural length of your eye to get this look to work.  That extra vavavoom.  As you can see in the picture I drew below.  By the way start from the outer part of the eye inwards.
  3. Get a very light and subtle shimmery brown and apply it on the outer part of your eye into the crease.  This just creates a bit of depth.  And it prevents this look from being too harsh.  On the inner and outer corners of your eye, apply a silvery, shimmery light colour for that “POP” effect MUA’s always talk about.  (Shown in pic 3)
  4. Apply white or silver on the lower inner line.  Your 2nd last step regarding the eyes is mascara!  Add a lot of mascara.  Imagine your eye to be a cat, and your petting the living daylights out of it!  Pet your lashes with mascara baby.  Add and add!  Top and bottom!  Now finish off your eyes by filling your eyebrows.  (Tip: make an angry face to get that perfect eyebrow look)

→Add blush

→And line your lips.  Line your lips.  Go past your natural line.  Make them look opulently luscious looking. As you can see in my one photo, I drew a line in the middle of my bottom lip.  This gives the POUT effect in case you didn’t know.

→Finish your whole look with red lipstick.

Oh, before I forget, do the hair!!!  Give it that glam side-do look.

Me without makeup! OHEMGEE!!! Don’t run away!

Sticky tape time.

Added the liner

Filled and extended the brows and added white liner in the bottom lash line.

Mascara time darling!  Remember, your lashes is the cat and your petting it!  Don’t stop! Again, again and again.

I took the sticky tape off!  Don’t keep it on! haha.  Here you can see how I applied the lip liner.  I went over my natural lip line and drew that sneaky line in the middle for that POUT effect I told you about.


Did the hair.  I think this look suits me.  I shall do it more often.  Especially for the evening.

How I defined the nose.

This picture isn’t that of my nose, but in picture 2 it shows how I defined it.  I didn’t contour down the bridge of the nose, as mine is long and narrow enough.  However, I wanted to “shorten” the length.  So with OAK LIP LINER from M.A.C.  I drew two moon shapes on the bottom above each nostril. And blended it out.  Yes, I said Lip Liner!!! Oak lip liner is one of my favorite tools to define my nose.  Try it!

So that’s the Sandylashxx Glamour Look.  Gonna try it?

Send me your pics please!  I wanna also see!  poutperfection@gmail.com




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