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Let Your Skin Live in Harmony with Alive {Competition Closed}

Our beautiful fashion fairy friends over at Lushberry – The Online Style Destination have spoilt me with a new experience in skincare, Alive Products.

Green Envy

Green EnvyFor the past week and a bit I’ve been lucky enough to experience the Alive Bio Organic Facial Mask – Green Envy. The product is as the name suggests, green. As normal, anything that is green is good for you be in vegetables, trees, grass and even skin care. Green is better! This mask is typically for people who have excess sebum build up which results in oily or acne prone skin. The key ingredient in the mask is French Green Clay, imported from the source in France, this is the base of all the Alive products and is renowned for having healing properties. In the form of a facial mask, this French Green Clay uses it absorptive property to draw out impurities, excess oil and toxins.

Immortal Beauty

Immortal BeautyIf you are more worried about combatting the signs of ageing, then the Immortal Beauty facial mask is more up your street, the key ingredient in this mask is French Red Clay which contains iron oxides to smoothe, soften, lighten and refine the grain of your skin resulting in a painless facelift in a tub. Essential oils are also used to regenerate skin cells.

For the best results the masks should be applied to the face with a mask brush and left for 15 minutes or until the clay has dried and then removed with warm water, followed by your every day/evening moisturiser. You can use the facial masks daily on problematic areas or use weekly as part of your at-home facials.

Immediately, after first use I noticed that my skin felt smoother, although you may experience a slight redness due to the mask stimulating blood flow beneath the surface of the skin to eliminate impurities, excess oil and toxins (I did not, which is surprising as my skin can red faster than a Ferrari can go from 0-100km per hour).

If you are interested in trying out the Alive products, find them here at Lushberry for R129,00 each.

Lushberry have happily agreed to give away the products to two of our lucky readers! Giveaway Alive Products

To enter follow the following steps

1. Email pout@poutperfection.com with your name, telephone number, province and which mask (Green Envy for Oiy & Acne Prone Skin or Immortal Beauty for age-defying essential oils) you would like to win, if you have no preference, state so!

2. Follow Lushberry & Pout Perfection on Google+.

Competition Rules

1. Competition is only open to residents of South Africa.

2. The competition closes on Friday 31 January and the winners will be notified via email and announced via blog post.

Good luck and remember the entries closes on Friday 31 January. We will announce the winners once chosen.



Winners have been contacted. Congratualtions!


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Winter is Coming… Prepare Your Skin!


Hi Poutlings! ♥

Are you going numb, not from the cold but from all the misinformation and bogus “wives tale” advice about winter-proofing your face and body? Let’s investigate and see what the top skin experts say and some of my tried and tested ways in order to help us embrace the cold weather with our best face and body forward…

MYTH : The thicker the cream the better it hydrates.

TRUTH : Annet King, the director of the International Dermal Institute clarifies this,

“An overdose of lipids can actually trap dead skin cells and leave skin looking duller.”

Annet King reccommends layering serums under creams in order to boost moisture.

“Serums are light, yet have super-concentrated ingredients – ideal for absorption.”

I’m currently using and loving : Body Shop Shea Body Butter – my ultimate body cream, not only does is smell beautiful it glides effortlessly and absorbs into your skin easily. Not sure on the price, however they normally have specials on, such as buy 2 get 1 free etc. Well worth it, whatever it costs.


MYTH : Overcast skies mean you can cut back on your SPF.

TRUTH : In case you didn’t know… Hardly. As a depleting ozone has led to stronger UV rays, SPF is now a year-round endeavour. And clouds do little to filer out wrinkle-accelerating UV rays. Come cooler weather, find a daily moisturiser with a broad spectrum SPF 15 (or higher) to hydrate and protect.

I’m currently using and loving : Dermalogica Clean Start Everyday MoistureI think its about R250, cannot remember as it lasts forever!


MYTH : Oily skin can forgo moisturiser.

TRUTH : Dry, cold climates wear on all skin types – even oily! And without some added protection, barrier function (which keeps pollution and other moisture out of your skin) gets compromised. IF your skin is super-oily, you can get gel based cream but for true combination skin ensure you use different moisturisers for different areas – a light formula for your T-Zone area and a richer one for cheeks that get dry, patchy spots.

Tried and recommended : Dermalogica Ultracalming Barrier Repair – I think I paid about R400 last winter, but simply cannot remember.

"Velvety moisturizer helps fortify sensitized skin with a damaged barrier. Use this unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer after toning to help shield against environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress, and minimizing discomfort, burning and itching." Speak to your skin therapist to find the most optimal solution for your skin.

“Velvety moisturizer helps fortify sensitized skin with a damaged barrier. Use this unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer after toning to help shield against environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress, and minimizing discomfort, burning and itching.” Speak to your skin therapist to find the most optimal solution for your skin.

MYTH :  Exfoliating in winter makes dry skin patches worse.

TRUTH : The absolute key in winter is to moisturise throughly – occassionally add a hydrating mask to your face – as your skin barrier is weakened after exfoliating. Annet King, of the International Dermal Institute says

“The sloughing in fact causes a burst of cell renewal, so you’re helping new moisture rich cells move to the surface.”

I’m currently using and loving : Sorbet Sugar Scrub – this has lasted me about a year and I’m sure I will finish it shortly, however I think I paid R190 for this. You can easily make your own very quickly, see related posts at the bottom of this one.


MYTH : Loading up on lip ice will prevent your lips from chapping.

TRUTH : Only if its the right lip ice. Some common ingredients can actually have an adverse effect. Mineral oil (petroleum jelly found in Vaseline) creates an artificial film on your lips, signaling your skin to stop producing lipids, while funky flavours, perfumes and colours can also dry out skin. Annet King suggests seeking a natural oil infused balm or those with shea and cocoa butter.

“To get rid of flaky patches, apply a little facial exfoliant to damp lips (a soft toothbrush also does the trick), scrub gently, then follow with balm.”

Wait till you spring to resume use of lip plumpers and super long lasting formulas that dry out your pout.

I’m currently using and loving : Dermalogica Clean Start Smart Mouth Lip Shine – also bought this so long ago, I think its about R150 


MYTH : Steamy showers impart moisture to dry skin.

TRUTH : Dr. Robin Ashinoff says that this is most certainly not the case.

“Even though they feel great on a bone-chilling day, hot showers and baths are extremely drying.”

Exposure to hot water with high temperature causes blood-vessel dialation that results in water loss throughout the epidermis. If you crave heat, keep it under five minutes and stick with a soap free body wash instead of a bar of soap or anything highly perfumed. Pat, do not rub – your skin dry, and moisturise while its still damp to help your cream penetrate.

I’m currently using and loving : Skin EFX fragrance free soothing with chamomile body lotionavailable from Dischem, its a cheapie but your skin absorbs the cream so quickly and leaves you feeling smooth!


MYTH : Let winter-ravaged skin hibernate – cut back on professional treatments.

TRUTH : Actually, winter is one of the best times to start laser treatments like hair removal, as pre-laser skin shouldn’t be tanned, and post laser skin won’t tolerate sun exposure. Immediately following laser treatments, apply anti-inflammatory creams to boost skin’s recovery capability.

I’m currently under going laser treatment at Revive Skin Care Lounge with my wonderful therapist Youla (I have been since September last year, post to follow on my experience soon.)

The staff of Revive Skin Lounge

The staff of Revive Skin Lounge

MYTH : Extra layers of high-tech clothing are a cold climate must…

TRUTH : While warmth is obviously a necessity when the temperatures drop, some nylon and polyester fabrics can cause unsightly bumps, clogged pores and even ingrown hairs when they trap dead cells, oils and sweat. Better to wear natural fabrics – especially inner layers that touch your skin – and moisturise head to toe, morning and night. Shea butter is ideal as its a natural antioxidant as well as a moisturing agent. Also consider face and neck creams with humectants like aloe, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid.

Tried and tested : see first Body Shop Shea Butter 😉

x missfitz

Disclaimer : These are not a sponsored reviews, nor am I affiliated with the above mentioned brand(s) or companies in anyway.

RELATED READING : How To: make your own body scrub – (Fayinthemaze)


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There are various skin types and facial shapes that one has to learn before implementing corrective makeup. It’s always important you as the makeup artist analyze your clients skin colour, texture, tone, type and facial shape.

There are 5 skin types
– dry skin… Appears flaky and sensitive
– oily skin… Shiny and usually has breakouts
– problem skin type… Acne and eczema
– combination skin… Oily on the t-zone but the rest is dry
– normal skin type… None of the above, because it doesn’t really exist. In other words, a perfect skin.

The best way to describe a foundation is to say its a primer that evens out the skin tone so that colours go on smoother and look better. It also allows makeup to stay on longer.

– produces an even skin tone
– disguises minor blemishes
– used as a contour cosmetic
– acts as a base for the rest of the makeup
– protects the skin
– some foundations have anti-aging properties


– cream foundation
Oil based
Blends easily
Provides heavy coverage
Can be used in dry skin, normal skin or mature skin

liquid foundation
Oil or water based
Provides light to medium coverage
Can be used on dry, normal, mature or combination skin

gel foundations
Provides a sheer non-greasy coverage
Can be used on black unblemished, tanned skin. Skins on which a natural effect is required.

compact or cake foundation
Oil, wax or a powder based foundation
Provides heavy coverage
Can be used on dry, normal, badly blemished or scarred skin

mousse foundation
Provides light to medium coverage
It has a mineral oil base
Can be used on combination or normal skin

Care must be taken when applying a mousse foundation.  Blend quickly or it may start to dry too quick and create a crumbly appearance.


One also gets special types of foundation
tinted foundations
For improving facial contouring.

treatment foundation
Combining tinted preparations and additional nutrient elements.
For mature or creepy skin.

concealing foundation
To disguise and heal facial blemishes, scars, acne etc.
Applied directly over blemish, prior to medicated foundation.
Firm in texture.

sports/sun screen, tinted emulsion
Acts as a UV screen
Provides a natural day look
Usually has a high SPF. So as to protect epidermis.

TIP: do not use SPF foundation on brides. It will reflect on camera and give off that white mask face we all oh-so hate.

cosmetic camouflage
Disguises disfigurements, birth marks etc.
Includes covering creams and variety of foundation items.

theatrical foundation
A wide colour variety to suit stage, photographic and fashion to modeling work.


To apply a foundation successfully a damp sponge should be used to give a natural effect and to help it blend around the hair-line. A dry sponge will give a heavier coverage when required to do so. Foundation can be applied over the eye lids, lips and ears to give a natural look, also most importantly down the neck.

When choosing a foundation, it should be the same colour as the skin or as close to the natural skin colour as possible. The best way to test a foundation is on the JAW of the client/yourself in NATURAL LIGHT.

DO NOT test foundation on your wrist or hand. Your face’s skin is very much different to the rest of your body.

When applying foundation it should be carried into the hairline down he ear lobes and then underneath the chin and on to the neck. Blend, blend blend!


My favorite foundation is MAC studio fix, as it hides my imperfections quite well. INGLOT, CATRICE, MAKEUP FOREVER, SMASHBOX also have fabulous foundations.

We shall carry on with powders next time. Hope you found this quite helpful or just informative.

Remember to check out the other ‘class’ posts:

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Busting Myths on Beauty Tales

Hiya Poutlings!

Let’s get down to business the stuff we’ve heard and seen advertised – is it an old wives tale or does it really work? I’m playing Mythbusters today 🙂

1. Blackhead removing strips work

False. The truth is, the only way to remove blackheads is via manual extraction, something that’s typically part of a facial. Those black spots you  see when you rip off a strip from your nose are nothing more than dirt and  hair.

2. Cellulite creams work

False. It’s unfortunate, but true, no matter what a particular cream or gel tube tells you, there is no miracle in a bottle when it comes to fighting  cellulite. That said, some products can create a tightening effect, but nothing  permanent in the way of ridding the body of dimples.

3. You only need sunscreen when it’s sunny

False. UVA rays (the ones that cause wrinkles), are equally strong all year round and unlike UVB (the ones that cause sunburns), they penetrate through  window glass. You might not see the damage now from not wearing SPF year round,  but age spots, wrinkles, or in the worst cases, skin cancer, begin to appear as  you age.

4. Serums are a waste of time and money

False. Many women don’t apply a serum under their treatment product and  while it’s not the end of the world to have your anti-aging cream, moisturizer,  or whatever cream you are applying to improve your skin texture perform to its optimal potential, applying a serum beforehand will not only help loosen up your  skin making it more permeable, but serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients, making it critical when you’re having a hard time seeing results.

5. Toners are a waste of time and money

False. A skincare routine should ideally start with a toner once the skin is cleansed (if you find  your toner irritating it might be because it contains alcohol, so opt for an  alcohol-free one to be on the safe side), especially in the wintertime to maintain optimal skin hydration.

6. You can use the same skincare products year round

False. Skin reacts to weather, so it acts differently from summer to winter,  meaning that products have to be adjusted even if only slightly. For example, skin tends to produce  less oil in the winter, so opting for moisturizers and hair products that target dry skin is crucial for most people.

7. Greasy food and chocolate will make you break out

False. If the grease in your burger and slap-chips is drizzling all around your  mouth area while you eat, I imagine you might break out, but there has been no  hard evidence to suggest that just eating these foods causes breakouts. They are not ideal for healthy skin but eating Mc Donalds won’t be the major cause of your breakout.

8. Oily skin doesn’t need hydration

False. Moisturizing is an essential component in maintaining healthy skin cells. When treating oily skin (common in the summer), skip greasy, oil-based  moisturizers and opt instead for water-based, oil-free ones.

9. Crossing legs will cause varicose or spider veins

False. A commonly held belief is that sitting with your legs crossed  increases vein pressure resulting in varicose or spider veins, but this theory  has never been proven. The main culprits are family history, pregnancy, and  aging. Some studies, however, have shown that wearing compression hosiery can  help prevent them (to a minimal degree), since they apply slight pressure around  the leg, decreasing the volume of the veins.

10. Heavy creams are the most effective

False. More is not better when it comes to skincare. Skin can only absorb so  much and if you over-apply, especially when dealing with heavy creams, skin will  have a hard time absorbing what you’ve applied. As a result, the product will  just sit on the skin’s surface, weighing down skin tissue.


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