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When Boys…

It’s the WEEKEND baby, and that means its time to spend time with your loved ones… and if you are lucky enough to be in love,  give your snookums a big smooch, because, why not? One love. lol.

I’m sure you’ve seen these images by thingsboysdowelove share almost everywhere possible online. They are cute, sentimental, and prey on all of our inner teengage girls and the teenage girls we know are renowned for sharing these images left, right and center (you know who you are…) Even, the love haters out there are secretly more fond of these than of Tard, the Grumpy Cat…


However, when boys… get hold of these, they end up being quite funny, here are some of my best selection of the retakes… there are loads more, so feel free to send me your favourites if you do so wish.


I hope you all have a great weekend!

x missfitz


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