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A few weeks ago I was given this orange and white box with what appears to look like a clean sterile tube which looks like a needle which appears to have a see through substance inside of it. This was my first introduction with the brand Juliette Armand and I was absolutely intrigued. The brand has 3 lines and this product falls under the “anti-surgery” line. Postponing the need for forking out addtional cash for botox can be put back into the piggybank and used for some shoe shopping or indulging in the Juliette Armand product line.

My wonderful Opsis Theraphy - Juliette Armand

My wonderful Opsis Theraphy – Juliette Armand

The box instructions read as follows:

“Specific gel that immediately and visibly reduces dark circles and swelling in the sensitive eye contour area. This product moisturizers and tones the skin while reducing wrinkles of expression. Moreover it lends a smooth firm and soft eye contour.
Apply in the eye contour area by massaging on at morning and/or at night.”

I am not huge on eye area products as my eyes are inheritanly sensitive to active ingredients and I normally end up rubbing everything into my eye as the day goes on. The needle like container is unique that it disepenses just the right amount of product (in other words, very little) onto your finger in order to apply around the sensitive eye contour area. Using a pinky finger, gently massaging the gel into the skin from an inner corner to outer corner you feel the gel instantly be absorbed by your skin and leaves you feeling a bit more bright eyed.

The packaging is ingenious in the fact not only does it give you just enough product which results in wasting, is that the white tip can be used for extra stimulation of massaging the product into the sensitive eye area. I must be honest, I still haven’t found the time to be faffing with that early in the morning before work but it is a nice-to-have and I might actually make a point to use it tonight because I simply haven’t.

I don’t know if the product works on dark circles as it states it will, as I really don’t seem to suffer from the very much, but it certainly is a soothing eye gel and does reduce puffiness from not sleeping well or possibly having one too many glasses of wine the night before. There is a bonus of using it, if you apply it after a long day at work staring at a PC screen for too long before going out with friends it really does make you feel more awake. I have enjoyed using this during the winter months as even though my oily skin can be a nuisance around my eyes and nose can sometimes be prone to feeling very dry in these harsh colder months and I have found that this product has helped with around my eye area.

The product retails at selected salons for R725 and I truly believe even if used twice daily, the product would last for a long time so in the long run, it is not expensive no matter how big the initial outlay for what seems to be a small eye care product, but it is certainly cheaper than botox – I checked!

Visit their Juliet Armand’s website here; Facebook; & follow them on Twitter @Juliette_Armand.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. This has not altered my view of the product in anyway.

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Introducing Juliette Armand

Cancel any plastic surgery indefinitely before you try Juliette Armand. In a nutshell, Juliette Armand is a Greek company that was founded by two Greek chemists in the 1990’s that decided to enter the wide world of cosmeticsJuliette Armand by developing both new and unique formulas. If you know any Greeks in your life or even have watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you will know that everything the Greeks do, they do with the upmost pride. As the Juliette Armand brand is very well known in Greece, across the EU and internationally it is a pleasure to know that they are available in South Africa. Juliette Armand are a bespoke company as they boast quality ingredients, professional research and deliver on their promises.

The brand, Juliette Armand has 3 product lines.

1. Skin Boosters – the Anti-Surgery System. Innovative range designed to prolong the need for plastic surgery.


2. Elements – for Face & Body. The largest line of products under the Juliette Armand name. Catering for any concern with the face and/or body which all contain strong and active ingredients.


3. Sun Film – Sun Protection and Tanning. Get a beautiful glow nauturally but while being protected from the harmful UVA & UVB rays.


Juliette Armand’s mission is quite unique.

“Time does not stop, however it may be slowed down. This is exactly what our mission is, to make time elapse on the skin at a lower rate.”

Don’t shop their products by skin type but by skin mood. This is a unique concept which makes sense if you think about it. Do you really need to define what ‘skin type’ you fall into for life when there are various other items to take into account when choosing the correct products for you as they need to suit the season of life you’re in. If you too are as intrigued about this brand as I am, then watch this space for a review of their Skin Booster OPSIS THERAPY – Eye Brightening Gel which I have had the pleasure to try.

Visit their website here ; Facebook , and follow them on Twitter @Juliette_Armand.

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