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Miley Cyrus Looks Unrecognisable in W Magazine

Miley Cyrus covers the new issue of W Magazine, looking more like a mixture of Lady Gaga mixed with a hint of Donatella Versace with bleached eyebrows and longer hair.Miley Covers W Magazine

She was interviewed by Ronan Farrow and their discussion seemed to sum up some Miley-esque media headlines – weed and dating and some deeper thoughts on the world, children and the environment for example. Despite the overly American-ised English, with lots of likes it does sound like she is actually growing up a bit. I do give this chick props, she has a lot of bad media attention and she genuinely doesn’t seem to care which is in a way, admirable. She also happens to flash her nipple in one of the pictures which everyone has busted their own tit about online, but seriously, who really cares?

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Let’s Talk About Kontouring…

Hiya Poutlings

I am pretty sure the title of my heading has most of you NOT reading this post, but those of you that are brave enough to face what I have to say, well, I salute you, in the nude 😀

Kim Krapdashian has for some reason taken to Twitter to show her followers just how she pretends to be someone from the cast of the Lion King draws a facelift on under makeup before an apparent photo shoot…

Fascinating, isn’t it?

If it were anyone else I would be seriously congratulating their time and effort they have put into creating such a wonderful masterpiece. Contouring is not necessarily hard, it takes lots of patience and blending the shit outta your brushes, it takes someone who has patience to be able to put this facade everyday… someone like Kim.

Does the sight of the Krapdashian tongue and the thought of where it’s been make anyone else want to be boarded up in a nunnery for the rest of your life?


The end result is the caked face we’ve come to know and love or hate, depending on who you are….



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Runaway Brides in Sophiatown

Good morning pouters, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

This past Saturday while most people were either marching at SlutWalk or watching more rugby I was running after a bunch of runaway brides at a demolition site in Sophiatown. The runaway brides were none other than the gorgeous Dynamite Girls (part of Dynamite Promotions) and they were on a very dusty set of an actual soon be demolished site. There were 17 gorgeous Dynamite Girls modelling dresses from Kobus Dippenaar Couture and Wedding Connexion.

I was on set from 9 am until 3pm and it was a busy but fun day – I didn’t have to completely paint 17 faces, luckily the girls had done their makeup and I was there purely to touch them all up and make them perfect and camera-ready before they went and were shot by the 4 photographers on site in different parts of the broken buildings.

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of some beautiful brides.

A big thank you to Dynamite Promotions and the Dynamite Girls for letting me a part of your team and an extremely big thank you has to go to David Colyn of Dragonfly Photography www.dragonflyphoto.co.za for getting me involved in this project.

At the end of the day I was dirty, all makeup’ed out and utterly exhausted from running around all day but it was worth every second.



P.S. Clicks own range of makeup Essence has fantastic and affordable mascaras. Go try!


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