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The Beautiful, Dreamy $83 Million Diamond Ring

Jennifer Lopez's $2.5 million sparkler

Jennifer Lopez’s $2.5 million sparkler

Pink diamonds earned their right in the spot light when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged, Jen paraded around with a gorgeous 6.1 carat pink diamond on her finger and when they split up it broke my heart that we wouldn’t be seeing that beautiful rock on her finger anymore. Well,  that specific diamond can stay wherever it may be, there’s a much bigger, much more spectacular  pink diamond about town that will put Jennifer Lopez’s predecessor to shame.

A gigantic pink diamond which measures 2.69gm by 2.06cm and is set on a ring, named the Pink Star has been sold to Isaac Wolf, who is a New York diamond cutter who has fondly called it the Pink Dream. How ironic, that is all it will ever be to us mere mortals, a dream.Pink Star/ Pink Dream Diamond

This auction bid for the diamond is huge compared the $46 million paid for the Graff pink diamond which was auctioned three years ago, which until now was the highest record bid for a diamond and it was also half the size of the Pink Star/ Pink Dream. The total amount of $83 million includes the auction house, Sotheby’s commission (which I’m sure they will be laughing all the way to the bank with).

The Pink Star was mined by De Beers in Africa in 1999 but it did not specify from which specific country. All that is clear is the diamond and that it is rare and worth approximately R830,000,000 {Eight hundred and thirty million ZAR}! It has taken many years to cut and polish the diamond which is 132.5 carat in rough state.

So, who wants one?

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