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Sh’zen Natural Essence

Hera Fabulous Poutlings!

As we know I’m religious user of Sh’zen, and they have recently introduced a new range called:
Natural Essence!


First in the new range is:

Natural Essence Purifying Cleansing Wash


This lightly foaming cleanser has a delightfully fresh scent and works to thoroughly cleanse skin without stripping it of essential moisture.

Natural Essence Matifying Day Cream


This velvety day cream provides long-term hydration and sun protection while keeping skin de
This clay-based mask deep cleans skin, absorbing excess oil and impurities to visibly improve skin and leave it calm and comforted.

Natural Essence Clearing Lotion


This spot-control treatment provides fast-acting relief from break-outs and is a must for acne-prone teenagers.

Natural Essence Balancing Toner


Control excess shine, refine pores, freshen and clarify skin with a spritz of this citrus-scented toner.

Natural Essence Clarifying Exfoliant


This cream scrub prevents blocked pores and clears away dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion.

Natural Essence Skin Life Oil


An elixir of 100% natural plant oils, this works to purify, repair, restore and rebalance skin, while its fresh, citrus scent delights the senses.

Natural Essence Rescue Clay Mask


This clay-based mask deep cleans skin, absorbing excess oil and impurities to visibly improve skin and leave it calm and comforted.

I hope you Poutlings enjoy these products as much as I do.
Don’t forget to use the Sh’zen website for more information.

Megs 😉


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Terrrrriffic Tuesday Product Review ~ Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Well Hello there pretty pouters!

I hope you all had an Terrifying Tuesday… ok not really …  Today I shall introduce you to my next start product received in my Rubybox.

Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Yes you’ve seen the advert recently … pretty hues of blue all over the screen, pretty lady with a French accent ….

This awesome product sells for R650 for 30ml

Word has it, this little gem of a product has been in development for 12 years. This serum combines breakthrough technology to visibly transform the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone – and we were the first to try it in South Africa.

I used mine twice a day as prescribed, after cleansing and just before moisturising. I dare say, I did notice a slight difference in my skintone, a bit of added radiance and my pores did indeed seem to be contracted.

However, Lancôme has not yet adopted a permanent “no animal testing” policy.  So whether they tested this on white soft fluffy bunnies or not, we don’t know.

Go on, treat yourself or someone you love, you and they deserve it!

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Let’s Talk Pores…

Good Day Poutlings!

If you are having trouble with the appearance of large pores, here are a few home remedies tips that I’ve come across which may help you out!

I know as we get older, sometimes our pores get bigger causing oil problems for the skin or maybe you have started out with oily skin in your 20’s like me and need some help as well. Our pore sizes are genetic and therefore can never be changed, but there are tips for reducing the appearance of them. Did you know that tomato juice can help with pore size? I’ve read that dipping a cotton ball in tomato juice and applying it to the skin for 20 minutes can tighten those pores up.

Also, if you are looking for a quick fix for your pores, maybe you are going to your companies end of year function and just want to look dashing and feel your best, I have heard many times from countless people that by taking an ice cube and wrapping it in a cloth and applying it to the skin for a few minutes prior to putting makeup on can help you for the evening, which makes sense as the cold closes the pores and warmth opens them up. However, my true tried and tested way not only on my own face but my clients of young and mature which I use is to reduce pores is to use a decent primer over your moisturiser and under your foundation to smooth out pores and even little wrinkles to give you a polished finished appearance. A decent primer will also help with the problem of having makeup sinking into your pores after application, by filling them up. Smashbox makes my favourite primer.

A reasonable range of pore refining cleanser and toners is Neutrogena, which I used throughout my teenage years until this year (not their pore refining range but their teens range) when I’ve switched over to my skin care routine to Dermalogica, which has been an expensive investment, but my skin is really showing the improvements. Neutrogena’s pore refining range consists of the cleanser, toner and moisturiser to help with the look and appearance of large pores.

Ladies, I cannot stress enough how important it is to wash your face every night before going to bed because having larger pores means makeup can make itself at home there, giving you nasty blackheads and unsightly blemishes.

Remember, cleanser without alcohol is your friend, same goes for toner, moisturer and anything you put on your face…. Rather drink the alcohol instead of platering it onto your face.

What are your pore remedies?



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