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Vogue has Upset Multiple Women Rights Groups…

Domestic violence and women rights groups are up in arms over this latest cover of Vogue Hommes International, which they say provides a “disturbing image of glorifying violence against women as an act of love.”

Hi once again, Poutlings…

Four organazation leaders are so horrified by the cover which feautres Stephanie Seymour being apparently choked model Marlon Teixeira, that they have written to Conde Nast, the head honcho Si Newhouse and editiorial director Thomas Wallacedemanding the cover be yanked from New York news stands.

The four groups consisting of Sanctuary for Families, Safe Horizon, Equality Now and the New York Chapter wrote:

“Choking is not a fashion statement, and certainly not something that should be used to sell magazines.”

Do you think it should be pulled from the shelves? And should fashion editors be more careful about the social awareness of images they believe are artsy, but are actually sending out a damaging message to women everywhere?



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Avril Lavigne Models Her New Line For 2012

Hiya Poutlings

The interwebs has been flooded with loads of pictures of Avril Lavigne wearing her new line of clothing, ABBEY DAWN for 2012. I must say, I’m impressed by some of the clothing, its unique, and I do like some of it. The shoes are WOW. I want some of these shoes. As some of you may be aware, I used to love Avril Lavigne, and parts me deep down inside still do, when she is not doing silly things, ahem, green hair, yes, I received a bit of slack about saying that it was a blonde move in the past about that, but I’m sorry, GREEN hair does not make a statement if your hair is naturally blonde, it looks like you’ve been swimming in chlorinated pools and well, AHEM, shaving one side of head which is all very blantant in these new promo images… I don’t care if you don’t like that I don’t like it, but really, I think it makes her stunning hair (when its not green…) LOOK LIKE SHITE.

…but try look past that, look at THE SHOES, and THE SKELETON DRESS. I want those. I do. hahaha.

But anywayyy… Here are some images of Avril wearing her new collection.

A penny for your thoughts?



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Miss Swanepoel for Agua de Coco Swimwear

Hiya Poutlings!!

It seems like Candice Swanepoel is following in the footsteps of Miranda Kerr and becoming an extremely versatile model. She no longer demonstrates only Vicky’s Secret designs. She walks on the runway, graces magazine covers and represents a number of fashion brands, including Agua de Coco, which has recently released their new swimwear collection. Just in time for all us Southern Hemisphere-rs to get even more excited about the impending summer that is on the way. I wonder if Miss Swanepoel plans to come and strut some of her stuff on her local South African beaches….

If anyone has any informaiton on this, I will be sure to lock myselfs indoors and cry on that day. #justsaying

Posing on a fantastic looking beach, I REALLY wish I knew where this beach is… Candice Swanepoel looks sexy and beautiful as always! She wears everything from single piece suits to barely there bikinis. Monokinis with cutouts, two-piece bikinis with high waisted bottoms, bandeau styles and a number of beachwear items including perforated shirts, colourful bodysuits and maxi-skirts.

Do you love?



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Highest Paid Super Models 2012

Hiya Poutlings!

I thought I’d share with you the highest paid super models according to Forbes 2012

1. Gisele Bundchen 

$45 million

2. Kate Moss

$9.2 million

3. Natalie Vodianova 

$8.6 million

4. Adriana Lima 

$7.3 million

5. Doutzen Kroes 

$6.9 million

6. Alessandra Ambrosio 

$6.6 million

7. Miranda Kerr

$4 million

8. Lara Stone 

$3.8 million

9. Carolyn Murphy

$3.5 million

10. Candice Swanepoel

$3.1 million

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel pretty financially broken now…



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Matric Dance / Prom DO’s & DON’Ts

 You obviously want to look your best as it’s a night you’re going to have in your mom’s scrapbook album forever, so take some advice from us and make sure you cover the do’s and stay away from the don’ts all night at your Matric Dance!

Do: Bring a Hot Date

Or if he isn’t particularly good-looking, just make sure his teeth are white, his hair is gelled and his suit is clean, because there’s no worse accessory than a gross date! He will taint your photos (and the memory) of the night forever! *insert psycho music here*

Don’t: Forget to Shave your legs

You’ll be dancing all night, so make sure your pins are in tip-top shape! You don’t want to look like a tarantula on your big night, now do you?

Do: Wear a flattering dress

If you’re a pear shaped girl, don’t do a mermaid dress. If you’re top-heavy, don’t show too much cleavage. If you’re skinny, don’t wear something shapeless. If you’re bigger, don’t wear too many frills. Yes, it’s a hassle to get the right dress, but if you dress for your body type you will look and feel amazing. Tip: Look for a celebrity with a similar body type (and don’t kid yourself, don’t choose someone obviously the wrong shape) and see how they dress on the red carpet and copy the look.

Don’t: Cake on the makeup

I’ve seen where girls look as pale as ghosts or just plain dirty in their Matric Dance photos. Go easy on the foundation and powder; don’t overdo it because nobody is going to think you look sexy if you look like a geisha!

Do: Check Youtube for hairstyle ideas

Whether you’re going for something funky or elegant, check Youtube for the best looks. You’re already spending so much money (whether it be yours or your parents’) on the dance and the dress, so why waste on a hairdresser if there are so many options on the internet? Although, if you know you have two left hands, rather get a friend or your older sister to help you with this.

Don’t: Wear too much fake tan

You’ll embarass your date and your friends if you end up looking like an Oompa Loompa or Oros on your Matric Dance, so go easy on the fake tan and remember to wash your hands after applying!

Do: Work on your pose

OK, so now you’ve got the dress, the hot date, the pretty makeup, the great hair and the nice tan and you pose like a pornstar. No. This won’t work at all. Stand in front of the mirror and practice your elegant pose. Work out which pose it right for you. Again, look to celebrities for inspiration. You may feel like a real twit at first, but you’ll be happy you did it when you look like princess in your photographs! And besides, nobody wants to see you squeeze your girls in your mamma’s scrapbook…



















Well there you have it! My number one do? Have fun because it only happens once!


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